Aromatherapy Questions Sense of Smell Vs Applying Essential Oils On Skin High Blood Pressure

Go ahead. I’ve been using some of those and I didn’t know what you had just said to put it on the place which makes so much sense but I’ve been putting a here and you were talking about earlier how it goes right in through the olfactory nerves. It’s not as effective to just breath it as put it directly on the spot? I really appreciate that question. This is something.

Often misunderstood. Aromatherapy is a smelly stuff and by smelling it it does effect you. That is true but it is less than half of the story. That pathway is a powerful pathway. It works really well through the olfactory system to limbic system to the thalamus and the hypothalamus and that’s great and even if you use something like the RollOn which is for topical use that is part of the effect.

And you roll it on wherever your tension your problem is and you smell it more or less and you can support that by rolling on a little bit under your nose and then you support that pathway more. But another effect of essential oils is that they bind to receptors not only in our nose but they bind to receptors anywhere. Different essential oils bind to different receptors in our system.

There are essential oils which are pretty for the liver. They bind on receptors in the liver. There are essential oils which tend to be excreted through the kidneys preferably and if you have a kidney infection you use these and they go through the bloodstream go through the kidney and they are excreted there and because they are excreted there they are concentrated there and they clear out the infection there. So the direct impact on the tissue of.

Essential oils is a very very profound effect which we don’t want to neglect and that effect now that happens on the cellular molecular level that these essential oil molecules they have just the right size and they have chemically the right balance between being water soluble and lipid soluble they’re mainly lipid soluble .

A little bit affinity to water that they tend to go to particular receptors. Now there is a third aspect of essential oils and that is they have a subtle energetic aspect which is beyond any material structure. It’s just the vibrational quality which is in the essential oils. You can notice that okay you smell an essential oil .

Within 5 you get immediately within 1 to 2 seconds you know how it smells and you like the scent or you don’t like it. But there’s another response maybe 10 seconds later which is seen in the EEG the electroencephalogram which you measure with electrodes on the head. There is a delayed response and when I see do I like an essential oil? Do I want to buy this? Is this sandalwood good enough for our line? It may smell nice but.

VitaMix Lets Not Get High Blood Pressure Smoothie

Hi, I’m Jane from blenditandMendit where I show you how I turn my VitaMix blender into my 1 antiaging tool. Welcome. Today I am making my Let’s Not Get High Blood Pressure Green Smoothie. And here’s why. Not too long ago I received an email from a blog I subscribe to, Victoria Boutenko’s green smoothie blog, and she put out What To Add To Green Smoothie’s To Help With High Blood Pressure. So I thought, well, okay, I’m gonna file that away for awhile and I’ll use it at some point. Lo and behold, not too long afterwards, I received an email from Michaele who asked, quot;Do you have any smoothies or elixirs for.

Hypertension?quot; which is high blood pressure. Yes, I do now, thanks to Victoria. So, I will have the link to Victoria’s article on my blog, so please go there and read it if you are concerned with high blood pressure and hypertension. In the meantime, let’s make a delicious smoothie that will help to combat that. Out of the fruits and vegetables that Victoria listed, I chose to use tomato, and I got the plum tomatoes and these are organic, and in the interest of the budgets we were talking about yesterday, those three tomatoes only cost me $1.79. They were on sale at Whole Foods for $2.49 a pound. so, go for the organic if you can, it’s not.

Always expensive and go for what’s on sale. You can up your game by eating better food. The food is only as nutritious as the soil it’s grown in. Then I’m adding one half of a long English cucumber which I purchased from Costco, certified pesticide free,so you never know where you’re gonna find the good stuff. And one green onion which Victoria says in her article is rich in chromium, Vitamin C, fiber, manganese, Vitamin B6, on and on and it has healing properties, lowering blood sugar, decreasing the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. So, I’m only adding one, because as you begin to use raw foods, you’ll understand that,.

They taste, in the finished product, the same way they taste whole, because you’re not cooking the flavor out so you don’t need to add more flavor with salts and various other things. So, I’m just gonna add one. And I’m not adding any water to this, I want it to be nice and potent and have that tomatoy juice flavor to it. Ok. Let’s blend up our anti high blood pressure green smoothie. Here we go. This is so mild and delicious and refreshing. It needs no salt, no spices whatsoever. It is fabulous on its own. One thing I know from experience when using tomatoes in smoothies,.

If you let them sit in the refrigerator, after a couple hours when they’re chilled, they’re almost like a pudding and you can eat them with a spoon. Either way, it’s delicious. I would like to thank Michaele for writing in with such an important question and I would like to thank Victoria for sending me such valuable information. We can all benefit from these fine ladies.

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