Hi, my name is Usuff and I had pretty highblood pressure yesterday morning. It rose to 171113, which was pretty highfor me. It was that high because I was experimentingwith some B vitamins. And that experiment went disastrously wrong.In the evening my blood pressure was still high, although it had dropped a little bitto about 170100. Not good, remaining high for so long the wholeday. I remembered a technique for bringing downhigh blood pressure quickly that I read in an ebook.And I applied the technique and I brought

it down fairly successfully.How To Lower Blood Pressure Quickly. If you’ve ever lost control of your bloodpressure, and it rises way too high,here’s a technique you can use to bring it down quickly.This technique is taken from Virginia Sturm’s ebook entitledNatural Solutions to High Blood Pressure. In this ebook Virginia explains the causesand dangers of high blood pressure. And outlines thirty natural ways to lowerit. One of the ways she gives is quot;soaking feetin hot waterquot;.

When my blood pressure rose dangerously high,in desperation, I tried this technique. And it did drop my BP down to a safer levelwithin an hour. Much to my relief.Here’s my story. One morning my BP hit the roof.It was 171113. I reacted badly to a supplement I was taking.After coming home from work my BP was still dangerously high.I needed to bring my BP down quickly. In desperation I tried Virginia Sturm’s techniqueof my soaking my feet in warm water. I improvised and found a plastic recylingbin and emptied it.

I then filled it with very warm water.As hot as my feet could tolerate. At 8:’pm, just before placing my feet inthe water, I measured my BP. I used a reliable Omron BP monitor.Before soaking my feet, my BP was 16999. In other words, my BP had been high the wholeday. Not good.I placed both feet in the warm water. The water was actually a bit hot.Over the next hour I watched it fall nicely, down from 16999 to 14082 in just an hour.In other words, this technique lowered my blood pressure from around 170100 to 14080in an hour.

That’s a big drop in a short time.And a huge relief. I kept soaking my feet the rest of that night.My BP did rise back up, but not as high as before.It stabilized around the 15090 mark that evening.Soaking my feet in hot water worked for me. I thank my lucky stars.I made this tutorial because others may be in a similar situation and want to know how tolower blood pressure quickly. Obviously, it’s not a permanent fix.But it buys time. Time to look at more permanent solutions.Other BP lowering advice can be found in Virginia

Sturm’s ebook.If you’re interested in her other ways to naturally lower BP, just go to BPGoLow .By the way, although Virginia advertises herself as an ordinary Mum,she is in fact a research scientist at the head of a university medical lab.To find her ebook, just go to BPGoLow . Or just click the link below this tutorial.Thanks for watching this tutorial on how to lower blood pressure quickly.Please note. This tutorial is not medical advice.If your BP rises dangerously high, please visit your or the ER.High blood pressure is a serious medical issue.

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast And Naturally Soaking Feet In Warm Water

How To Lower Blood Pressure FastA tutorial essay by Usuff. That’s a pretty high blood pressure readingfor me. 174110.Hi, this is Usuff. And I’ve lost control of my blood pressurebecause of stress. And because I changed my supplements.I’m doing something wrong. I’m not exactly sure what it is.But 17410 is too high a blood pressure for me.And I’m going to use my technique of feet soaking to bring it down quickly.This what this tutorial is about.

It’s about lowering high blood pressurefast. By soaking feet in warm water.It explains why a larger volume of water works best.And how a bathtub comes in handy. Focusing on the breath helps lower BP.Especially on the outbreath. Meditation also comes into it.Or at least mental concentration on the breath. This resulted in a drop in my BP of about20 points. From 170110 to 15090.And I felt the physical relief. Here goes.In my earlier tutorial, when my BP was high,

this is what I did.I filled a small wastepaper basket with warm water.And I soaked my feet in it. Which help lower my dangerously high BP.So when I felt my BP was too high again, I used the same technique.I filled a container with very warm water. This container was smaller than the one Iused before. A towel comes in handy to dry feet.I place both feet in the warm water. What a tight squeeze!I soak my feet in it. I then monitor my BP while focussing on mybreath.

Here I’m slowing my breath.And extending my outbreath. I expected my BP to fall when I measured it.170105. Darn!It hasn’t budged. After about half an hour of trying and failing,I give up. I suspect the reason is that there’s not enoughwater in the container. It goes cold too quick.So I call in the big guns. I use the bathtub.I adjust the temperature of the water. I’ve found that 46 degrees celsius, or about115 degrees fahrenheit, is about

the warmest temperature I can tolerate.Ooo, that’s hot. But that’s not too hot.It’s borderline. Just about acceptable.I let my feet soak. I then focus on my breathing again.Again, I’m focusing on the outbreath. Concentrating on the outbreath.Extending the outbreath. I finds it calms me down.This finally starts to bring my high BP down. My next reading is 151103.The systolic is MUCH better. That’s a big drop in the systolic blood pressure.I spend the next 40 minutes or so on focussing

on my breathing.Especially elongating the outbreath. If the water begins to lose heat and go cold,I refill the bathtub with hot water. My BP bounces up and down alot.But there’s a downward trend. One of the lowest readings it bounced downto was 12694. I use this technique when I FEEL my BP istoo high. You know, that bad feeling something is seriouslyoff. I recorded all my BP readings that day ona graph. Here it is.Time is along the bottom axis.

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