Can Low Omega 3 Blood Levels Increase Risk of Heart Attack Death

Here's a different way to understand how this works. This is blood levels, measuring your blood level omega 3s. So, down here is high levels, 90 or higher. Down here is low levels of that omega 3. So here, huge giant risk for cardiac death and heart health problems. Why Because you have tons and tons of inflammation and nothing is regulating that. Just going unchecked completely in your body. And even if you're trying to cover that up, it still doesn't work. And so, as we start to reduce this, 48 reduced, 88 reduced, 90 risk reduced,.

That's pretty awesome. Just by affecting the omega 3s, that's pretty important. So, next time you're looking at increasing omega 3s, don't think twice about it. Absolutely do it because it's so essential for you. In fact, I take omega 3s all the time and I measure my levels consistently because I want to know where it's at. I want to pay attention to this. And, here's the cool part. If you're having some types of aches and pains or other issues and you take this, a lot of times, those things go away too. Because the same.

Thing that causes pain is the same thing that causes heart disease. It's inflammation, right You can't have pain without inflammation. And so, you got to remove what's causing the inflammation but, you also got to remove this systemic inflammation in the body because you're going to remove the cause but, if it's still floating around you're still causing inflammation and pain and other types of issues on a regular basis. Does everybody follow me so far Good. Way too fast for everybody but we're good. Okay good. So, there is another.

One that can really help you, Optimal Omega. So, either you're eating wild caught fish three times a week at minimum and you're getting omegas from flaxseed and chia seed and other sources, cod liver oils and things like that, if you're doing that, great. You don't need to supplement especially if you're reducing the grains and the sugars and everything else. But, if you're not or you're somebody who's already got inflammation, you got to be taking this. And, the reason we use these things, the reason why we have anything here in the.

Is because I have been taking supplements for years, way back since I was in highschool. And now, I look at those things because I understand biochemistry and how they work, and I look what's in them. I look at all the fillers and I look at what it's actually made of. Is it synthetic Is it natural Is it real All that has an effect on your body. So, there's so many different things out there. I can say take omega 3s but if I said, Go to this store and buy omega 3s, what are you guys going to do You'll look for the.

Cheapest one on sale. What does it really do Oh, this one is a giant and it's only eight bucks. I'm getting that. But, when you look in it, where does all those omega 3s come from What source is it Does it have all four different types of omega 3s You don't know that. You just picked up omega 3. You saw that Dr. Oz says omega 3 is good for you, you go to the store and pick up the omega 3. But, there's things that you need in these. You need ALA, EPA, DHA and GLA to work together. Most of them are just EPA or.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure As blood circulates through your body, it exerts pressure against the walls of your arteries. That pressure is what is measured with a blood pressure device. Blood Pressure is measured by two numbers. The top number is called Systolic and measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart is pumping. The low number is called Diastolic and measures the pressure in your arteries when they are resting and refilling. High blood pressure is something you need to avoid in order to keep your heart and arteries healthy and clear of any.

Cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure is always best measured at rest. Ideal blood pressure is 12080. Your blood pressure should be less than 13585 in the comfort of your home, and less than 14090 elsewhere. If you suffer from diabetes, your blood pressure should always be lower than 13080. If your numbers are consistently above these targets, you should consult your doctor. It is very important to take your blood pressure following these easy instructions Sit comfortably in a chair that offers good back support. Uncross your legs. Place the proper size blood pressure cuff.

On one of your arms. Put your arm on the arm rest so that the blood pressure cuff is at the same level as your heart. Relax for 5 minutes and do not talk. If you have time, take your blood pressure 3 times. Discard the first reading and average out the second and third readings. Keep a log of your readings for your doctor. The trouble is, high blood pressure isn't always noticeable. Sometimes called the silent killer , people can go years with high blood pressure and never know they have a problem.

High blood pressure makes your heart work a lot harder than normally, and causes added strain on your artery walls. Over time, this can contribute to the buildup of plaque, restricting blood flow throughout your body, which can lead to coronary artery disease. If the artery becomes fully blocked you could have a heart attack. So, what are all the health risks associated with having high blood pressure Stroke, heart attack, heart failure, dementia, kidney disease, eye problems, erectile dysfunction. Having a health professional check your blood pressure is a way to find out if you might have high blood pressure.

But logging your home blood pressure will also allow your doctor determine if you have high blood pressure. There are numerous devices recommended by Hypertension Canada that allow you to measure your blood pressure at home. Be sure the device has a logo indicating it meets the standards of Hypertension Canada. Discuss with your doctor to learn which device is best for you and how to use each of them properly. If diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor will have you focus on these three areas of lifestyle change in order to help lower your blood pressure.

To a healthier level Quit smoking. Exercise 30 60 minutes a day most days a week. Eat more fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit daily. Choose lower fat milk products, whole grains, lean meat, fish and poultry. Limit sodium intake to no more than 2000 mg a day. Cook more at home and eat less processed foods. In some cases these changes are not enough and medications will be needed to help combat high blood pressure. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, help is just a click away.

Secret Symptoms of a Heart Attack

In the movies, when people have heart attacks, they often clutch their chest in pain and collapse on the floor. But in real life, that's often not the way it happens. We bring you the bottom line on secret symptoms of a heart attack. Hi, I'm Pilar Gerasimo, with a Bottom Line Expert report on heart attacks. I'm here today with Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, director of Women's Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Dr. Steinbaum, I notice that in the movies, there are these incredibly dramatic eventsyou.

Know, people have heart attacks and they clutch their chest, they fall to the floor, they die instantly. But in real life, I understand that that's not actually the way it happens. Can you tell us a little bit about what does it actually look and feel like to have a heart attack It's not always that Hollywood heart attack. There are often more subtle signs. Definitely chest pain or pressure is the most common symptom people have, but it could also be shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, back pain, jaw pain, vomiting, even flulike symptoms,.

So don't exactly expect that Hollywood heart attack. You just described a whole bunch of symptoms, many of which could be everyday ailments. It might be indigestionI ate something too spicy. or I'm coming down with the flu. How do I differentiate between these every day things and something that could be much more dramatic When you think about what a heart attack iswhich is actually lack of oxygen to the heart musclethat's when you get the symptoms. So if it is happening with exertion and with really exercising and then if it is relieved with rest, think about your heart. If you have indigestion, you take.

Something for your stomach and it goes away, so it's probably not your heart. If you have pain, you take an antiinflammatory and it goes away, again, probably not your heart. But if the symptoms come back, you really should not dismiss it. And think heart first! It is better to be wrong than to be sorry. So I know that there's sometimes confusion about the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Could you explain the difference to us Cardiac arrest is truly sudden death, and there's nothing we can do about it. When someone.

Has a heart attack, it's damage to the heart muscle. We can intervene.we can open blood flow of that artery to the muscle.and we can actually prevent people from having heart damage. So it's a very important distinction. One there is nothing we can do about, unless maybe if it is witnessed and we can do CPR. But for people having a heart attack, it's about intervention, getting to the doctor, getting to the hospital as soon as possible. The bottom line on heart attack symptoms is that they often disguise themselves as other.

Signs of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

What are the signs of high blood pressure during pregnancy If you are afraid you have high blood pressure, you need to see a doctor. High blood pressure is dangerous. What could it cause In the worst scenario, it could cause a stroke, heart attack or preeclampsia and premature delivery. What are the symptoms I need to be on the lookout for You could see symptoms like visual disturbances. I feel that way when I've been throwing up so much I'm dizzy. You'd have blurred vision and sensitivity to light. You might also have headaches that.

Won't stop and the sound of blood rushing in your ears. I suppose a grocery store blood pressure monitor would be more certain. If you think your blood pressure is going up, you need to get to a doctor. Preeclampsia can be life threatening. How can I prevent it In theory, having a healthy cardiovascular system and limiting salt intake help. In reality, we don't have a good preventative measure. If only they could give me high blood pressure medicine to treat it. The only cure is delivering the baby, but that all too often leads to a stillbirth or.

Preemie. I know that high blood pressure can ruin your kidneys, making pregnancy far worse than the regular literal bathroom runs the baby already causes. Prenatal diabetes raises the risk of high blood pressure, and preeclampsia has a strong correlation to it. Unlike the peeing in bleach test to determine a child's gender. If you felt light headed or had blurred vision after that, it is due to chlorine fumes, not high blood pressure. How often does preeclampsia occur High blood pressure shows up in around one in fifteen pregnancies, and your odds go up.

Effects Of High Blood Pressure

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Will High Blood Pressure Increase My Risk Of Having A Heart Attack

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High Blood Pressure And Heart Attack In Women, What Are The Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women..

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