How to Take Blood Pressure How to Take Blood Pressure

Okay so now we got the blood pressure cuff inflated fully. And there's no longer a pulse coming through that brachael artery. Now you want to slowly open up the dial, so that the blood pressure is, the millimeters of mercury is falling around 2 millimeters of mercury per second. And when you hear that first beat, that is your systolic pressure, and then continue deflating at 2 millimeters of mercury until you no longer hear that beat, and that is your diastolic pressure. So the systolic pressure is the pressure on top, and the diastolic.

How to Take Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Cuff Placement

Okay so now we want to talk about the placement of the blood pressure cuff, and the placement of the stethoscope. So in general, you want to be a couple of inches, or a couple of centimeters actually, above the elbow crease. You don't want any clothes constricting around the blood pressure cuff. Go ahead and close that off, so now we have that. And the next part is placement of the stethoscope. One important aspect is to make sure that the ear pieces you can see are angled, and you want to make sure those angles are pointing forward when.

High Blood Pressure Tips Treatments Potassium Rich Food for High Blood Pressure

Okay so now we want to talk about the potassium aspects as related to the Dash diet. What researchers also found was that using foods high in potassium actually lowered the blood pressure as well, because this was an aspect of the Dash diet. These are some fruits that are actually high in potassium. And the proposed mechanism behind how this is working is based on volume. Because the renal system, potassium is important in regulating the renal systems balance of fluids. And so what they proposed was that the diet actually replaced potassium.

For sodium, and sodium always follows water in the renal system and so when you're decreasing your sodium intake you're decreasing your retention of water. And so that was a proposed mechanism there. What I want to point out here is, again, it's not a potassium supplement, and with potassium you can actually cause serious problems by taking too much potassium. So be careful, taking fruits and vegetables in whole fruit form will not harm you. So that's a safe effective dose of potassium and don't go out and get a supplement of potassium.

KT Tape Calf

Music I'm Chris Harper and with me is Makayla And we're here to demonstrate and application for calf pain. This is when you have muscles on the back of the lower leg that are aching, spasming or cramping. Some possible causes for this are tears due to improper changes in direction while running, dehydration or overuse. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing the muscles, increasing circulation, and relieving pressure For this application we need to place the calf on stretch. So Makayla I'm going to have you turn around.

Let's go ahead and have you put that leg out behind you. And we're going to put that heel right down on the floor. So that stretches the skin and calf muscles on the back of the leg here. So for our first piece of tape we're going to take one full strip We're going to twist and tear the paper towards the logo end of the tape And peel that piece off, being very careful not to touch the adhesive part of the tape. I'm going to place this down just by the achilles tendon.

I'm going to rub that on without any stretch on that part of the tape Then I'm going to peel that paper off leaving just enough paper to hang on to I'm going to stretch that out to twentyfive percent stretch. So if this is onehundred percent, we're going to back that off half, and then half again And go ahead and lay that piece down and taking that paper off leaving just one end of the tape that I can lay down with absolutely zero stretch And for our second piece, I'm going to tear another full strip, again twisting.

And tearing the backing paper and remove that and place that down again on the Achilles just offset from the other piece. It has zero stretch on it. I'm going to remove the paper backing leaving myself a little bit of paper to hang on to, trying not to touch the adhesive again, stretching that out, we're going to do about twentyfive percent stretch so full stretch, fifty, twentyfive. We're going to lay that down, leaving one end of the tape with absolutely zero stretch. And at the end of this I'm just going to give that a good friction rub.

So I create a little bit of heat,that allows the adhesive to really stick. Some tips before applying this is to clean the skin and trim or shave any excess hair so it does adhere to the skin very well. Also you may want to wear socks to sleep at night so it doesn't roll on you. Some complimentary treatments may include rest, ice, massage and light progressive stretching of the calf. Please seek care if you experience extreme pains, swellings or discoloration, or heat coming off the calf muscle. And for more information see our website at kttape.

Leg Lowering

Welcome back to Foundation Physical Therapy's YouTube channel today we're going to go through our alternating straight leg raise progression so we're going to go through a few different corrective strategies to improve the flexibility of the hamstrings to some extent but it also improves the mobility of the hips to a large extent and works on core stabilization. So you can't think of this as solely a hamstring stretch though it does stretch the hamstrings. So the first step to doing this if you know you have some limitations in your hamstrings or you just feel tight in the posterior chain when you're moving.

Is to stand in a doorway. So for the sake of this tutorial we didn't get in a doorway but you want to think of this pole here as one part of your doorjamb and the rest would be here and here. You want to lay partially in the doorway and then get your foot up on the doorway just like that right. You want to be in this position here so that you're not getting a huge stretch in the back of the leg. Then what you're going to do is.

Lay the opposite leg down nice and flat. Now if you find that you're like this then you need to back up and then eventually work yourself closer and closer to the doorway. So once I'm in this position I lay this leg flat and then all I'm going to do is put my arms out the side at a 45 degree angle then lift the leg up. Again pay attention to the toes, I'm not pointing them and I'm not letting this knee bend nor this knee bend. Keep them.

Both straight, come down and then come up. I don't really want to dig this leg into the doorjamb to help lift myself up I should be putting as little pressure through this leg as I can, it's just there for support. I would repeat this somewhere between 10 to 20 times or whatever feels comfortable and do it on both sides of the doorjamb so I get both legs. So this is a good way just to do some passive stretching to some extent but it also gets your movement pattern going on one leg as a trail leg and the other as a.

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Fix low back pain Myofascial release of the tensor fasciae latae

BjbjLULU Hey guys its Naudi at functional patterns again today I'm going to teach you guys how to release some muscles that get very bound up whenever you're at work they're called your hip flexors there's multiple different hip flexors that i'm going to teach you how to release but this is just going to be one of them its going to be the insertion point to where your tensor fasciae latae which is the muscle right here on the outer part of the hip and your sartorious begin so were going to use a lacrosse ball to get in there.

And dig these muscles out now when you're sitting at a desk and your hips are in a constantly flexed position these muscles are going to get shortened there's going to be a constant shortening of these tissues happening throughout the day so guess what your brain is going to memorize the shortening and then you end up with a posture like this almost to like when your but is sticking out and you kind of have a sway in your lower back what I want to do is get into those tissues break them up that way were not set into this posture.

And the hips can balance themselves so were just going to be right here on the floor the place were going pinpoint this lacrosse ball is going to be about right here on the hip you're going to find a little groove that sets right in here and we want to keep that lacrosse ball right in place in that direction so that way it won't slide around so sometimes you may feel like it its slides to the inside or the outside really try getting to that center point we're going to lye down this is kind of what it will look like from a side.

View if I was standing up were going to apply direct pressure and it may be pretty challenging to see where the ball is I think you might be able to get a clear picture as to where it is from there were going to extend the arm out and the bottom foot out and I'm going to keep this almost as a support system if I feel like this is too much pressure on my hip I can take some pressure off with this foot if I need to again this can become very.

Painful if a lacrosse ball is too much you can just regress back to a tennis ball and that's just as effective to atleast get you introduced to it but eventually you want to progress to a lacrosse ball if I'm in front of my computer and I'm watching a tutorial or something like that I'll just hang out here for about 10 to 15 minutes until these tissues finally disperse ok so we'll work into the other side again elongate the body a straight line from the top of my hand all the way to my foot the opposite leg the leg that's not.

Getting the attention comes over the top and again we're applying that pressure right here on the front part of that hip alright guys that's how we release our tensor fasciae latae muscle if you have any questions or are curious as to what it is that I do you can visit my website at functionalpatterns take care Hey guys its Naudi at functional patterns again today I'm going to teach you guys how to release some muscles that get very bound up whenever you're at work they're called your hip flexors there's multiple different.

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