Dr Sarah Jarvis talks about high blood pressure

Pretty difficult being an adult in the UK these days, you feel like you're being lectured about your health all the time the problem we got is that many of the risk factors for heart attack and stroke which are still between them the commonest killers in the UK today are preventable, but the real issue is that you don't know they're risk factors unless you have them checked out. High blood pressure is a case in point, it's one of the single biggest risk factors for stroke and for heart attack and yet your blood pressure is raised.

For years on end and you know nothing about it unless you get it checked out everybody should have their blood pressure checked least once every five years especially if they're over 40, as you get older if you have diabetes if you're older if you've had a heart attack or stroke kidney problems any other medical condition you should be getting your blood pressure checked more often. If you're concerned, it's really important to see your GP, and the main reason for that is that high blood pressure doesn't cause symptoms, you feel fine.

When you've got high blood pressure, but unfortunately by the time you have your heart attack or stroke as a result of it, and wish you'd had your blood pressure checked earlier, it could be too late. That means getting your blood pressure checked regularly, improving your lifestyle, if you are found to have high blood pressure you may be able to avoid taking tablets at all if you can cut your wait by just 10 percent, you can cut your blood pressure by a whopping 10 over five millimeters of mercury, ask your GP or nurse what that means.

That's about the same as taking a blood pressure tablet very often. If you cut the salt in your diet, if you eat a diet which is higher in fruit vegetables and lower in all those unhealthy things that are so tempting when we feeling stressed, if you exercise regularly all these things will help keep your blood pressure under good control if your blood pressure is consistently raised, your doctor is going to recommend that you take tablets. Now some of those tablets have no side effects at all for the vast majority of.

Heart attack, clogged arteries and atherosclerosis

Your arteries, a system of tubes that transport blood around your body. Over time, the buildup of fatty material can damage and clog arteries, restricting the blood flow. This is known as atherosclerosis and can lead to heart attacks and strokes. There are several causes including high cholesterol which can clog your arteries over time high blood pressure which can damage areas in your artery walls, making it easier for fatty material to build up over time and smoking, where chemicals in tobacco smoke can also damage arteries, leading to.

Say no to salt

Eating too much salt can make you at risk of developing high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you're more likely to have strokes or heart disease. So it's important for us to keep an eye on our salt intake at any age. Adults should consume no more than six grams of salt a day. That's just over a teaspoon and children should be having even less. So, that six grams isn't just the salt you're adding to your food. In fact, it might surprise you to know that around 75 of the salt you eat.

Comes from manufactured foods. So, it's in foods, perhaps without you even knowing it. It's important never to add salt to food for babies. With children, watch the amount of salt you're giving them, because the sort of foods that they eat in childhood, those habits will stay with them in adult life, so if they've got used to eating salty foods as a child, they're going to demand saltier tastes as they grow older. There's a whole range of foods that are high in salt. For example, some breakfast cereals, bought soups, pasta sauces, soy sauce,.

Mustard, pickles, mayonnaise. Then there are foods that you might not think are salty, like ham and cheese and bacon and bread. It makes sense to just keep an eye on how much you're eating of these foods. If, for example, you had a couple of slices of toast in the morning, a sandwich at lunch, and maybe one or two slices of bread for the rest of the day, that clocks up around three grams of salt, half of the maximum acceptable amount that you should be having in a day.

We've become so accustomed to salty foods, ever since we were young, and the foods that we might have eaten at school, the foods you eat at home, and the foods that you eat at a takeaway, so your taste buds have become used to salty tastes. So, although a food may have a lot of salt in it, you may not recognise it as being very salty. When you add things like soy sauce or chicken seasoning to cooked dishes there's quite a lot of salt in there, so you don't need to add extra salt.

You might see reduced salt on a label. That is slightly better. It's 25 less salt than a comparable product. But it's still got salt, and you still need to bear it in mind. So here are some tips for helping you to cut down on salt. When cooking, try other flavourings like lemon juice, ginger, chilli, garlic, herbs and spices. These can add a lot of flavour and can help you cut down on the amount of salt you're adding. Don't necessarily add salt before you've tasted your food. Don't assume there's not enough salt in it.

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Know Your Numbers Blood Pressure

At his annual checkup, Tim's doctor tells him important things he should know about his health. Tim gets his blood pressure taken at his doctor visit, but he's not sure what it means. His doctor tells him blood pressure is the force pressing outward on the walls of his arteries. High blood pressure, called the silent killer , has no symptoms but can cause stroke, vision loss, kidney damage, heart attack and erectile dysfunction in men. Tim's blood pressure is normal, less than 120 over 80. Higher than that puts people at risk for developing high blood pressure, and 140 over 90.

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