How Do I Know if My Pregnancy is Normal

How do I know if my pregnancy is normal Part of it depends on how the pregnancy started. You mean if I had fertility treatment and might have multiples, making it high risk. Or if you were surrounded by people in black robes and chanting, then the pregnancy might not be normal. I don't think I'm going look like that first guy with a chest burster in Aliens. Have you ever seen a tutorial of a Csection It isn't far off. Please don't get into that. I want to know how to know if the pregnancy isn't normal.

If you have high risk medical problems like thyroid disease, HIV, Hepatitis C, lupus, cancer or similar health challenges, the pregnancy is classified as high risk. I know it isn't normal if I end up on the extreme pregnancy reality shows. At least you won't end up on the I didn't know I was pregnant shows. What are warning signs that something is wrong Bleeding is always a reason to go to the ER. It could be a miscarriage or a detached placenta. That much I knew. If you start having severe headaches and blurry vision, you need to get to a doctor.

That could be from the dehydration from the morning sickness. That's one possible cause. The other is high blood pressure or preeclampsia, which is life threatening. I heard that diabetes is dangerous, but I don't have it. Blood sugar fluctuations caused by pregnancy can threaten the health of a woman with diabetes. And you could develop diabetes during the pregnancy. That's what the doctor said when I had to drink an awful concoction with an additional fruit flavoring. More than that, I wonder if the baby is going to come out malformed.

Why is There Protein in My Urine While Pregnant

I'm going to have a bunch of tests next doctor's appointment. Why is there protein in my urine while pregnant Some protein leaks out of the kidneys, into the urine, while you are pregnant. After all, you're both eating and peeing for two. The doctor is concerned about something, but we don't know what it is just yet. If the protein levels are up in the second trimester, this could be a sign of preeclampsia. That pushes up your blood pressure and strains the kidneys. What is it if my blood pressure is normal It wasn't high at the last checkup.

A pregnant woman is generating a lot of urine, sitting in the bladder. That's a perfect time for a urinary tract infection or bladder infection to occur. I don't feel sick. Well, except for the morning sickness. In the early stages, you might not feel anything except burning when peeing. Or the doctor may want to check for ketones in the urine, showing that you're body is breaking down fat for energy because you aren't eating right. I'm eating for two. And morning sickness could literally eliminate it all. Of course, protein tests also give.

An indication that you're at risk of prenatal diabetes. They did a blood sugar test. Oh, gosh, that drink tasted awful. Monitoring proteins your body emits gives them an idea as to whether it is developing later on in the pregnancy. So many serious problems, so much stress on top of worrying about the baby. Protein in the urine could also be caused by lots of exercise and stress. So stressing about the protein test could make it worse. That's not going to help. Just worry about normal stuff like how to decorate the nursery and the best baby name.

How Do I Know If My Pregnancy Is Normal

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