New Life Chiropractic What Are The Side Effects of Blood Pressure Medication

A lot of times, what they'll tell you is, Well, we really don't know what's causing your high blood pressure. Did anybody hear that before Your blood pressure is high but we really don't know what's going on there. 95 of the time that that's going on, unknown cause. That's from the American Heart Association. But, they're not looking at the right place. We do know a lot of its causes. So, conventional treatment says, okay, it's high, let's go ahead and lower that. This is another report recently came out talking about the new guidelines for high blood pressure treatment.

Because they studied this over years and years and years and saying, well recently, we've been getting high blood pressure for anybody who is above 140 over 90, right Or, once you got to 130 over 80 or 90, you're in the prehypertensive phase, maybe we can consider those medications. So, they really looked at that and they looked at these adults over the age of 60 and they basically said that hypertension should be treated with medications only if their systolic pressure are above 150 so, they actually raised it up 10 percent or 10 points above ninety.

This is actually published in the journal of American Medical Association because an analyses of over 30 years of clinical studies showed that lowering below 150 over 90 does not offer any additional benefits in reducing the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. Now, if suffering from high blood pressure, discuss with your physician. if you had multiple diseases, blah, blah. So, for 30 years basically, we're giving medications to people that basically did nothing once you're above that 140. Now, if you're 190 or 200 or something higher than that,.

That's an acute condition. We got to fix that but, that 10 percent, ten points, that's like over a million people right there that takes off drugs overnight. People have been taking it. Now, here's the side effects of some of those, just a few of those things like weakness and erection problems, cold feet, depression, skin rashes, dizziness, constipation, headaches or regular heart beats, swollen ankles and much much more. So, these things come along with a lot of side effects, right It's not easy just to take this and just ignore everything else.

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New Life Chiropractic What Are The Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication

New Life Chiropractic What Are The Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Medication,New Life Chiropractic, Rocklin Do you want to experience life changing results According to the American Heart Health Association, 95 of the time the cause..

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