The following program presents principlesdesigned to promote good health and is not intended totake the place of personalized professional care.The opinions and ideas expressed are those of thespeaker. Viewers are encouraged to draw their own conclusions about the information presented.Hello, I’m Emerson. I’m Medical Director at Eden Valley Lifestyle Center. And I wantedto talk to you today about hypertension.This is actually part of the insulin resistance syndrome.It’s part of a package that we’ve been exploring

in the series. Like to talk to you about apatient we had Guam. He was the president of theUniversity of Guam and I was called to the emergency roomto see him. He was a VIP and so I was little bit apprehensiveabout going up. But on the way up I reviewed his caseas I was driving up to the . We’ve seen hima couple of weeks earlier in the urgent care in a and at that his blood pressure was over . I said to him you know, really with this bloodpressure

this high we usually like to admit you to and try to get it down with medications.And he said oh no, no don’t do that. Anything, can’t you do anything to keep itdown here in the . Oh, we gave him a couple ofmedications. His blood pressure did come down. He did respond.We gave him prescriptions and some medications andtold him to follow up with us, because we would needto adjust his medications. Well, he then asked, do I have to take this the rest of my life?I said well that depends. Now if you don’t

make anychanges probably so that would be advised. On the other hand, if you make some changesyou maybe able to get off your medications. Well, one ofhis situations at that time he was overweight,had a stressful job, he had a high flesh food intake,he smoked, he drank caffeine, he drank alcohol and he got no exercise. And I said if youwould want to get off your medicines, if you make somechanges, you’ve a very good chance of getting off themedications.

First thing to do would be to stop the fleshfoods and get rid of the animal products.Go to a plant based product. This will lower youinsulin resistance and start dropping your blood pressure.I told him to start walking. Walking program will bevery helpful. Avoid the caffeine. Stop the alcohol.And if you do these things, you’ll find that your mindwill start clear and you might have a better experienceat work which would decrease your stress level

at work.Well when I got up to the , I got to hear the restof the story. He had again done something little bit unusual. He had actually done everythingI asked him to do. He is very typeA personality, very motivated. So he actually took a weekoff the work to make all of these changes. He’d gone oncomplete vegan diet. He had stopped smoking. He stoppedthe alcohol. He stopped the caffeine. He started walking.And something he noticed was that when he returned towork about a week later, his mind was clear

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