the first step take out of the dopplerbloodpressure, then take the probe out Connect the probe and Dopplerbloodpressure Take out the sphygmomanometer and Cuff According to the size of the dog to choose the cuff For the large dogs, we choose large cuff, and now we take out the large cuff Connect the cuff and sphygmomanometer.

just put the things aside The dog hand joints here, shaved off the hair Apply the gel to the shaved area of the dog And turn on the machine, then put the probe on the hand joint Then you can hear the sound of blood flow When we heard this sound mean that we have found the pulse of the dog.

the third step take out the sphygmomanometer Choose the appropriate cuff and tie it over the dog hand joint Put the probe on the hand joint position Then we can hear the sound of the pulse We tighten the switch of the sphygmomanometer when hearing the sound, and then press until the sound of the pulse is gone Then relax the switch slowly, the first sound we hear after relaxation is systolic blood pressure.

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