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We'll begin with our Ujayi breath or Victoria's breath. This is a very nice breath to help focus the mind when we're holding postures such as the standing postures which we, our minds can start to travel to other places when we're focusing on holding on these more difficult postures. So, let's begin. We're going to be breathing again as we do throughout our yoga practice in and out through the nose. So let's just practice breathing in and out. Now in the Ujayi breath, let's place a hand near our face and as we breathe out, let's.

Breathe on to our hand as if we're fogging a mirror or a piece of glass. So let's breath in and then out. Feeling the breath on our hands, hearing that haah sound in the back of our throat. So let's continue breathing in that way for a couple of breaths, breathing in. After we breathe in that manner for a couple of breaths, we're going to close the lips and do the same thing. So it'll sound something like this, partially closing off the back of your throat, hearing that noise in the back of your throat. And that's Ujayi.

Lat Stretch

Welcome to Foundations YouTube Channel. We will be going over lat stretching. The lats, or the latissimus dorsi, is a muscle that goes from the upper arm and it ties into the lower back. When the muscle is too tight it can pull the arm into this position which can cause shoulder problems. If the muscle is too tight and you're doing overhead activities then it can cause you to arch your back and cause increased pressure on the lumbar spine. Stretching the latissimus dorsi is easy. I'm going to show you a stretch that you can hold.

For a couple minutes then I'll show you an active way to do it that's a little more challenging. So all you need is a chair and what you'll do at home is kneel in front of the chair and place your elbows shoulder width apart. You're going to sit into this position making sure that the back is flat and not arched. You may need somebody to kind of cue you to make sure you're doing it right. Then what you do is you just hang in this position, keeping.

Yoga Health Wellness Exercises Yoga Ball Left Arm Extensions

Arm Extension for the left. Just take ball, set it down and sit comfortably upon the ball, placing your feet firmly on the floor to mat. And this time here, we're going to take the right hand over to your left thigh. Find yourself stable on the ball first and then take a deep breath in, lift up with that left arm and let it go right over the top of the head and look down towards your right knee. Now deep in breath to your nose, on the exhale you.

Continue to reach with that hand. Take another deep breath in, and exhale. And another deep breath in, reaching, feeling the connection toward your left hand, the left shoulder and the left hip. Then lower that arm down drag in front of you and reaching right up, breathing deep to your nose, exhale connecting now with your left kidney, by reaching with the left hand to your lower back. Another deep breath in, exhale. And once more, deep breath in and exhale. Now bring the left arm all the way back up and release come down.

Spring Body Cleansing Spring Body Cleanse Reclined Passive Twist

So in this clip, more twisting. This will be a reclined twist, which whenever you recline, it changes the blood pressure, it changes the arrangement of the organs. The name of this twist in Sanskrit is Jathara Parivartanasana, which translates to 'the turning of the pot', so getting that whole twisting and churning of all the abdomen. Again, really good for the liver, which is our focus today. So depending on your spinal flexibility and your strength, you may want to support yourself more by using a yoga strap. You can just put your feet through.

The strap, and you would cinch it up about midthigh. It's nice to be sure the buckle is not on your skin, but sort of falls between the legs. Lying back on your back. So you have a couple of variations you can work with, depending on the, again, the strength in your core and how tight or stiff your back is. So, you take arms out to the side and dropping the knees into the chest. So first variation would be knees staying bent. And because we like to twist to the right first, we'll allow the knees slowly, slowly to fall to the left,.

Trying to control them the whole way down. And if the knees get to the floor easily, great, you're home free. And you just breathe and enjoy. If this creates a lot of strain and stress, using a yoga block you can put it just under the knees, making for a slightly less, or probably a lot less intense experience. And coming up and doing the other side. The second variation will be legs straight, which is going to be a lot more demanding on the strength your core, and put a lot more torque on the twist in your spine. So this will be.

For people who are a little more adventurous perhaps, or have the strength to sustain it. Again, the arms go out to the side, and you can have your block handy, out to catch the feet. And you want to keep the feet very active and the arms very dynamic, pushing into the floor. And the feet are going to aim to touch my left hand. As I go up and over, I'm trying to keep my toes reaching towards my left hand. Feet meet the block. A little extra support,.

Hatha Yoga Poses Instruction Safety Hatha Yoga

Hi and welcome my name is Scott Soller, yoga instructor, on behalf of Expert Village. It is important that you check with your health care provider to make sure that the poses are not contraindicated for you. For example, if you have high blood pressure, torn or detached retinas of the eyes, or glaucoma the aversions are not recommended. Similarly if you have degenerative disc diseases it is important that you go easy on the choice or osteoarthritis or osteoporosis or things of that sort please check with your health care provider to make.

Axial Extension

Axial Extension. Place a broomstick or other long pole across your shoulders and grasp it at either end with both hands. The rod should be at the base of your neck on your shoulders. Very gently, pull forward on the rod with your hands, as you push your head straight back so as to try to make a double chin. This movement may be slight. Do not drop your chin toward your chest. Instead, keep it level. You can watch yourself in a mirror to verify that your head is going straight backward. Hold this for about 20 seconds.

The surprising way posture affects your mood by ProBalance

Hi my name is Ada Wells, owner of ProBalance PT Pilates.Here's my studio and welcome to my podcast. ok, here's what we're going to do today.I'm going to make you feel happy with just one simple trick. Now, one of the things that we really emphasize in Pilates is posture. Why is that so important besides helping the whole body work to work properly. what you're going to find is that it's much easier to hold a smile in an upright posture versus a slouched posture. So here we go. Here's good posture. So good posture.we're.

Going to go ahead and imagine that the pelvis is a set of rings here so if you are actually keeping the pelvis level, we're not jutting the lower ribs forward.we're keeping that rib right over the pelvic ring. We're imagining that we have this little clavicular ring which is stacked on top of the ribs and on the pelvis. And now create length at the back of the neck.not so much tension that we're stiff, but really creating length as though you're a bobblehead. so there is your nice upright posture. So from here, go ahead and give me a big

I want you to frown.ok it's actually work for me to frown there. now, let's sort of assume that know.forward head, you're on your smartphone, you're sitting at your computer posture that happens at the end of the day. ok.let's go ahead and're probably already frowning because it's easier to do right here. now's work! it's work to hold a smile there. but it is so effortless to hold a smile upright. so with that, think about your posture if you want to be happier and it's probably one of.

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