High Blood Pressure Definition and Treatment

The definition of high blood pressure is a consistent blood pressure above one forty over ninety. The systolic is one forty the diastolic would be the bottom number, which would be above ninety. And what I mean by consistent is at least two separate readings, not just you know minutes apart but days apart, you know, two different clinic visits or you went to a fire station and a clinic visit and you're consistently having these elevated blood pressure readings. That would diagnose you with high blood pressure. Treatment options for high blood pressure if you're in the borderline range such as just just in the one forty range.

Or or over ninety range, really would include diet and exercise changes. So, increasing your activity level, changing your diet. We have something called a DASH diet or DASH and it basically is a low salt diet. And we'll we'll give you options for lower salt foods that'll help bring your blood pressure down really just by changing your your eating habits. Exercise we know will bring down your blood pressure as well. The other options of course would be medication. If your blood pressure is in a higher range, say one fiftyone sixty or.

Higher, we would most likely start you on either one or a combination of blood pressure lowering medications. But that we use in combination with your therapeutic lifestyle changes. High blood pressure is dangerous because it can lead to heart attack and it can also lead to stroke. We we know for a fact that if someone goes with high blood pressure for long periods of time it puts them at greater risk for stroke and also vision changes. You can you could go blind eventually if you're blood pressure's not well controlled.

High Blood Pressure 140

Upbeat music Voiceover 140, just another number, right Think again. It could mean all sorts of bad things. Swimming is great, but swimming with 140 sharks is a bad idea. Ever tried to write more than 140 characters in a tweet Good luck with that. Drinking 140 proof alcohol might harm your health. It's also flammable at room temperature. Ever been on a bus with 140 school children You could be scarred for life. Gain 140 pounds and get ready for serious health problems, and you might need a new scale.

How to Take Blood Pressure Tips for Taking Blood Pressure

So important tips for taking blood pressure, before you actually take the blood pressure. One, you should be seated and relaxed for about fifteen minutes before you actually take it. You should not have consumed alcohol or coffee for two hours before taking a blood pressure. You shouldn't have smoked fifteen minutes before taking a blood pressure. All those thing effect the arterial resistance, and therefore will have an artificial elevation or for most part will be elevated beyond what it should be. The other thing is cuff size, be sure the cuff before is fitted for a normal person. If you have small arms or large arms.

You'll have a falsely elevated or reduced blood pressure. So if the cuff is too large for your arm, you'll have a lower blood pressure than you should. And if it's too small, you'll have a higher blood pressure than you should. So the cuff should be about eighty percent of the circumference of your arm, around eighty percent it doesn't have to be exact. Other important tip is your posture, should be sited up straight that's not as important. The main this is your elbow should be relaxed, so when you take your blood pressure you want to have.

Short HELP Talk Tips on High Blood Pressure

Hello friends Let us understand What is high blood pressure hypertension In a very lay man's matter High blood pressure means the blood is pumping more With some negative aspects connected to it Person may feeling giddy, person may have a headache and many such kind of weird symptoms Generally all this can also happen after your suddenly gone through some viral attack Viral fever, dengue or malaria or some bacterial infection or some kind of infection, throat infection What happens in that is because of infection the doctors have no choice but to administer.

Anotibiotics on to you Now when you are taking antibiotics what happens is sometimes there are sideffects in antibiotics Kidney is get affected, the liver becomes week, the liver lining gets spoiled Always remember whenever you are taking antibiotics take vitamins pills with it Take Beco zinc, Becosules Just dont take antibiotics, most of the doctors dont know why they just forget about Writing the vitamin pills after it I feel that is not right that is incorrect, whatever it is there story So remember atleast from here you can understand if you are going to take a antibiotics.

Beco zinc capsule or a Becosule capasule or some vitamin tablets with it these are going to save your liver lining Now coming back to the point the kidneys also get affected if you are on a long term antibiotics That is the worst thing that can happen to you You have probably gone for a pacsscan or you have gone for an angio, so there are dies injected to you This will see to it that your kidneys dont function properly and that can be the reason of your getting hypertension and blood pressure suddenly in your life for no reason.

Now how to get out of it 2,3, things you have to do and within 2,3 months you will get out of this, dont start with the medication for hypertension You may take it for a week or so if there is some emergency conditions, go to the doctor and take for a week or so Don't carry it long other wise you will not be able to out of it It is very difficult, i have brought people out of it What you have to do is take 2 table spoons of Dhaniya ka dana , Coriander seeds.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure A Proven Magic Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

In this tutorial I want to introduce you a magic natural remedies for high blood pressure from China that is extremely effective to cure any high blood pressure symptoms. This magic natural remedies had been reported by China local television and newspaper for its effectiveness to cure hypertension, stroke, coronary heart diseases, and cerebral thrombosis. The reason that this remedy is so powerful is because First, the ingredients of this remedy has the ability to clear blood clot and deposits on blood vessel through emulsification Second, it can adjust blood PH level to slightly alkaline which is healthy condition required.

Arginine To Lower High Blood Pressure Arginin For Hypertension

Arginine For Lowering Blood Pressure Do you suffer from high blood pressure Here's a NATURAL way to lower your blood pressure. Without having to take toxic pharmaceutical drugs. You know, the ones with the possible side effects. Instead, you can try ARGININE. Arginine is an amino acid. We get it in the food we eat, like red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, beans and even watermelon. Our body needs arginine to make compounds that dilate our blood vessels. Arginine relaxes and dilates our blood vessels. It does this by naturally stimulating our body's own production of nitric oxide.

And it does so without side effects. When our blood vessels dilate, blood pressure falls. For various reasons, as we get older we may need to take arginine supplements. But not too much. So what dose of arginine is recommended About four grams per day. The exact amount depends on your weight. If you're mathematically inclined, here's a formula for calculating your daily dosage of arginine. The dose of arginine equals your weight in kilograms, divided by ten, and multiplied by zero point five. Here's a BIG TIP. Arginine works synergistically with vigorous exercise to bring high blood pressure down.

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How To Overcome High Blood Pressure Naturally

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