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Namaskaar !!!! You all are welcome to Maha Mantras Yoga Today we will discuss about High blood pressure That how we can get rid of this by yoga Now a days problem of high blood pressure has spread so vast That people have increase their work level and put on so much of pressure on their brain.

That they got out from the senses of lungs If our lungs capacity is getting weak, when our brain even doesn’t o then only we become victim of high blood pressure The first indication of high blood pressure is, first message is that you might got heart attack So, how can we get rid of this by yoga pranayama So, its simplest remedy is.

Like any one asanas out of 5 asanas . like presently i am sitting in sukhasana. This Asana is best for everybody So after sitting in this asana you have to do Naadi Shodhan Pranayam for 21 times We have already explain in F3 yoga meditation that how to do Naadi Shodhan Pranayam have a look to that tutorial. Your spinal cord should be straight.

As per your convenience, concentrate on your breathing process. See, how to do Naadi Shodhan Pranayam Breath in and breath our for 21 times Breathing in and out that is complete 1 set Make sure that your spinal is always straight Because when we got pressure on our brain due to high blood pressure.

Then it become cervical contraction and we increase our work capacity so, all of our muscles began to contract we began to have loss of oxygen So, the moment when during breathing in out our spinal cord is getting straight and then after 21 times you have to meditate for 30 seconds And then you will feel that how much of oxygen is taking in and released out by your brain.

You will align your heartbeat that how does it cultivation is going on, which is most important In Naadi shodhan you have breath in but till the time you won’t search it inside yourself till then you are unable to get rid of high blood pressure we have plenty of people who are doing pranayam but still unable to come out of this problem, Make sure that while doing Naadi Shodhan your spinal cord shouldn’t move up to down Because through spinal cord only we supply oxygen to all 4 parts.

Head department, chest department, abdomen and waste department After doing 21 times of Naadi Shodhan, relax for 30 seconds Then we will do Surya Bhedi Pranayam as per your own capacity as we have shown in F3 yoga mediation. Inhale from right nostril , holding as per your capacity and then exhale from left nostril do this for 5 times. Moment its complete then agin you have to do Naadi Shodhan for 21 times. So, we did Naadi Shodhan and then we did Surya Bhedi for 5 times and then.

Again we did suya bhedi then we did naadi shodhan now we will move on to chandra bhedi pranayama Here, inhale from your left nostril hold it according to your capacity then exhale So this was Chandra Bhedi Pranayam. Then again after doing Naadi Shodhan Pranayam for 21 times then for 3 minutes only keep your spinal cord straight and notice that how your lungs are taking oxygen.

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