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Hey, Me and bag of bones here want to explain to you what is a subluxation. What is it that chiropractors treat all the time. So I got a model here for you. What happens is your spine, certain levels like a segment, these two here, these are two segments, this is one stops moving like it needs to. Now you're going to have full range of motion, you can look up you can look down, but there are going to be one or two levels that are just kinda bond up a little bit. When that happens, the nerves they get irritated and get inflamed.

And wherever those nerves go can get in trouble. Like the muscles can go into spasm and it hurts a lot. What chiropractors do is we find these areas based on motion and then we do an adjustment to make those move like there supposed to. And that's when the pain goes away and the irritation goes away. Now, there are a lot of different techniques out there and I'll show you some techniques in another tutorial. But one of them is, you put pressure on the back, put a quick thrust into it usually makes a noise like a popping sound it moves,.

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