Blood Pressure What You Need To Know Michelle Tuzzolino, PAC

My name is Michelle Tuzzolino and I'm the Physician Assistant at New Jersey Associates in Medicine. I regularly see both routine an emergent cardiac condition under the supervision our staff cardiologist Dr Malloy as well as routine primary care under the supervision of our staff internist Dr Capitelli and Dr Saffa. Through a team approach to your health care I can prescribe medication as well as treatment plans both in our office as well as at Valley Hospital. Many people are unaware that they have high blood pressure due to a general.

Lack of symptoms. It is important that we diagnose and treat high blood pressure early to prevent many serious consciences. As blood is pumped throughout the body, it creates pressure within the arteries this is referred to as blood pressure. A blood pressure reading is usually given as two numbers the first number indicates the pressure during the heart's contraction it is called Systolic. The second number indicates the pressure when the heart is at rest. This is called diastolic. Optimal blood pressure is less than 120 over 80. important that you seek medical attention if you develop symptoms such as.

This Vitamin May Help Lower Stroke Risk

As stroke becomes an increasingly common health risk, researchers look for ways patients can lower their risk. And they might have found one. I'm Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A new study found taking the B vitamin folic acid with a blood pressure medication called enalapril appeared to lower stroke risk more than taking the medication alone. Researchers found that the supplement was most useful in people with a genetic risk of having low folic acid levels and those whose folic acid levels were already low before starting the.

iHealth unboxing and testing for xiaomi mi4

First we download the application from the box download from the xiaomi mi4 phone camera after this application downloaded, apps will be display like this iHealth after that, the item will be prepare first,docking will be plug on the electricity and than will be initiated with green light and than we prepare the tool for blood presure for the pomp ok dont forget the position we try using hand left or right like this be concern about space 1 2 cm dont to high dont to below and then dont to high because it will increase the device.

Now we try put the pump into the device and than after that we put xiaomi to docking like that it can automatically detect the apps choose me, there are instructional picture, try to skip to faster and than we click here and then later there are sound notification after that it can show there are increasing the position of the device ihealth will get notification or detection this will increase the rate just watch until for time manner, the pump will decrease and release the stress and analytic will be calculated.

SlimEnsulate.Because Not All Fiber Is Created Equal

Hello, I'm Kim, Program Director for SlimGenics. By now you've probably heard that fiber is important for good, daily health. But did you know that it's a secret weight loss weapon Meet SlimEnsulate, an exciting new dietary supplement that will enhance your weight loss program. Not all fiber is created equal. It should be easily digestible, safe, and simple to use. SlimEnsulate by SlimGenics is that fiber source and more. The natural fiber in SlimEnsulate will help you lose weight. It will help people feel fuller, longer which means less overeating. SlimEnsulate creates a natural detox in your body.

That will help you feel better when you're losing weight. Not only will it help push out toxic chemicals but it will also assist in lowering blood pressure and it helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Once you lose your weight, SlimEnsulate will assist you in preventing that pesky rebound weight gain. Fiber is also a key component to weight management. You work hard to lose your weight and SlimEnsulate can help you stay at your goal by improving your digestive health. SlimEnsulate is suitable for everyone but if you're a diabetic or prediabetic.

You will love this additional benefit. SlimEnsulate contains a vitamin and mineral complex plus 100 percent fermentable fiber that helps regulate blood sugar. You gain fiber plus additional vitamins and minerals specific to manage blood sugar and you wont find that in any other fiber product. SlimEnsulate is easy to incorporate into your daily food plan. It's tasteless and color free. Just stir one packet into your favorite drink or meal up to three times per day. You won't even know it's there. Fiber is essential to losing weight and to keeping it off.

HL001 IHealth Blood Pressure

HL001 IHealth Blood Pressure,Introducing the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock the firstever device that turns your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPadiPad 2 into a powerful blood pressure monitoring..

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IHealth - Blood Pressure Dock.Measure your blood pressure directly from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad..

Original IHealth Blood Pressure Dock Monitoring System

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IHealth Blood Pressure Dock/ Charging Station..

Walgreens IHealth.Personalize your healthcare with iHealth. You can measure and track your blood pressure from the comforts of your own home..

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