Managing High Blood Pressure With Lifestyle Changes

KENDRA My name is Kendra, and I have high blood pressure, and I was diagnosed in 2006. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a single mom. I never exercised. I had headaches all day, every day, especially in the morning or when I went to bed at night. I always felt fatigued. We were sponsoring an event the company that I work for and we went to the event. It was a hearthealthy fair. I had my blood pressure checked, and the person who I had the blood pressure checked with,.

She asked me was I feeling okay. My blood pressure was maybe The normal is like 120 over 80. Mine was like 150 over I don't know 96. It was really, really, really, really high. So after the health fair, I made an appointment to see the doctor. She asked me if anybody in my family had high blood pressure, and I was telling her that my dad had high blood pressure, also diabetes, so then she set me up for a stress test. You had to run like a mile and a half,.

And I don't think I only got to I don't know a mile, and I almost fell out. I failed the stress test. My doctor told me that, You need to lose some weight, and you definitely have high blood pressure, so I asked her what I could do, and she said, You need to change the way you eat. Just change your lifestyle and the way you eat. I was in denial. I was really, really in denial. I mean, I just decided to make changes not so much for myself.

But for my daughter. I wanted to be around. I lived a very active life, and Kayla was is very much a part of my life. And we do everything together, and I didn't want it to be a situation where something would happen to me, something that I could control would happen to me, to where I would leave her by herself. So I just decided to make the change. I lost 57 pounds, and I've kept it off. And I lost the weight by changing my diet.

And my food intake and my drink intake of soda. And then I also incorporated water, and then I exercised. I did kickboxing. I started doing Pilates. The people in my life are very supportive. My girlfriend and I, Nikki, and my daughter, we live here. And we all live healthy lives. It's a team effort. Kayla was great. She was always energetic in helping me do things. Nikki was great as well. She made sure that I stayed on task. She is the chief preparer of food in the household,.

So she makes sure that we always are eating the stuff that we're supposed to have. Start eating more healthier things. We incorporated a lot of chicken a lot of grilled and baked chicken a lot of fresh vegetables. And we exercise together. We We It's just, again, a team effort. Living with high blood pressure is definitely different. It's a lifestyle change that you have to adapt to. Anyone who's diagnosed, there is a turnaround. You just have to make the change and be consistent and stick with the change.

I just want to be able to live a happy, active life. I want to continue to keep the weight off. I want to make sure that I'm just heart healthy. I mean, it's huge for me. And I just Again, I just want to be around. She definitely is the person that I say, Okay, well, I got to be around, 'cause I feel, and any parent would feel, that she's destined to do great things, and I want to be around to see those great things that she does.

High Blood Pressure Definition and Treatment

The definition of high blood pressure is a consistent blood pressure above one forty over ninety. The systolic is one forty the diastolic would be the bottom number, which would be above ninety. And what I mean by consistent is at least two separate readings, not just you know minutes apart but days apart, you know, two different clinic visits or you went to a fire station and a clinic visit and you're consistently having these elevated blood pressure readings. That would diagnose you with high blood pressure. Treatment options for high blood pressure if you're in the borderline range such as just just in the one forty range.

Or or over ninety range, really would include diet and exercise changes. So, increasing your activity level, changing your diet. We have something called a DASH diet or DASH and it basically is a low salt diet. And we'll we'll give you options for lower salt foods that'll help bring your blood pressure down really just by changing your your eating habits. Exercise we know will bring down your blood pressure as well. The other options of course would be medication. If your blood pressure is in a higher range, say one fiftyone sixty or.

Higher, we would most likely start you on either one or a combination of blood pressure lowering medications. But that we use in combination with your therapeutic lifestyle changes. High blood pressure is dangerous because it can lead to heart attack and it can also lead to stroke. We we know for a fact that if someone goes with high blood pressure for long periods of time it puts them at greater risk for stroke and also vision changes. You can you could go blind eventually if you're blood pressure's not well controlled.

What Causes High Blood Pressure Hypertension

What Causes High Blood Pressure By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND What causes high blood pressure First, there are two types of high blood pressure essential hypertension or essential high blood pressure, and then there is secondary hypertension or secondary high blood pressure. Most high blood pressure is known as essential hypertension and it makes up for about 95 percent of all cases. It's not clearly understood why some have high blood pressure and others do not, but there are some factors that increase its expression, that we know. Having a diet that's very high in salt, if susceptible,.

A salt intake exceeding 5.8 grams of sodium a day will trigger it. For some, being overweight will elevate their blood pressure, were as for others who are overweight, their blood pressure doesn't rise. But again, there is a risk for people who are susceptible. Not being aerobically fit can also lead to an increased risk of blood pressure in people who are susceptible. With essential hypertension, even though we don't understand why this happens in some, there are still some lifestyle factors that seem to trigger it. Secondary hypertension, which only makes up.

For about 5 percent of all cases, is caused by an underlying condition, usually in another organ or tissue in the body. So for instance, a tumor in the adrenal glands can lead to high blood pressure, or chronic kidney failure can also lead to high blood pressure. The World Health Organization has show that 95 percent of people who have high blood pressure rate in the mild to moderate range, which is considered to be dominantly essential hypertension and it is controlled best with dietary and lifestyle intervention. Why are diet and lifestyle interventions the things you should consider We understand.

That certain antihypertensive drugs, the drugs that lower blood pressure, all have some side effects associated with them. As a result, doctors are told they should be use diet and lifestyle measures first in those cases, but they also sometimes forget to explain that to the patient. This is where I come in. I want you to understand where the human clinical studies are that explain how to best lower your blood pressure if it is rising, if it's just the simple essential hypertension that most people have. I want you to download the Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally program that's available.

Here and start acting on the strategies right away if your blood pressure is high. These are the same natural blood pressure lowering lifestyle interventions that have been proven in human clinical studies to be effective, so you know this is a nononsense approach. At MaschinoHealth you'll see my other review papers, articles I've written and footage from my live seminars, other tutorials and resources, and things to download which I've created that are free, to help you live a long, healthy, functional life. That's what we all want not just to have a heartbeat as we get older, but to have a healthy, functioning.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure As blood circulates through your body, it exerts pressure against the walls of your arteries. That pressure is what is measured with a blood pressure device. Blood Pressure is measured by two numbers. The top number is called Systolic and measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart is pumping. The low number is called Diastolic and measures the pressure in your arteries when they are resting and refilling. High blood pressure is something you need to avoid in order to keep your heart and arteries healthy and clear of any.

Cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure is always best measured at rest. Ideal blood pressure is 12080. Your blood pressure should be less than 13585 in the comfort of your home, and less than 14090 elsewhere. If you suffer from diabetes, your blood pressure should always be lower than 13080. If your numbers are consistently above these targets, you should consult your doctor. It is very important to take your blood pressure following these easy instructions Sit comfortably in a chair that offers good back support. Uncross your legs. Place the proper size blood pressure cuff.

On one of your arms. Put your arm on the arm rest so that the blood pressure cuff is at the same level as your heart. Relax for 5 minutes and do not talk. If you have time, take your blood pressure 3 times. Discard the first reading and average out the second and third readings. Keep a log of your readings for your doctor. The trouble is, high blood pressure isn't always noticeable. Sometimes called the silent killer , people can go years with high blood pressure and never know they have a problem.

High blood pressure makes your heart work a lot harder than normally, and causes added strain on your artery walls. Over time, this can contribute to the buildup of plaque, restricting blood flow throughout your body, which can lead to coronary artery disease. If the artery becomes fully blocked you could have a heart attack. So, what are all the health risks associated with having high blood pressure Stroke, heart attack, heart failure, dementia, kidney disease, eye problems, erectile dysfunction. Having a health professional check your blood pressure is a way to find out if you might have high blood pressure.

But logging your home blood pressure will also allow your doctor determine if you have high blood pressure. There are numerous devices recommended by Hypertension Canada that allow you to measure your blood pressure at home. Be sure the device has a logo indicating it meets the standards of Hypertension Canada. Discuss with your doctor to learn which device is best for you and how to use each of them properly. If diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor will have you focus on these three areas of lifestyle change in order to help lower your blood pressure.

To a healthier level Quit smoking. Exercise 30 60 minutes a day most days a week. Eat more fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit daily. Choose lower fat milk products, whole grains, lean meat, fish and poultry. Limit sodium intake to no more than 2000 mg a day. Cook more at home and eat less processed foods. In some cases these changes are not enough and medications will be needed to help combat high blood pressure. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, help is just a click away.

Why Do Bodybuilders Have Such Big Veins

Why do bodybuilders have such big veins They seem monstrous at times. Your body needs veins to carry blood to the muscles. As the muscles get bigger, eventually, the veins grow too, to meet the demand. A lot of people have large veins, including fat people. Their veins don't stand out like thick ropes. Fat provides a layer of insulation, helping keep the veins from popping up. When body builders lose their fat, the veins become more prominent because they aren't hidden anymore. Does their skin also become thinner No. But a body builder may still be thin skinned if he doesn't mature.

A body builder's veins tend to pop out when he's lifting weights. The rest of the time, he looks normal, except for the HeMan look. When the body builder is lifting weights, the blood pressure in those areas goes up. The pipes literally fill up, so the veins pop out. Can guys literally pop a blood vessel lifting weights He's more likely to pop a hernia, than pop a blood vessel. Do guys do anything to make their veins bigger Staying hydrated improves blood flow, which might make them bigger. But there is no workout.

To make your veins bigger. Just as well. The news industry says what bleeds, leads, but that's not the attention body builders want. Guys who use nitrous oxide may see bigger veins. So would those who use supplements that encourage blood vessel growth. If it gets too bad, they can donate blood. That won't do much relative to the blood pressure changes caused by working a muscle group hard. Though a guy using meds to boost his blood pressure would see bigger veins. And some people think a guy with big veins is more ripped.

High Blood Pressure

Hello I'm doctor John Trowbridge and I'm the director of the high blood pressure program here at Kaiser Permanente at Santa Rosa. High blood pressure is also known as the silent killer and usually has no symptoms that you can feel, but it can still hurt you by slowly damaging your blood vessels and critical blood supply. It drastically increases your chances of having a stroke, heart attack or kidney disease. It's like clogged plumbing. if the clog occurs here in your head, it's a stroke, in your heart it's a heart attack in your kidneys,.

It causes kidney failure in your legs it's called peripheral artery disease or P.A.D. It's all the same thing, corroded plumbing. If you wait until symptoms occur, blood vessels are generally almost closed and treatment at this point can be difficult and is very dangerous. The good news is that you can definitely make changes that will lower your blood pressure and lower your risk of having serious health problems or dying young. If you're a smoker, you should quit. This is without doubt the most important change you can make.

To lower your blood pressure and improve your health overall. Get more exercise, be active for at least 30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week. If you're overweight losing five to ten percent of your body weight by eating less fat and salt and smaller portions could help reduce your risk. Talk to your health educator at Kaiser Permanente or your physician if you need help with weight loss recommendations. If you take blood pressure medications it's really important to take your medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Regular blood pressure screenings are a critical part managing blood pressure effectively and preventing heart attack and stroke. Your doctor needs this information to make sure you're taking the proper dosage medications. So, please call Kaiser Permanente today and ask for an appointment to have your blood pressure checked to see if we need to make recommendations or changes in your diet, exercise or blood pressure medications. Please take time to manage your high blood pressure. You will stay healthier and live longer if you do and thank you for listening to this message.

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