What are the signs of high blood pressureduring pregnancy? If you are afraid you have high blood pressure,you need to see a . High blood pressure is dangerous. What could it cause? In the worst scenario, it could cause a stroke,heart attack or preeclampsia and premature delivery. What are the symptoms I need to be on thelookout for? You could see symptoms like visual disturbances.

I feel that way when I’ve been throwingup so much I’m dizzy. You’d have blurred vision and sensitivityto light. You might also have headaches that won’t stop and the sound of blood rushingin your ears. I suppose a grocery store blood pressure monitorwould be more certain. If you think your blood pressure is goingup, you need to get to a . Preeclampsia can be life threatening. How can I prevent it? In theory, having a healthy cardiovascularsystem and limiting salt intake help. In reality,

we don’t have a good preventative measure. If only they could give me high blood pressuremedicine to treat it. The only cure is delivering the baby, butthat all too often leads to a stillbirth or preemie. I know that high blood pressure can ruin yourkidneys, making pregnancy far worse than the regular literal bathroom runs the baby alreadycauses. Prenatal diabetes raises the risk of highblood pressure, and preeclampsia has a strong correlation to it.

Unlike the peeing in bleach test to determinea child’s gender. If you felt light headed or had blurred visionafter that, it is due to chlorine fumes, not high blood pressure. How often does preeclampsia occur? High blood pressure shows up in around onein fifteen pregnancies, and your odds go up with age, obesity and having multiples. The only thing worse than multiples is multiplepreemies. That is guaranteed to give you high bloodpressure if you didn’t already have it.

Warning Signs Headaches During Pregnancy

I’m Carol Nelson with Today’s Health News.Headaches during pregnancy can be quite common, but some can be a warning sign for a seriousproblem. Researchers studied the records of headaches among pregnant women who had beenreferred to a neurologist. Among the 140 who had migraine like symptoms, 49 had headachesfor some other reason. 51 percent of those patients were found to have pregnancy relatedhigh blood pressure. Preeclampsia is a complication of pregnancy that usually happens during thesecond or third trimester. It can cause headaches, high blood pressure, and blurry vision andcan pose serious health risks to both baby and mother. Researchers say the study suggestss should pay close attention when a

pregnant woman complains of severe headache.Ask your about any headaches you have during your pregnancy.

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