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Hi, my name is Usuff and I had pretty high blood pressure yesterday morning. It rose to 171113, which was pretty high for me. It was that high because I was experimenting with some B vitamins. And that experiment went disastrously wrong. In the evening my blood pressure was still high, although it had dropped a little bit to about 170100. Not good, remaining high for so long the whole day. I remembered a technique for bringing down high blood pressure quickly that I read in an ebook. And I applied the technique and I brought.

It down fairly successfully. How To Lower Blood Pressure Quickly. If you've ever lost control of your blood pressure, and it rises way too high, here's a technique you can use to bring it down quickly. This technique is taken from Virginia Sturm's ebook entitled Natural Solutions to High Blood Pressure. In this ebook Virginia explains the causes and dangers of high blood pressure. And outlines thirty natural ways to lower it. One of the ways she gives is soaking feet in hot water. When my blood pressure rose dangerously high, in desperation, I tried this technique.

And it did drop my BP down to a safer level within an hour. Much to my relief. Here's my story. One morning my BP hit the roof. It was 171113. I reacted badly to a supplement I was taking. After coming home from work my BP was still dangerously high. I needed to bring my BP down quickly. In desperation I tried Virginia Sturm's technique of my soaking my feet in warm water. I improvised and found a plastic recyling bin and emptied it. I then filled it with very warm water. As hot as my feet could tolerate.

At 8'pm, just before placing my feet in the water, I measured my BP. I used a reliable Omron BP monitor. Before soaking my feet, my BP was 16999. In other words, my BP had been high the whole day. Not good. I placed both feet in the warm water. The water was actually a bit hot. Over the next hour I watched it fall nicely, down from 16999 to 14082 in just an hour. In other words, this technique lowered my blood pressure from around 170100 to 14080 in an hour.

That's a big drop in a short time. And a huge relief. I kept soaking my feet the rest of that night. My BP did rise back up, but not as high as before. It stabilized around the 15090 mark that evening. Soaking my feet in hot water worked for me. I thank my lucky stars. I made this tutorial because others may be in a similar situation and want to know how to lower blood pressure quickly. Obviously, it's not a permanent fix. But it buys time. Time to look at more permanent solutions. Other BP lowering advice can be found in Virginia.

Sturm's ebook. If you're interested in her other ways to naturally lower BP, just go to BPGoLow. By the way, although Virginia advertises herself as an ordinary Mum, she is in fact a research scientist at the head of a university medical lab. To find her ebook, just go to BPGoLow. Or just click the link below this tutorial. Thanks for watching this tutorial on how to lower blood pressure quickly. Please note. This tutorial is not medical advice. If your BP rises dangerously high, please visit your doctor or the ER. High blood pressure is a serious medical issue.

Treating Common Ailments With Acupuncture Treating High Blood Pressure With Acupuncture

SARAH HAUER Hi. I'm Sarah Hauer. SIG HAUER And I'm Sig Hauer and we're professional practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. SARAH HAUER We're here on behalf of Expert Village. SIG HAUER And welcome to our tutorial. Other areas that we also can treat, we can treat things like insomnia, you know, sleep problems. We also can treat anxiety, palpitations. We can treat hypertension, high blood pressure. I think Sarah's got a case ofwhere she treated someone with hypertension that was a very stubborn case that she had great success with. SARAH HAUER Actually, we treat quite a bit of hypertension. The case that Sig is referring.

To was a gentleman in his 50s who had high blood pressure and he was very motivated to bring it down, and what we did was by weekly treatments for quite a few months then we brought it down to a much more normal range. We also did Chinese herbs and he was very, very, very compliant and devoted to his part of the treatment. He changed his lifestyle. He began exercising, eliminated alcohol and caffeine, and took his herbs. And six years later, I believe, his blood pressure is still maintaining in a normal level, and his quality.

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World's Top 5 Future Bizarre Pills In Development You Can't Imagine Of Motorola Authentication Pills There's nothing more irritating than forgetting a password to something important and having no way to retrieve the information. However, this frustration could be a thing of the past as Motorola is in the process of constructing an authentication pill that allows you access to your information without having to remember any passwords. The Pill works by having a small chip implanted inside of it. When the pill is swallowed and drops into the stomach, the acid breaks down the pill casing while also serving as a power.

Source through electrolytes. By taking the pill everyday as if It was a vitamin, your body would emit an 18bit ECG signal allowing you access into all website or account that require authentication. Proteus Health Monitor Pill Some of the biggest issues doctors have with patients is that they discontinue taking their pills. Recently, a company known as Proteus has a pill in the works that could alert doctors when you decide to not take your pills. Not only could the pill alert your doctor when the medication is taken, it also monitors your body's overall activity and health. The.

Pill works much like the Authentication Pill Motorola has in the work by using the body's own electrolytes to power the sensor. Once the pill is ingested a signal can then be sent to the doctor's smartphone to keep them updated on the patient's health. Heart rate, temperature, respiration, and physical activity can be constantly monitored by the Proteus pill. Swallowable Perfume Pill We have all had the displeasure of being around someone that smells as if they haven't bathed in many years. Lucy McRae hopes to stop these smelly situations.

As she is developing a new pill that would turn sweat into perfume. McRae, however, wants to use the body's natural process of sweating as a means for the Swallowable perfume to be excreted. Not only does she hope the pill will greatly improve the smell of sweat, she expects each person's fragrance to be unique to their own natural body odor. The pill is still in early stages of development, yet McRae hopes it will one day revolutionize the perfume industry. The Forgetting Pill Scientists are developing a new pill utilizing the drug propranolol that could be used to.

Erase traumatizing memories. Propranolol is a drug usually used to reduce high blood pressure. By ingesting propranolol, the adrenaline cannot be properly transferred to the nerves and therefore keeps the bad memory from strongly imprinting itself. The pill is still in its developmental stages, but tests have shown it to greatly reduce psychological trauma. No side effects have been recorded after taking the drug for extended periods. Bug Repellant Pill Being able to go outdoors without the threat of mosquitos or having to wear the stick bug repellant spray MoziQ is a new dream come true pill for those with that exact dilemma.



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