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YogaWithBank101 Boat Pose Paripurna Navasana

Today, we are going to explore navasana or boat pose, one of the most hated poses for many students. But I personally love this pose a lot because it tones up my core which helps with those physically challenging poses like handstand pressup and so on Plus, having a strong core makes those poses more stable as well and it’s really good for your spinal health :).

It’s called navasana or boat pose, as you can see the random setting here on the beach in hua hin, thailand So, welcome to my Navasana session! So. let’s start by checking if you are flexible enough to hold the full pose; straight, extended legs. by sitting up right, torsoleg up about 90 degree sit up straight, feet together, toes pointing up. draw your sternum chest out and up shoulders down and away from ears. NO hunched back!.

If you can’t keep the chest up and torsorspine up 90 degree, thats totally fine. simply try bending your knees up with a flat back upright Now, for those who are tight, start with an easier option 1, or even if you are already ‘advanced’, feel free to try this too. Going back to basic is not a bad idea. by bending the knees up lengthen your spine and torso as well as chest bone (sternum) forward and up Take a few deep, belly breaths Avoid the NoNo hunching back even you have ‘big, heavy chest’ ;).

Otherwise, you may unknowingly create herniation (slipped disc) on your lower back in the long term Now, inhale elongate your torso up, chest up. Find your left and right sit bones and then tailbone. Lean way back to embrace/find your tailbone and sacrum. Compare these 2 leaning actions: Too much forward over sit bones. and too much backward on sacrum and sitbone. Let’s find the midpath balance between the two, you may find the muscular tripod area to bear weight over :).

Then you are going to balance on part of your buttocks’ muscles Now, maybe flex your toes up, spread wide, as you keep your knees bent. Hold both palms under your tighs hug your legs together and lift using inner legs strength (adductors hip flxors) Pull your chest up, sternum out, shoulders down, engage your abs and draw belly in Gradually work your way up by lifting both of your heels up away from the earth.

If your legs and hip flexors are still weak and prone to pain, feel free to keep your palms under. But remember, flat back, shoulders down and relax your jaw/teeth as you breathe and patiently hold. Inhale deeply, relax your neck. Now, if you can take a step further, lift up your heels higher and higher. We just went from level 1, now in level 2 and see if you can step up from KG to Primary (or level 3;) If you can, come with me by releasing your hands and stretch it out like this.

Engage your legs your core, as well as your arms May be stay here until shaking and feel the heat, then try Level 4 by strengthening your leg instead of bending. Strong legs, spread toes, and remember chest up for a healthy spine! This is DON’T. Chest up, chin up! Maybe flexing your feet to stretch your hamstring. hold it as you need to feel the heat. then exhale and take a quick break.

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