Heart Problems Could Sideline Linemen

I'm Shelby Cullinan with today's health news. Being an athlete doesn't always protect you from heart problems. A new study found that college football linemen may have a raised risk of heart problems raised blood pressure and changes in heart structure, specifically compared to other players. The study team studied 87 college freshman football players 30 linemen and 57 nonlinemen for changes in heart health after one football season. At the beginning of that season, none of the players had high blood pressure. Fast forward to the end of the season Nine of the linemen had high blood pressure, as well.

Jawaun Wynn 2015 URI Graduating Senior

I love football. I started at the age of 7. I love the thrill that it gives me. I love the nature of the game, where you come together with people. I just really like the competitive nature of the game. I was a transfer from Rutgers University. I transferred because the coaches wanted to change my position, from wide receiver to defensive end. My defensive end coach had contacted the head coach at Rhode Island said he was a nice guy, recommended me to him. So I transferred to URI.

I'm going to graduate with a degree in criminology. I'm actually taking prerequisites to get into PA school as well. PA is Physician Assistant School. I like considering it Physician Associate. I don't like being considered an assistant. Ever since from a young age, I always wanted to help people. I love science, I love how the body works. Also at the age of 15 I was diagnosed with hypertension. So I was in a hospital back and forth. And as I was in the hospital, I was able to talk to different health professionals.

And learn what they do. I actually love what they do. What I like best about being at URI is the support that I have from my advisors, coaches, students that are here. Everybody is really nice. They help me out if I need any help. I will actually miss one of my best friends, Kolt Peavey because he's staying, he has one semester left. I'm really going to miss my friends here, my other friends on the team, etc. So I'm really going to miss that. I was honored as the Scholar Athlete of the week,.

I was honored on November 22nd. At the men's basketball game at half time. That was a very good moment for me. My parents drove up for that. Presenter Without further ado, I'd like to present the Estes Benson Award to Jawaun Wynn. The Benson Award, I receive this because I had the highest GPA out of black male seniors for 2014. Playing football, you have to know every detail of every game. A lot of people take that for granted. They actually think that it's easy to just run around.

Common Syndrome May Boost Heart Risk

Metabolic syndrome with high blood pressure or diabetes may be linked to heart disease risk. I'm Gabe Garza with your latest health news. A new study found that patients with metabolic syndrome may face a greater risk of death from heart disease than those without the syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, obesity and high cholesterol that occur together and may increase the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Research showed that diabetes and high blood pressure are significant factors that elevate the risk of death from heart.

Water running Extra miles or great rehabilitation tool!

Arms bent at about 90 degrees, hands lightly cupped. Water running will force you to use arms in the most efficient pattern. Breath normally! Stand tall, don't lean forward. Legs should closely mimic how you run avoid high knee lifting! You want to bring legs down under your center of gravity, engage water with your foot and push the water behind you. If you are using your legs correctly you will feel your glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings engage. You may be a little sore afterwards if you are doing this correctly.

In Young Adults BP Could Signal Later Heart Health

Keeping blood pressure low is a good thing, that's especially true for young adults. A new study looked at blood pressure in young adults and found that those who had blood pressure in the high end of the normal range had a heightened risk of heart failure in middle age. Study authors said that chronic exposure to higher blood pressure, even within what is considered the normal range, is associated with cardiac dysfunction 25 years later. Their recommendations to reduce raised blood pressure include taking medication, quitting smoking, and adjusting diets. Talk to your doctor about more tips to lower your blood pressure today.

Exercising Tips How to Determine Resting Heart Rate and Cardio Fitness

How to determine your resting heart rate is your heart rate when you're not exercising. So when you're at rest, you're sitting, watching television, this is a great time to take your measurement of your heart rate. Once you have that, then, when I go to the gym, and I start to exercise, I am going to take 140, I'm going to minus my age, and I'm going to add 20, and that's my target heart rate. So I can see the difference between rest and my maximum potential full bore burning body fat heart rate. An average usual heart rate for individuals.

Ranges from between 60 to 100 beats per minute. If you are at at your target rate, you relax, you do some stretches, and you take your heart rate, if it is lower or higher than the 60 to 100, you do want to make sure that you see a physician. A great way to take your pulse is right at your wrist with your two fingers, or right in your neck. What you're going to do is you're going to count to 10 however many beats in that count of 10, you.

Paleo Diet Foods Paleo Diet Review Paleo Diet Scams

Itisallhererecommendspaleodiet Paleo Diet Foods Paleo Diet Review Paleo Diet Athletes Paleo Diet Foods is an natural food diet composed of foods that the caveman ate during the Paleolithic Era. The caveman was a hunter and gatherer who had no agricultural skills. The caveman lived off the foods his environment provided. Many wild animals, plants, nuts and berries were plentiful during this time. The Paleo Diet mimics the types of foods every single person on the planet ate prior to the Agricultural Revolution a mere 500 generations ago. These foods fresh fruits, vegetables,.

Lean meats, and seafood are high in the beneficial nutrients soluble fiber, antioxidant vitamins, phytochemicals, omega3 and monounsaturated fats, and lowglycemic carbohydrates that promote good health and are low in the foods and nutrients refined sugars and grains, saturated and trans fats, salt, highglycemic carbohydrates, and processed foods that frequently may cause weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and numerous other health problems. The Paleo Diet encourages dieters to replace dairy and grain products with fresh fruits and vegetables foods that are more nutritious than whole grains or dairy products. Paleo diet foods have many beneficial effects including the reduction of bad cholesterol,.

health benefits of chocolate milk health benefits of chocolate cake

Welcome to Our Channel health benefits of chocolate milk.Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health.Made from the seed of the cocoa tree,it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.Studies show that dark chocolate not the sugary crap can improve health and lower the risk of heart disease. health benefits of chocolate milk. No.1 Saturated in fats. All these nutrients also come with 600 calories and moderate amounts of sugar.For this reason, dark chocolate is best consumed in moderation.The fatty acid profile of cocoa and dark chocolate.

Is excellent. The fats are mostly saturated and monounsaturated, with small amounts of polyunsaturates. No. 2 Contains stimulants, caffeine and theobromine. It also contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine, but is unlikely to keep you awake at night as the amount of caffeine is very small compared to coffee.ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a measure of the antioxidant activity of foods. No.3 Control Blood Preasure. The flavanols in dark chocolate can stimulate the endothelium, the lining of arteries, to produce Nitric Oxide NO, which is a gas.

There are many controlled trials showing that cocoa and dark chocolate can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, but the effects are usually mild. No. 4 Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease. Consuming dark chocolate can improve several important risk factors for heart disease.In a controlled trial, cocoa powder was found to significantly decrease oxidized LDL cholesterol in men.It also increased HDL and lowered total LDL in men with elevated cholesterol. No. 5 Control the Cholesterol. The compounds in dark chocolate appear to be highly protective against the oxidation of LDL.In the long term, this should cause.

High Blood Pressure As A Slim Person on A Low Fat Vegan Diet Durianrider QA

High Blood Pressure As A Slim Person on A Low Fat Vegan Diet Durianrider QA,Music by David Hyde swatchvhXEMX9YATk creativecommonslicensesbynd3.0 No Im not skinny because I move so..

What Is A Normal Heart Rate?.Disassembling the myth that the normal range for the resting heart rate is 60100. R.FERENCES Maximum predicted HR Robergs R, Landwehr R. The..

L-Arginine For High Blood Pressure - Http://www.detorex.com.LArginine For High Blood Pressure. Does LArginine Lower High Blood Pressure What is the benefits of LArginine Larginine is a chemical building block..

Note 4 - Heart Rate Monitor &Oxygen Saturation Accuracy Test.In this tutorial, I wanted to find out how accurate the heart rate monitor and the oxygen saturation on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compare to my handheld pulse..


12 Reasons To Start Lifting Weights (and The Health Benefits Of Resistance Exercise).Please like, subscribe, comment and share! SUBSCRIBE suserDrJohnKiel FACEBOOK s.facebookmedicinelifestyle..

Bradycardia Symptoms Of A Slow Heart Rate

Bradycardia Symptoms Of A Slow Heart Rate,A slow heart rate, known as bradycardia, may cause significant and limiting symptomsespecially among those of you older than 65 yr. Bradycardia is a common..

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure With Food.To get your FREE 3Meal Quick Start Guide and Newsletter go to potatostrongsigngetfreepotatostrongquickstartguide Subscribe to My Channel..

How To Check Your Resting Heart Rate And Blood Pressure!.fitness tutorial channelUC1anroDggIprVZKsluNUKQ 24 hour fitness, fitness tutorial, fitness 19, retro fitness, muscle and fitness, fitness..

Yoga Routine For Regulating Blood Pressure: Regulate And Sustain (open Level).The breathing techniques that start off this Yogea routine are a blend of QiGong and Pranayama and involve the utilization of Mudras to help seal life force in..

How To Get A Lower Resting Heart Rate.My Amazon store astore.amazondombowerco21 A lower than average resting heart rate means that your either fitter than average or you have..

HAWTHORN Berries For Heart Health, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol &More!.REJUVENATE Herbal Formula for adrenals, tirednessexhaustionburnout, recovery from illnessexercisesportchildbirthdepletion, illustrious hair, skin and nails..

Special Heart Screening For Student Athletes.A special heart screening for high school athletes across West Michigan. Inside the doctors office at Borgess Medical Center, dozens of high school students..

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