Hi, I’m Terranella. In this part of thetutorial, we’re going to be talking about taking the patient to the target heart rate. As wesaid earlier; the way that we calculate that intensity is 220 minus the age, minus theresting heart rate, and then you multiply your intensity. If you want 60% of the heartrate, or 70% of the heart rate; .6, or .7. Then you add that on to your resting heartrate, and we already showed that calculation. Bob’s going to need to jog to get up to histarget heart rate. Some people won’t have to actually jog to get to their target heartrate. His target heart rate is 126. Once he reaches that 126 level, then he will maintainthat for the duration of his cardiovascular

workout; about twenty or thirty minutes. We’renow at his target heart rate, so he would maintain that for the duration, and as wesaw with the calculation, you use the 220 minus his age, minus his resting heart rate,and then multiply that by whatever intensity you want; 60 or 70%, and then you add hisresting heart rate back on to that, and we get 126 for Bob.

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