Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits

Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits tutorial at the Healthy Lifestyle Get Well Stay Well channel hi all thanks for hitting the play button to watch this tutorial about the newly discovered benefits of red wine okay then you've probably heard that red wine can be a very healthy drink option but you likely only heard about generic benefits of the antioxidants and resveratrol in red wine A study published in the american journal of clinical nurition.

About Benefits Of Red Wine Why Red Wine Can Be Super Healthy New Study On Red Wine Health Benefits reported that people who drink two glasses of red wine per day dry red wine not sugary dessert wines had higher levels of beneficial bacteria in their gut and lower levels of pathogenic bad bacteria in their gut this is great news as you know how vastly important your gut flora balance is to everything from your digestion immunity metabolism skin health and much more but the powerful health benefits of red wine don't stop there.

Another exciting part of this study is that the red wine drinkers also decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure triglycerides LDL cholesterol and CRP creactive protein CRP is a measure of overall inflammation in your body so it's great to see an association between red wine and reduced inflammation but the powerful health benefits of red wine don't even stop there to find out all of the health benefits of red wine and which ones offer these powerful health benefits use the link below in the description section to check out the full article on.

This the link below will take you to the nutrition antiaging Health News daily by Mike Geary Certified Nutrition Specialist I'm sure you like me want to live a healthy happy life right so go check it out to also see what foods you need to avoid that may be destroying your health causing weight gain and accelerating aging please share this tutorial with your friends to pass on this important information best wishes to you What Are The Benefits Of Red Wine 1. Lower your cholesterol 2. Protect your heart 3. Control blood sugar 4. Boost your brain 5. Benefits Of Red Wine For Skin.

Is Coffee Good For You HealthiNation

What's the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet Are you thinking dark chocolate Berries or red wine How about white, black or green teas Sure, they're all great sources of antioxidants, those substances that help us fight off aging and many diseases. But in terms of antioxidant value, those foods aren't worth a pile of beans compared to this hot shot coffee! The average American drinks about three and a half cups of coffee a day, meaning about 416 eight ounce cups of coffee a year, providing about 1300 mg of antioxidants every day. That's.

A whole lot of antioxidants, and a whole lot of coffee! So what IS coffee It's estimated that there are over a thousand different compounds in coffee, many formed during the roasting process. These include carbohydrates, lipids, nitrogenous compounds, vitamins, minerals, and alkaloids. Coffee also naturally contains caffeine. At high enough levels, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood pressure and raises the metabolic rate. This has led some to think that drinking coffee could increase a person's risk for developing cardiovascular disease, especially for people who already have some of the risk factors for this condition,.

Such as high blood pressure. For adults with no previous history, moderate caffeine consumption did not increase the risk for coronary disease, stroke, or sudden cardiac death. And what about type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, and certain forms of cancer like liver and colon cancer Actually, some studies have shown that drinking moderate amounts of coffee might even lower a person's risk of developing these serious conditions. Overall, there is a lot more research to be done. For right now though, it appears that for otherwise healthy adults, consuming moderate amounts of coffee 34 cups a day, providing.

300 400 mg a day of caffeine, there is little evidence of health risks and even some evidence of health benefits. Some groups, however, including people with hypertension, children, adolescents, and the elderly, may be more vulnerable to the negative effects of caffeine and should be more careful about their coffee intake. In addition, currently available evidence suggests that it may be a good idea for pregnant women to limit coffee consumption to no more than 3 cups a day providing no more than 300 mg a day of caffeine to lessen any chance of miscarriage or impaired.

Is Dark Chocolate Healthy HealthiNation

What has been used for centuries to cure everything from upset stomachs and raging fevers to sagging libidos It's not what you think.It's chocolate! Or rather, chocolate's main ingredientcocoa. We know that the ancient Aztecs ground cocoa seeds with seasonings to make a bitter, spicy drink they thought promoted good health. And long before that, there is evidence that a similar concoction was consumed for its power to nourish, strengthen, and be an aphrodisiac. By the time it was brought from the Americas to Europe about 500 years ago, it was a mixture.

Of cocoa, flour and spices, and quickly became a foundation for prescriptions used in hospitals. Now it's important to note that chocolate and cocoa are not the same thing. Cocoa is the nonfat component of finely ground cocoa beans. Cocoa is used in chocolate making or as cocoa powder for cooking and drinks. Chocolate refers to the combination of cocoa, butter, sugar and often other ingredients that are made into a solid food product. Aside from the energy jolt from the sugar and caffeine, is there really an advantage to consuming chocolate You may be thrilled to know that a number of recent studies say.

Yes! At least if it's dark chocolate. Chocolate's essential health benefits probably come from the strong antioxidants in the cocoa called flavonoids. Antioxidants can reduce inflammation throughout the body, a cornerstone of overall health since inflammation has been linked to a number of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Even a small amount of dark chocolate can also lower blood pressure.and keeping blood pressure levels low is especially important for cardiovascular health. Since the flavonoids are the nutritional powerhouse ingredient in cocoa, you need to know that it's the cocoa that gives chocolate it's healthy antioxidants and also it's brown.

Color. That's why dark chocolate is a better choice than milk chocolate. White chocolate is made from the fatty part of the bean with no cocoa at all in it. So white chocolate has no antioxidants and no brown color. Here's what I tell my patients Choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 percent or higher. Limit yourself to no more than 3 ounces 85 grams of dark chocolate a day, which is the amount shown in studies to be helpful. Because this amount may contain up to 450 calories, you may want to cut calories in other areas or step up your exercise to.

Mediterranean Diet Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Mediterranean Diet writer health headline here tonight and Mediterranean Diet plan recipes it involves a very popular diet the mediterranean diet for polidore nuts even wine and what we've learned tonight is that in the middle of a new study researchers were so astounded by what they found Mediterranean Diet a cult of the study made it public and then jumped on the diet themselves it looked at people are very high risk for heart disease and show that it reduce that risk by nearly authored this was stunning and so it's pretty abc's chief medical editor doctor Mediterranean Diet.

Richard besser tonight in which you done any studies yourself how common is it that he would stop before it even done and this is really unusual but soar the results they found that reduction of thirty percent if you think about stephens which so many people take for heart disease that only reduces your risk of heart disease by twenty five percent so this diet even better than the staten swiss people at home tonight the bottom line remind them with this dot includes so a mediterranean diet is rich in fresh.

Fruits and vegetables whole grains healthy proteins like fish and chicken and beans and then what whales there healthy type of work to talk about helping oil as we all think of olive oil though we didn't know how much of that week should be consuming yeah i mean in this study each day give more to do to consume four tablespoons of olive oil that's a lot of oil four tablespoons that's how much of a month Mediterranean Diet to leaders of oil per month to leaves a lot of loyalty say it's helping them and.

Anti Aging Foods And Nutrients That Delay The Onset Of Old Age

Eating the right nutritional balance is essential of staving off the effects of old age In this tutorial are some tips on the types of nutrition one should be focussing on Take plenty of fruit and vegetables in you diet which have strong anti oxidant properties Take plenty of berries which have been linked with strong cognotive boosting functions thus helping you retain your memory Proteins in white meat and seafood help retain muscle mass which naturally diminishes with old age Omega 3 is something we must all have in our diets regardless of age as it does not occur.

Naturally The most commonly known source is fish but many plant based foods also contain it, chia seeds being a prime example. High fiber foods such as cereals are necessary, these have many benefits including boosting of metabolism Resveratrol is a commonly known anti aging supplement for our skin cells and helps reduce blood pressure this is found in red wine and grapes though too much red wine could have an adverse effect in other ways. For more information on anti aging solutions visit the website below this tutorial clip.

Heres what happens to your knuckles when you crack them

Recognize this sound If you pop or crack your joints, you probably do. What happens to our joints when we crack them And is it bad for you Synovial fluid is this lubricantlike substance that's found in between your joints. It kind of looks like an egg yolk. So when you stretch out your joint, you are releasing gas, and that gas forms a bubble and it collapses and pops. In order to crack the same knuckle again, you have to wait about 20 minutes for the gas to return back to that fluid. So how is that different from a pop you hear when.

You stand up quickly The sound you're probably hearing then is the snapping sound tendons make when slide between muscles or over bones. When a joint moves, the tendon snaps quickly over and it makes a popping sound. So is the knuckle cracking habit safe Probably. Donald Unger was sort of a selfdescribed researcher who chose to pop the joints in one of his hands for 60 years, but not the other one. And he wanted to find out if popping your knuckles would actually give you arthritis. After 60 years of doing it, he found that.

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