Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Cause symptoms and Natural Solution VitaLife Show Episode 176

Welcome to the VitaLife show I’m Janine Bowring and today’s topic is all about the symptoms of iron deficiency very very common and why it’s best to take a whole food iron supplement which is you know really really difficult to find on market place but now we got one so I’ll tell you all about that please stay tuned right to the end of the tutorial so you get our great health information and health tips and make sure you Subscribe.

To our channel as well so who does this effect now mostly in my practice over the years I’ve seen that women are mostly affected by having a low iron levels not to say that man as well can have an iron deficiency problem but women because we’re menstrual cycles having babies pregnancy we tend to have more on this issue with having a low iron level and unfortunately parasite so people don’t put that linked together.

Chronic low iron levels can very much be linked to parasites and having parasites in the intestines especially that are robbing you of your iron. Eating your iron for you to survive so that’s one thing that often misdiagnosed undiagnosed and we keep supplementing it with iron but we’re not looking at the root cause could be those parasites that are causing in the first place so what are the symptoms how would you know that your iron is deficient. Well first and foremost fatigue so you’re tired all the time.

Maybe your pale so whether that’s in your skin you just look pale the nail beds could also so when you press down on your nail of course not without nail polish and you press down and when you let go we should see that blood flow comes right back if you are iron deficient then it doesn’t come back as quickly as it should you can also look under your eyes so if you actually look under eye if you look at that tissue there should be pink.

If it’s not pink if its very pale telltale sign of iron deficiency maybe have brittle nails your hair could be falling out again your iron could be low restless leg syndrome so a study was done actually fifteen percent of people who had restless leg syndrome also had chronic anemia so a low iron level it could be to you that you have irritability and anxious and these are signs that your iron could be low.

As well as shortness of breath so when you walk up stairs do you get outta breath this could be your iron level as well as your blood pressure so slow blood pressure and you may know this if you’re sitting or lying down and you get out quickly and you feel kinda dizzy that’s a sign of low blood pressure this could be related to your low iron levels as well now do you have a chronic low thyroid maybe your medicated for your thyroid.

And this could be because you’re iron is deficient and because the iron deficiency actually slows down the proper functioning of the thyroid glands so something to check out because you know you could have difficulty losing weight your thyroid could be low and that’s because you’re iron levels are low headache so not having enough oxygenation to the brain and of course we know that iron help to carry oxygen in the blood stream.

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