95 Confidence Interval for One Mean Worked Example

Minitab is the leading global provider of software and services for quality improvement, and statistics education. Quality, Analysis, Results. For more information visit Minitab. Hello, today I'm going to walk you through how to calculate a 95 confidence interval for the true population mean. So let's say that I've taken 14 observations from a Normal distribution, and the sample mean from these 14 observations is 10.3, and the sample standard deviation is 2.6. Now, to calculate a confidence interval, the general form is that you take the sample mean then you go plus and minus let's call it.

t times the standard error of the mean. This value of t depends upong the confidence level that you want to use, as well as the amount of data. Now, for this particular case, we have 14 observations, so I need to be concerned with a tdistribution with 13 degrees of freedom. Remember, it's n1 degrees of freedom. And if I want to have a 95 confidence interval, it means that I've got to have 2.5 of the population in this tail, and 2.5 in this tail as well. Then that'll add up to 95 in the middle. So if you look at a particular table with.

All of these coefficients you'll notice that a tvalue of 2.16 will give you the value of each probability in each tail. So, plugging into this formula, the mean was 10.3. I'm going to go plusminus 2.16 times the standard error, which of course is 2.6 divided by the square root of 14. If you do the math on all of that you'll find that the 95 confidence interval winds up being around 8.8 to 11.8 units. Therefore, you could say I am 95 confident that the true mean is between 8.8 and 11.8.

Android Performance Patterns Memory Performance 101

What's great about the Android runtime is that most of the stress of memory reclamation is done for you the system will track what you're doing and when it sees that an object is in need anymore it will free it on your behalf now while this is great for your general health and blood pressure this doesn't exclude performance problems from happening here my name's Colt McAnlis and it's a good idea for you to know what types a performance Paul's work under the hood of your managed memory environment as see when the amount of memory you have allocated reaches an.

Upper limit a garbage collection event we kicked off to free any resources that might not be needed any longer freeing up space for future allocations and depending on what runtime using a GC event can stop application code from executing in order to properly clean up any resources that are being used anymore now I G seas are a common and natural part of the management environment and the garbage collection events in Android har really pretty fast performance problems here come from the fact that misusing the memory in your.

Application can cause a cascade of these events to kick off that's heating up your free time anytime your frame drips about the 16 no second barrier users are going to start to notice so any your code that forces allocated memory to spike above this threshold can cause problems memory leaks are one such example basically your code allocate memory for a large number objects and never freeze that memory over time these objects act as a large immovable block a memory forcing the referee application to operate in what's left up the heat.

Member can also become tighter allocating and freeing a large amount of objects in a short period of time saturating your heat with temporary objects and again kicking off a GC as a result for example allocating new objects in the middle the nested loops or in the on draw functions are your views now the solution here is pretty simple picture code but in order to do that you need to know where exactly things are going wrong for chilling entrance to do you have some great tools to help with this.

Firstly using memory monitor tool will give you a sense of how your memory allocations are working over the lifetime of your application every time you see a dip in the allocated memory that see a GC event occurring lots of dips in a really short time frame signals a huge problem long and for more detailed look at what portions have your coat or specifically allocating memory you can use the allocation tracker tab in Android studio or use the Heat have an Android studio to see if there's a spike in a certain type.

Of object or if that objecttype isn't being freed when it should be well those are really bad things so for every garbage collection event that you can avoid your app has more time per frame to do interesting things which allow you to create a smooth beautiful user experience which is why I need to check out the rest at the tip that Android performance patterns and don't forget to join our Google community to get more in the trenches advice from other developers so as always keep calm profile your code to remember perhaps.

Get Fit, Get in Control Outdoor Exercises for the Upper Body

Hi, I'm Jackie Shahar, I'm a clinical exercise physiologist here at the Joslin. Exercise is a great tool to manage diabetes and promote weight loss so let's get started. We are here at the Riverway around Longwood Medical Area. Resistance training is a great type of exercise to help you improve your glucose control and promote weight loss. Resistance bands come in different resistances and different colors and you need to right band that works for you when you perform these exercises and reduce the chance of any injuries. You can place.

The band around the tree, around the bench, around any heavy exercise equipment or even using a door anchor and do it any room at home. Now we will perform the chest press exercise. We're going to face away from the anchor with the palms facing down and your knees slightly bent. You're going to raise your arms forward in a circle motion and slowly return back. You're going to feel your chest muscles, your shoulders, your tricep muscles working all at once. Make sure to breath throughout the exercise. Now we'll perform the rowing.

Exercise. We're going to place the band around the tree and make sure that it's even with your palms facing down. You're going to pull your arms back and squeeze your shoulder blades as you return. You're going to breathe in and keep going. Throughout the exercise you're going to feel your upper back muscles, your biceps, and your shoulder muscles working. Another variation of this exercise will be with your thumbs facing up, you're going to pull again and squeeze your shoulder blades as much as you can throughout while breathing.

Now we'll perform the lat pull down exercise. You can place the band somewhere a little bit higher around the tree or any other place you have it. With your palms facing down and your knees slightly bent, you're going to pull your arms to the sides and go slowly back up. Keep your arms straight and your elbows locked. Engage your core muscles as you pull. You're going to feel your back muscles working, your core muscles as well. Now we'll perform the tricep extension exercise. With your thumbs facing up and your elbows close.

To your waist, your knees slightly bent, you're going to turn your palms down and extend all the way down and slowly return back. As you perform this exercise make sure that your elbows are not moving foreard and they stay in the same position. You're going to feel it in the back of your arm. Also you can engage your core muscles to work these muscles as well while you're performing this exercise. exercise with resistance bands are great to get started with an exercise program and part of a comprehensive exercise plan. You can.

Electronic temperature indicator. A Wonderful Replacement for chemical indicator strips

This is a single use electronic temperature indicator for monitoring temperature of temperature sensitive products such as medicine, vaccine, bio samples, blood, food items, fruits, vegetables etcetera. Traditionally we have been using chemical indicator strips for such purpose. However chemical indicators include a chemical substance which is dangerous for any of the above items. The electronic temperature indicator is the best alternative to chemical indicator strips. The upper and lower levels of permitted temperature range can be programmed. This electronic temperature indicator has a red and green L E D to indicate.

Whether the temperature has crossed these limits. If the temperature goes above or below the programmed limits, the red L E D will start blinking. At the end of the storage or transportation you can check the L E D before accepting the goods. Starting the indicator is simple by pressing the power button for few seconds. We are programming three separate electronic indicators which are programmed for upper limit of 8 Degree and lower limit of 2 Degree Centigrade. These three units are now being kept under different storage temperature conditions. Now we will examine one by one and demonstrate the basic.

Indication. This indicator was kept inside a freezer and has gone below the lower temperature of 2 Degree and hence the red L E D is blinking once approximately every 7 seconds. The second indicator was kept at room temperature and has gone above upper temperature of 8 Degree and hence the red L E D is blinking twice approximately every 6 seconds The third indicator was kept in a freezer and thereafter at room temperature and has crossed both the upper and lower temperature levels. Hence the red L E D is blinking thrice approximately every 5 seconds.

The next few slides will indicate the operation manual. This screen shows starting and delay for starting the monitoring. The next screen shows the alerts generated. This screen shows how to stop the device. This is only an indicator and does not record the temperature. Hence it will not give the recorded readings during the storage or transportation period. If you require the readings to be recorded, please click at the link below to see our disposable single use U S B data loggers. Vacker group supplies various temperature data loggers and recorders for any temperature.

Stroke Patients May Not Be Able To Consent To Therapy

When a clot blocks blood flow to the brain, medication given immediately can limit damage. Stroke victims, however, may not be able to communicate their willingness to receive such therapy. I'm Erin White with your latest health news. Thrombolytics, or medications that can break down clots in blood vessels, can be very effective if given within three hours of first symptoms of an ischemic stroke. To treat a lifethreatening emergency, such as a stroke, a health care provider may not be able to get patient consent to administer such therapy. A new investigation, however, found that most adults who are incapacitated.

My First Massage EVER What You Can Expect by Massage Envy Spa

What should you expect from your first massage Hi, I'm Becky Mirizio for Massage Envy Spa. Maybe you're curious about massage or you're finally ready for your first session. Either way, you want to know what to expect. Well, I'm here to be your guide. So let's get started. First things first scheduling your appointment. When you call, you'll want to tell us any preferences you have, like male or female therapist and what massage type you like. Of course, this is your first massage, so how do you know your preferences For firsttime guests, we recommend a Swedish massage. It's.

Nice and relaxing, plus you still get the therapeutic benefits you're looking for. So your appointment is set. Once you arrive at Massage Envy Spa, a front desk associate will greet you and ask you to fill out a Massage Wellness Chart. This is where you record any injuries, health history and other physical conditions we should know about all of which is confidential. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and arriving 15 minutes early so you can fill everything out without feeling rushed. When you're all finished, you can relax and wait in the lobby or, if available, the tranquility.

Room. This is also a good time to turn your phone off or on silent. Relax, your emails will still be there when you're done. Next, your massage therapist will come to greet you and walk you to your room. They'll also show you where the bathroom iswhich we recommend using trust us, you don't want to go midsession. Together, you'll review your Wellness Chart. Your massage therapist will ask questions like, Why did come you in today and Do you have specific stress or areas where you're experiencing pain.

Communication is key here and throughout your massage session. Tell your therapist this is your first time. They'll answer any questions you have and walk you through the process so you feel comfortable. Massage Envy Spa uses only hypoallergenic lotions. Still, it's a good idea to let us know if you have any allergies beforehand. Your massage therapist will then leave the room while you disrobe to your level of comfort. But, what's the right amount Some clients prefer to completely disrobe, while others remain partially clothed. Either option is absolutely fine. It's whatever is.

Most comfortable for you. Once disrobed, you'll lie on the massage table under the top sheet and blanket. Your massage therapist will give you a few minutes alone, then knock before entering the room. Your massage therapist will ALWAYS respect your modesty. You'll be draped with the sheet during your massage session, only uncovering the part of the body they're working on. Remember, this is YOUR MASSAGE. The face cradle can be adjusted and massage table heated. Your therapist wants you to have a great experience, so speak up. And that goes double for pressure and technique. Should you experience pain.

Or discomfort when working a particularly tight area, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to say so. Your therapist is a professional. He or she can adapt, using different techniques to relax stubborn muscles. After your massage is completed, take a few moments to relax before you redress and your therapist takes you back to the lobby. He or she will then offer you some water, discuss areas that were worked, and offer recommendations for future sessions. So there you have ityour first massage session. Relaxing, isn't it If you have any more questions, you can visit our site, MassageEnvy, or call your local.

Get Fit, Get in Control Outdoor Exercises for the Core and Legs

Hi I'm Jackie Shahar, I'm a clinical exercise physiologist here the Joslin Exercise is a great tool to manage diabetes and promote weight loss so let's get started and we are here at the River way around Longwood Medical Area. Resistance training is a great type of exercise to help you improve your glucose control and promote weight loss resistance bands come at different resistance in different colors and you need to choose the right band that works for you when you perform the exercises and reduce the chance of any injuries. You can place the band around the tree.

Around the bench around any heavy exercise equipment or even using a door anchor and do it in any room at home So now we will perform the backwardslunch You're gonna take a step backwards, bend your knee, and slowly move forward, keep your back straight as you perform the exercise gonna work on one leg you gonna feel the quads the hamstring the glute muscle and then you're gonna alternate with the other leg. Now will perform the trunk twists exercise gonna hold the bands with both hands with your thumbs up and your hands are away.

From your body you gonna twist to the other side and slowly return back squeeze your abs as you're twisting and slowly control the movement while you breathe throughout the exercise then you're gonna turn to the opposite side to work on the other side of your core and you perform the same motion as you do the twisting. now will perform the step up exercise which is a great excess to work on building strength of your legs. It's not sued used with resistance bands but you can still perform it.

In the park or anywhere where you have a bench. So we'll have you take a step and you bring your other knee up and then you're gonna step down and we're gonna bring the other leg to an lunge, you do it again step up lift up and down to a lunge, and then we're gonna alternate bring the other leg up bring be other knee up and gonna lower down to a lunge, up exercise with resistance bands are great to get started with an exercise program and part of a comprehensive exercise plan.

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