High Blood Pressure Month tutorial feat. Lamman Rucker. Check Your Man American Heart Association

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HIV Among African American Women

Gtgt For the first time, CDC is reporting a decline in the number of new HIV cases among black women, one of the women's hardest hit by HIV in the United States. Comparing 2008 to 2010, new HIV infections among black women decreased 21. This decrease contributed to a decline in new infections among all women during the same time period. Despite these encouraging signs, it is important to remember that black women remain far more affected by HIV than women of other races and ethnicities, accounting for more than 60.

CDC Director congratulates the 2014 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge Champions

I'm really delighted to announce our 2014 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge winners. We're recognizing 30 public and private practices and systems across the country for their success helping patients control blood pressure. Our 2014 Champions range from solo practitioners to some of the country's largest systems. They represent urban and rural areas as well as tribal providers. And together, they care for more than 3point5 million adult patients across the U S and were able to achieve hypertension control rates of 70 percent or higher. Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure,.

And about half of them don't have it under control, putting themselves at great risk of heart disease, stroke, and other deadly and disabling events. That's why Million Hearts launched the Hypertension Control Challenge in 2012. to recognize clinicians and health care systems across the country who are helping their patients reduce blood pressure and improve their heart health. More and more practices are using evidencebased strategies to help patients keep blood pressure under control. There's real progress improving blood pressure control and preventing heart attacks and strokes, using evidencebased strategies and tools.


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Healthy Heart Africa Why Is It Important To Tackle Hypertension In Africa

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