Today we are focusing on how to boost the flavour in food without adding salt. sodium is an essential mineral that our body needs. It helps control blood pressure and to maintain a normal fluid balance. Many people are not aware that most foods contain natural sodium. As a result there is no need to add salt to boost the flavor. There are healthy alternatives. Eating too much sodium may cause high blood pressure, which increases the risk of getting a stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. So, how much sodium is in a pinch of salt?.

On average a pinch is about 1/8 of a teaspoon which contains about 300 mg of sodium. according to the Canadian Hyper tension Education program, consider reducing your sodium intake towards 2,000 mg per day to decrease blood pressure. If you add a small amount of salt to your meals, taste your food first. An important point to remember is that while there are different types of salt which vary in flavour, coarseness and even colour, they all contain the same amount of sodium. Over 75 percent of the sodium we eat comes from processed.

Foods, restaurant meals, fast foods and packaged and ready to eat meals. they include deli meats, pizza sauces, cheese and soups. Even, breads, breakfast cereals and bakery products contain sodium even though they may not taste salty. Not to worry, there are lots of lower sodium alternatives to add to your favourite everyday foods. We are going to feature some recipes and tips that will help enhance flavor without the use of salt. That way you can enjoy some delicious food the salt free way! Pizzas a favourite food for many. Unfortunately.

When we buy pizza that is prepackaged, frozen, from a fast food outlet or a restaurant they are high in sodium. Today were going to show you how to make a delicious and healthy homemade pizza! And were going to show folks at home how they can make it healthily and easily. And were going to start off with our dough. So were going to start off, I got a little of a head start because yeast you got to get it o work a bit. And so what Ive done over here 1/3 of warm water, 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp of honey, and a little bag.

Of yeast and thats the base. add 2 cups of whole wheat flour thatll some fibre to the dough. The key thing is in making the dough dont throw the whole jug of flour at once, you need to start incorporating it. And thats what Im about to do. Its staggering how high the sodium is of ready to go pizzas. So thats great were doing it ourselves. Yes, absolutely. It is possible to get a low sodium dough ready to go from a supermarket. So you dont necessarily have to go from ground zero as we are today.

But, for those that want to start with a healthy base that is possible. so with the mix, we got to get the hands dirty. We got to get in there. Once this has been completed and put this, put the dough on a baking tray with parchment paper and just let it rest as we are going to make the sauce. So David now that our pizza dough is ready were going to start off with our tomato sauce. Absolutely, some people might purchase the canned sauce ready to go. Were going to show this is easy to make at home make your own sauce from.

Scratch jazz it up a bit more with our seasonings. but im putting together something that I think will work with most people. Im going to start off with our favourite, extra virgin olive oil. So extra virgin olive oil is a great choice because its an unsaturated fats its a healthy fat and helps lower LDL cholesterol. Ive got cut up Spanish onion that Im going to saut here, together with some fresh chopped up garlic. So were going to saut here for a few minutes and then were going to add fresh ripe tomatoes.

So this is a good opportunity to lower the sodium content of your tomato sauce by starting off with fresh ripe tomatoes. Having the fresh ripe tomatoes you cant meet the flavor of the fresh tomatoes. And tomatoes are a great source of lycopene as well. Now Im going to add some great flavor. This is the enhancer. Using my Greek oregano, just pure oregano, fresh oregano that you can get at the supermarket. And then Im using my all purpose, its called Davids special steak rub, but really could be used on everything.

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