Taking a Blood Pressure by Palpation

This is how you palpate a blood pressure. The reasons for palpating a blood pressure is primarily because you cannot hear or auscultate for a blood pressure. Sometimes in the back of a noisy ambulance this is impossible to do so this is one way we can at least get a portion of the blood pressure. The only thing this will represent though is the systolic. We will not get a diastolic during this procedure, first, locate the radial pulse. Making sure your patient is in a comfortable seated position. Expose the arm. Place this blood pressure.

Cuff again over the brachial artery. Feel for a pulse again. A radial pulse. As I pump itup I will continue to feel it. And at the point where it goes away ill add about 20 or 30 millimeters of mercury and then slowly allow the air to release. At the time the pulse returns, there, is my systolic. And I am done. This is only going to give me the top number or the systolic. And the way you will represent this on your documentation is to put whatever number the systolic is, we will say 120.

High Blood Pressure Definition and Treatment

The definition of high blood pressure is a consistent blood pressure above one forty over ninety. The systolic is one forty the diastolic would be the bottom number, which would be above ninety. And what I mean by consistent is at least two separate readings, not just you know minutes apart but days apart, you know, two different clinic visits or you went to a fire station and a clinic visit and you're consistently having these elevated blood pressure readings. That would diagnose you with high blood pressure. Treatment options for high blood pressure if you're in the borderline range such as just just in the one forty range.

Or or over ninety range, really would include diet and exercise changes. So, increasing your activity level, changing your diet. We have something called a DASH diet or DASH and it basically is a low salt diet. And we'll we'll give you options for lower salt foods that'll help bring your blood pressure down really just by changing your your eating habits. Exercise we know will bring down your blood pressure as well. The other options of course would be medication. If your blood pressure is in a higher range, say one fiftyone sixty or.

Higher, we would most likely start you on either one or a combination of blood pressure lowering medications. But that we use in combination with your therapeutic lifestyle changes. High blood pressure is dangerous because it can lead to heart attack and it can also lead to stroke. We we know for a fact that if someone goes with high blood pressure for long periods of time it puts them at greater risk for stroke and also vision changes. You can you could go blind eventually if you're blood pressure's not well controlled.

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