What is Blood Pressure? As blood circulatesthrough your body, it exerts pressure againstthe walls of your arteries. That pressure is whatis measured with a blood pressure device. Blood Pressure ismeasured by two numbers. The top number is calledSystolic and measures the pressure in your arterieswhen your heart is pumping.

The low number is calledDiastolic and measures the pressure in your arteries whenthey are resting and refilling. High blood pressure is somethingyou need to avoid in order to keep your heart and arterieshealthy and clear of any cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure is alwaysbest measured at rest. Ideal blood pressure is 12080. Your blood pressure should beless than 13585 in the comfort

of your home, and lessthan 14090 elsewhere. If you suffer from diabetes,your blood pressure should always be lower than 13080. Ifyour numbers are consistently above these targets, youshould consult your . It is very important to takeyour blood pressure following these easy instructions: Sitcomfortably in a chair that offers good back support. Uncross your legs.

Place the proper sizeblood pressure cuff on one of your arms. Put your arm on the arm rest sothat the blood pressure cuff is at the same level as your heart. Relax for 5 minutesand do not talk. If you have time, take yourblood pressure 3 times. Discard the first readingand average out the second and third readings.

Keep a log of yourreadings for your . The trouble is,high blood pressure isn’t always noticeable. Sometimes calledquot;the silent killerquot;, people can go years withhigh blood pressure and never know they have a problem. High blood pressure makes yourheart work a lot harder than normally, and causes addedstrain on your artery walls.

Over time, this can contributeto the buildup of plaque, restricting blood flowthroughout your body, which can lead tocoronary artery disease. If the artery becomesfully blocked you could have a heart attack. So, what are all the healthrisks associated with having high blood pressure? Stroke, heart attack,heart failure, dementia,

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure Hypertension

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure By James Meschino, DC, MS, ND What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?Usually there are no symptoms; that’s the problem. That’s why high blood pressureis often labeled ‘the silent killer’. People who have high blood pressure typicallydon’t even know that they have until they get an annual physical exam and it’s discoveredthen. That’s why it’s important to have an annual physical examination from your physician.Sometimes when you r blood pressure is markedly

high, I mean really elevated, people willbegin to notice headaches, dizziness or blurred vision, they might get some nausea or vomiting,or even some chest pains or shortness of breath. When you have high blood pressure, what’shappening behind the scenes is what’s most dangerous. It’s increasing your risk fora premature heart attack, heart failure, a stroke, kidney failure, eye damage that couldlead to blindness and damage of the peripheral blood vessels that can lead to decreased bloodflow to your feet, hands and possibly even leading to amputation at some point, especiallyif the person is a diabetic. Also, the pressure on the vessels can causeout pouching or serious aneurisms that can

rupture. About one percent of people who havehigh blood pressure have what’s known as malignant hypertension and malignant highblood pressure. This is when the lower number in your blood pressure reading is as highas say 140; that diastolic pressure would be considered malignant hypertension, being140 or higher. And with that there are often headaches, nausea, vomiting and strokelikesymptoms. The big risk is if there is bleeding in the brain you could have a stroke or somekind of hemorrhage in the brain, which has got to be controlled.The bottom line is high blood pressure is often unrecognized for years and it producesno symptoms. But behind the scenes, it’s

causing damage to the heart and other organs,to the eyes and to the blood vessels that can really lead to some serious problems downthe road. In fact, high blood pressure is a known risk factor for heart attack, strokeand kidney failure. And these are the things that cause the most deaths each year in oursociety. That’s why everyone should know the best way to keep your blood pressure down.This is where I come in. I would like you to download the program that I have calledLowering Blood Pressure Naturally. This will show you how to do it in a way that’s safeand responsible. And if your blood pressure is starting to creep up, put these thingsinto play very aggressively, right now.

What I show in these studies is the human,al evidence that shows how to lower blood pressure using natural interventionslike diet, lifestyle and supplementation. So download that program now so you understandhow to keep your blood pressure down using the best proactive lifestyle strategies.At MaschinoHealth you’ll see my other published review papers and you’llsee different tutorials and other resources. I’ve also created footage from my live seminarsthat are stored there, and there is also live footage from my professional seminars, aswell. They’re all there to help you learn how to live a long and healthy functionallife. It’s not good enough to stay alive

and have a heartbeat as the years go by; youwant to have a functional body and mind for as long as possible.My review papers and all of my teaching materials come complete with all the scientific referencesso you know you’re getting the best evidencebased information on any health topic that you maybe seeking out. Make sure that you use MaschinoHealth as an ongoing, reliable resource for health and wellness information for both you andyour family. Thanks so much for your time.

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