Medisoft Mobile App Demo from Azcomp

Welcome to our demonstration of medisoft mobile application that is designed to work with medisoft and make your practice management systems available on an ipod iphone or ipod touch medisoft mobile is available on the app store today for free and that you can download it on to any of those devices on today’s demonstration i’m going to show you how easy it is to use medisoft mobile.

Electronically capture charges, diagnosis codes, net for those who medisoft from anywhere that you have an internet connection so the screen that i have operate now is the main login screen of medisoft mobile at which point i’m going to login with my username and password that i use to log in Medisoft. when you login to medisoft we’re going to be brought to a schedule screen that is used as a work list to drive the entry of your charges and diagnosis codes and that’s all.

On the screen you’re going to see some basic information you’ll see your patients listed in the order that they were going to be coming in for the dates you see over here in the left hand side i have office hours professional open with my appointments and here i have medisoft mobile and you’ll see the exact same appointment in the exact same or this is a realtime feed of appointment information from medisoft into medisoft mobile.

So if i show you how quick that is if i can schedule an appointment here it medisoft for susan brimley will save that appointment and if i come over into medisoft mobile you will notice back immediately susan brimley is available so this is the real time data feed from medisoft installed in.

Your office too and the information that you see there on the screen is identical to what you have in that it’s also the color of the appointment we have john born here in blue it’s blue on ipad as well on the iphone it will be the same.

The other information that you’ll see you’ll see the appointment start time the appointment stop time the length of the appointment the appointment reason and then you’ll see icons that will denote the appointment checkin step you also have the ability to see a week view for a single provider or you.

Can see of multiple provider view if you wanted to see multiple provider’s schedules you could go through have it will blow those appointments if i had been scheduled they’d be there did seem huge providers schedule for that day as i said the purpose of this app is to allow you to very easily and quickly do your billing from within.

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