High Blood Pressure Tips Treatments Exercising to Achieve Target Heart Rate

Hi, I'm Dr. Terranella. In this part of the tutorial, we're going to be talking about taking the patient to the target heart rate. As we said earlier the way that we calculate that intensity is 220 minus the age, minus the resting heart rate, and then you multiply your intensity. If you want 60 of the heart rate, or 70 of the heart rate.6, or.7. Then you add that on to your resting heart rate, and we already showed that calculation. Bob's going to need to jog to get up to his target heart rate. Some people won't have.

To actually jog to get to their target heart rate. His target heart rate is 126. Once he reaches that 126 level, then he will maintain that for the duration of his cardiovascular workout about twenty or thirty minutes. We're now at his target heart rate, so he would maintain that for the duration, and as we saw with the calculation, you use the 220 minus his age, minus his resting heart rate, and then multiply that by whatever intensity you want 60 or 70, and then you add his resting heart rate back on to that, and we.

High Blood Pressure Tips Treatments Calculating Target Heart Rate

Now, we're ready to calculate your target heart rate. Here is the actual calculation. Target Heart Rate THR. You're going to take 220 minus your age, and you're going to get a number there. You're going to subtract your resting heart rate that we did in the earlier tutorial, and you're going to get a number here. Then, based on how intensely you're going to work out if that's a 60 intensity, or 70, or even 80 or 85, youre going to multiply that by either.6,.7,.8, or.85. You're going to get a number, and you're going to.

Add your resting heart rate to that number. This is an estimate of your actual target heart rate it's not the actual target heart rate. To do that you need more sophisticated equipment. Here's an example a sixty year old man 22060160, and we'll say that his resting heart rate is 60, as well, so you subtract that and we get 100. He's going to workout at 60 of his max, so we get 60 there. Add the resting heart rate back on, so his target heart rate is 120. In the next tutorial we're going to actually take an actor to his.

Is it Safe to Run During My First Trimester

Is it safe to run during my first trimester If it was your third trimester, I'd say no, because both your belly and boobs would be bouncing uncomfortably. And you'd have to be careful of blood pressure, heart rate and hydration. I'm concerned about those vital signs now. Unless you just threw up, going for a walk is not going to hurt you. Running, though, requires care to stay fully hydrated, as does working out if you have been throwing up liquids half the day. I have been having morning sickness.

If you're nauseous right now, then no, do not run except to the bathroom. Not right now, I'm not. Do not go for an early morning jog if the jolting of feet on pavement will make you throw up, and do not go for a run if you lack both food and water in your system. That would mean I need to wait until I'm hydrated before running. And as a pregnant person, you need to drink around twenty to thirty percent more than before. It seems like all of it has gone to my feet.

Swollen ankles mean the fluid is collecting there. Running won't help with that, though putting your feet up after a run would. The fluid tends to collect in your joints when your heart cannot circulate it. Now that you're pregnant, you do have to stay below that old target heart rate. Does that mean it is not safe to run when pregnant It means that your body is already getting a workout carrying the little load, so only run in the yellow zone on the treadmill, not the red. If that is safe.

Always stop your workout if you are getting light headed or dizzy. The worst way to take a break after a workout is sprawled out unconscious on the floor. Being pregnant does not mean you cannot run, but it means you cannot run a marathon or push your body to the max. Not until I've pushed out the kid, at least. Being pregnant throws off your balance too. While you are not waddling yet, the relaxing tendons and joints could make you prone to tripping. I do not need pregnancy as an excuse for that to happen.

High Blood Pressure Tips Treatments Exercise for High Blood Pressure

Okay so next we want to talk about how exercise relates to blood pressure. There's some research done on how exercise can reduce blood pressure. And they found that exercise can reduce your blood pressure by as much as ten millimeters of mercury on the systolic side. And you have to continue to do that exercise in order for it to have that effect though. Once you reach that reduced blood pressure you have to maintain that other wise it will go back up. So we want to talk about, in this series, we want to talk about the kinds of exercise, the duration.

Of exercise, and the intensity of the exercise. So what kinds of exercise have this effect on blood pressure Mainly aerobic exercise. So aerobic exercise can be different things for different people, and you need to be careful when you're starting a new exercise program. But what we can say is that you should be breathing briskly. So we will get into the intensity in the next segment, but you should be doing this brisk walking, jogging, where you can still carry a conversation, but you're a little bit winded and you should be doing.

That for thirty to forty minutes, four to five times a week. And how this has its effect is it allows the arterial system to be more responsive to the changing pressures that occur with exercise. And we'll be demonstrating that a little bit later, but it's basically the arterial system has to go a little bit further and to a wider range of muscles and tissues and so the heart has to work a lot harder to get that pressure to that area. And when you're at rest, as your body accommodates to the exercise that you're doing, it's allowed.

2012 Science Project Heart Rate and Exercise

For my science project, I wanted to see how exercise affects heart rate. My first step was to research the heart I needed to learn how it worked. I also learned that it didn't look like this. It looks more like this. The heart is a muscle. It's located on the left side of your chest and is behind your ribs. The heart pumps blood throughout your body from you head to your toes. The blood has oxygen and stuff our body needs. The heart rate can be measured.

By putting two fingers right here. But what happens when I exercise For this experiment, I wanted to measure the affect exercise has on heart rate. For this experiment, I will need me, a treadmill, a stopwatch, a pen and a note pad. I wrote down the different times I was going to measure heart rate. Using the stop watch, I measured my resting heart rate My resting heart rate was 72 beats per minute Then, I ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes and measured the heart rate Then for 10 more minutes, for a total of 20.

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