Can Sitting Give You Diabetes

Diabetes and overall chronic disease is more likely in men who sit for extended periods. I'm Erin White and THIS is a dailyRx Minute. Compared to those sitting LESS than four hours, the likelihood of having diabetes is 12 percent greater among men who sit 46 hours and 19 percent greater among those who sit 68 hours. If sitting at a desk has become usual business for you, try adding a 10 minute walk break every couple of hours and aim for 2030 minutes of activity through lunchtime. Remember to avoid mindless snacking while sitting and.

Todays HealthNews For You Chiropractic and Posture

Welcome to another HealthNews Tutorial news release brought to you by HealthNews. In today's news, research has proven our sedentary behaviors pose many health risks. In today's technological society, people spend less time being active and more time sitting at a computer, watching television or playing tutorial games, and driving or riding in vehicles. This decrease in physical activity has left us vulnerable to chronic conditions like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to address the challenges of poor posture and to proactively.

Prevent the slew of health risks posed by our sedentary lifestyles. Prolonged sitting is not normal for the human body, resulting in a variety of aches and pains that develop over time as our bodies develop poor posture and lose their natural alignment. Poor posture can also have negative effects on circulation and overall mood. Increased pressure on your intestines can cause you to become constipated or develop acid reflux. Crossing your legs while sitting can cut off adequate blood flow, cause spider veins and increase stress on your heart. Slouching prevents.

Your rib cage from expanding fully, so breathing efficiently tends to be difficult, which can affect oxygen flow. Maintaining proper posture can help to reduce abnormal wear and tear on your joints, reducing the likelihood of developing arthritis and requiring surgical procedure such as joint replacements. Regular chiropractic adjustments can mitigate these health risks by facilitating proper spinal alignment. Remember our sedentary lifestyles require we do more than ever to maintain proper posture. Visit your chiropractor regularly and make sure spine is in alignment and your nervous system is functioning at 100.

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