Stopping Blood Pressure Meds May Not Help Cognition

Any medication can cause side effects, and high blood pressure medications are no exception. I'm Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news. Low blood pressure has recently been linked to impaired cognitive function in elderly patients. However, a new study from the Netherlands found that patients who discontinued taking their antihypertensive blood pressure medications did not experience a reversal in mild cognitive impairment. In the study, patients were split into two groups, one of which discontinued taking antihypertensive drugs. Cognitive function, depression, apathy, functional status and quality of life were then monitored for 16 weeks. After that time, no mental differences.

Omron HEM7113 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Hi all this is Pressia from review price india and today I am going to give you a brief introduction to the Omron HEM 7113 7113 BP monitor but first of all I need to tell you that you can buy this blood pressure monitor right from the link in the description because if you by using that link you get an extra three percent discount which we will reimburse into your bank account so do grab this amazing chance to get an extra discount now to get extra 3 percent discount simply purchase the product from that link.

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Robo Friend New Robotic System Helps Elderly At Home

0003 COMM Living alone in later life can often be a daunting prospect, but a new initiative is helping to help the elderly live safer and more independent lives. 0014 COMM The GiraffPlus robotic system assists older people in their homes by connecting them with family, friends and healthcare professionals. 0031 COMM Here in Rome, Italy, 94yearold writer and blogger Lea Mina Ralli has been testing the new system, which she calls Mr. Robin. 0041 Lea For quite some time I've been involved in a really great project which plans to develop a lifesaving robot to assist the elderly living.

Alone. 0049 Lea It's designed to help with difficulties or in case of an accident. 0053 Lea The project is called GiraffPlus but I've named it Mr. Robin. 0059 COMM Funded by the European Union, it includes sensors which are placed around the home to aid the user in everyday life. 0106 Gabriella The GiraffPlus project aims to create an integrated system that combines a network of sensors collecting physiological and environmental data with a telepresence robot to favour social interaction. 0117 Gabriella Environmental sensors are based on motion capture. Other sensors monitor the use of household appliances or send a signal.

If a door or window is left open. 0130 COMM The sensors also allow the carers to monitor the patient's wellbeing remotely. 0135 Doctor This enables us to precisely meet the patients needs. 0144 Doctor Good evening Miss Lea, how are you 0147 Lea I'm fine. 0148 Doctor Since you are a computer lover you should pay more attention to your back. 0156 Lea Yes I know you spy on everything I do. 0159 COMM Currently being tested in six homes across Europe, it's hoped the GiraffPlus system will go into commercial production in 2015.

SelfTest for Thyroid Problems

Hi I'm Dr. Allen Peters, Physician Healthy Aging Expert from NourishingWellness and I'm here today for About to share with you how to do a SelfTest for Thyroid Problems. This is a very simple exam which I do on every patient that I see, and you can do on yourself. You put your head back and feel for the thyroid cartilage. You feel both sides of the cartilage, and you might feel a small amount of soft tissue. You can exaggerate the tissue or exaggerate the thyroid cartilage by swallowing several times. If you feel more than a small amount.

Of tissueIf you feel a swelling or lumps or bumps this may be indicative on an enlarged thyroid or thyroid nodules which could be benign or malignant. If you do feel something large you should see your doctor. If he or she agrees the next step is usually getting an ultrasound. Now I want to mention that there are also some lumps behind the cartilage on the side of the neck, and these are just lymph nodes. I'm talking about the actual thyroid cartilage itself and the gland that is right there in.

That particular area. By the way, I want to emphasize that you could have an abnormal thyroid without being able to feel anything. It can be either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. So if you are having symptoms of an increased metabolic rate like high blood pressure and palpitations and anxiety and nervousness to a great degree. Or if you are having slow down symptoms of slowdown metabolism like being tired and fatigued and depressed and low blood pressure and low pulse rate and constipated and hair falling out, then you may have thyroid disease even if you can't feel anything abnormal. So under those conditions.

How to Take Blood Pressure Tips for Taking Blood Pressure

So important tips for taking blood pressure, before you actually take the blood pressure. One, you should be seated and relaxed for about fifteen minutes before you actually take it. You should not have consumed alcohol or coffee for two hours before taking a blood pressure. You shouldn't have smoked fifteen minutes before taking a blood pressure. All those thing effect the arterial resistance, and therefore will have an artificial elevation or for most part will be elevated beyond what it should be. The other thing is cuff size, be sure the cuff before is fitted for a normal person. If you have small arms or large arms.

You'll have a falsely elevated or reduced blood pressure. So if the cuff is too large for your arm, you'll have a lower blood pressure than you should. And if it's too small, you'll have a higher blood pressure than you should. So the cuff should be about eighty percent of the circumference of your arm, around eighty percent it doesn't have to be exact. Other important tip is your posture, should be sited up straight that's not as important. The main this is your elbow should be relaxed, so when you take your blood pressure you want to have.

Is Coffee Good For You HealthiNation

What's the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet Are you thinking dark chocolate Berries or red wine How about white, black or green teas Sure, they're all great sources of antioxidants, those substances that help us fight off aging and many diseases. But in terms of antioxidant value, those foods aren't worth a pile of beans compared to this hot shot coffee! The average American drinks about three and a half cups of coffee a day, meaning about 416 eight ounce cups of coffee a year, providing about 1300 mg of antioxidants every day. That's.

A whole lot of antioxidants, and a whole lot of coffee! So what IS coffee It's estimated that there are over a thousand different compounds in coffee, many formed during the roasting process. These include carbohydrates, lipids, nitrogenous compounds, vitamins, minerals, and alkaloids. Coffee also naturally contains caffeine. At high enough levels, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood pressure and raises the metabolic rate. This has led some to think that drinking coffee could increase a person's risk for developing cardiovascular disease, especially for people who already have some of the risk factors for this condition,.

Such as high blood pressure. For adults with no previous history, moderate caffeine consumption did not increase the risk for coronary disease, stroke, or sudden cardiac death. And what about type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, and certain forms of cancer like liver and colon cancer Actually, some studies have shown that drinking moderate amounts of coffee might even lower a person's risk of developing these serious conditions. Overall, there is a lot more research to be done. For right now though, it appears that for otherwise healthy adults, consuming moderate amounts of coffee 34 cups a day, providing.

300 400 mg a day of caffeine, there is little evidence of health risks and even some evidence of health benefits. Some groups, however, including people with hypertension, children, adolescents, and the elderly, may be more vulnerable to the negative effects of caffeine and should be more careful about their coffee intake. In addition, currently available evidence suggests that it may be a good idea for pregnant women to limit coffee consumption to no more than 3 cups a day providing no more than 300 mg a day of caffeine to lessen any chance of miscarriage or impaired.

Midmark Clinical Solutions Vitals Workflows

Vitals are the beginning of the patient caregiver interaction, providing critical information related to changes in patient health and playing an important role in treatment decisions. While the vitals process has not changed significantly in 30 years, the integration of electronic medical records, new technologies and automated devices have made a significant impact on the overall efficiency of the process. Midmark incorporates these advances into products and processes that enhance patientcaregiver interaction and provide innovative and efficient workflow solutions. Let's explore the various vitals workflow options. The traditional vital signs workflow is a common setup for physician offices.

With paperbased patient record systems. Patient weight and height are captured manually in the hallway. Elderly, disabled and overweight patients may need extra time for transitions. Shoes and clothes may also require temporary storage which can cause delays with patient flow in the hallway. For traditional vital signs, weight and height are measured in the hallway reducing patient privacy and comfort. The patient is then escorted to the exam room and directed to a side chair or to the exam table possibly causing transition delays. If the blood pressure cuff is manual and not attached to the wall,.

The patient is typically seated in a chair next to the work surface for paperbased patient records. The traditional workflow requires an average of more than three minutes from the time the patient is called. The Midmark triage nook is a semi private space designed to assess and capture all vital signs. A curtain provides visual privacy. The nook may include a scale, stadiometer, automated blood pressure or pulse device. All vitals are taken in the vitals triage nook. Patients are then escorted to the exam room and directed to a side chair.

Or exam table for capturing additional health data. The nook is still a shared space, however, and can lead to queuing in the hallway. Family members accompanying patients may also create congestion. There may be a single station or multiple triage nook stations supporting multiple exam rooms. The triage nook workflow, when compared with the traditional, saves 30 seconds by implementing automated vitals. The EMR linear workflow is set up to assess and capture all vital signs in the exam room. Hallway congestion is minimized, and with seamless connectivity to the EMR,.

Transcription errors are eliminated. With this Midmark workflow, weight and height are captured in the exam room. The patient is then seated in a side chair to support proper posture next to a work surface or workstation to gather patient vitals and health information. All patientrelated health information can be discussed during this process with complete privacy. The EMR linear workflow, when compared with the triage nook, saves 22 seconds in conveyance time by moving all vitals to the exam room. With increases in age, disability and obesity, safe patient handling is becoming central to a safe patient workflow.

The EMR safe patient handling workflow captures all vital signs in the exam room with minimal patient transfer. The exam table has an integrated scale, while an automated vital signs device mounted to the wall and a mobile EMR workstation provide flexibility and maximize access to the patient. Before the patient is seated on a low entry exam table, height is captured with a wallmounted stadiometer. The patient is directed to the exam table to support proper posture. Weight, temperature, pulse and blood pressure are captured via the integrated scale and automated vital signs device. All patient related information can be.

Foot and Ankle Services Midwestern University Clinics AZ

The Midwestern University Foot Ankle services help patients of all ages manage a variety of challenges. Our goal is simple, improve the health and well being of patients by preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the foot, ankle, and lower extremities. Conditions may include heel pain, foot problems in children, sports medicine, wound care, skin and nail disorders, gait abnormalities, foot injuries, and more. It comes down to knowing what to look for. Experience! Each of our physicians is well qualified to treat a variety of foot and ankle health concerns.

They are able to perform xrays onsite in order to recognize and diagnose conditions such as foot trauma, arthritis, foot spurs and more. And while we use the latest technology throughout a patient's treatment, we rely upon listening and compassion more than anything. Students are involved during different stages of care under close supervision of our physicians and only with patient consent. We believe, in our Clinic, improving someone's health and well being starts with caring for the lower extremities. The Midwestern University Foot Ankle Services Your Family's Home for Healthcare.

Study Low Blood Pressure In Older People Could Be Linked To Brain Shrinkage, Memory Problems

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