light instrumental music (Andre Nickatina) You say you want it all. You say forget the law. And everything you saw, you copped it from the raw. You gon’ be like the ones in the sky, .

and for a sec i was ’bout to ask why. But we was broke. It’s 83 with a street gleam, and young cats is rockin’ up and gettin’ street teams. And motherfuckers that hate me and want me to die, man, they can see that I’m broke. .

in my eye, i need to do it. I need to talk to Twinky. He’d probably front me somethin’. He made 20 Gs outta straight nothin’. And Pee Wee bought a 69 cutty. That nigga’s mackin’ bitches, makin’ money. .

that shit ain’t funny, ’cause i’m a gogetter and makin’ thangs iller. It’s like a painkiller, but it’s much realer. And in my callin’, I could see the scrilla. Playboy jetset coke dealer. Man, I’ma try. .

We had a lunch date in 1988, and from your sad face, you said you caught a case. But besides that the money was pilin’ up, business was doin’ good. You movin’ on through the hood. .

got you a house, no doubt, in vallejo. For $700 ounce, you gon’ drop straight yayo. Niggas be talkin’ bad. Sometimes I be gettin’ mad. I just got a gun. Yo, my mother said, Don’t call. .

and like paper, i was ripped apart, because you know that my mother is my heart. I feel ashamed, ’cause I’ma blast first up in the game. It ain’t a mystery to me, money close at range, because these bitches be talkin’ shit. .

i live by the crucifix. Because of my pathways, party my last day. Praise to the double glock. I’ve smoked so much pot, I don’t know if I like it or not. I got beef with the Barry brothers. .

This Drink Will Cleanse Your Lungs Completely For All Smokers

This drink will cleanse your lungs completely for all smokers! The lungs of smokers and exsmokers are full with toxins. But for our fortune there is a way to cleanse the lungs naturally. You only have to make the following drink that has many powerful properties and you can make it with only 3 ingredients. These ingredients are turmeric, ginger and onion:.

1. The ginger has been used by the people for ages because of its healing properties. It is very beneficial for eliminating the lungs extra mucous. 2. The onion is the ingredient mostly used in the kitchen but it also has anti cancer properties. It is known as a fighter against many malignant conditions and it is also particularly efficient.

In preventing the respiratory systems diseases. 3. The turmeric is rich in minerals and vitamins and it also contains omega3 fatty acids. It also has anti cancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties. This is why you should consume turmeric in your dietary regiment. These are the ingredients for the amazing drink:.

1. 1liter of water. 2. 400gr of onion. 3. 2 tbs of turmeric (powdered) or a root in a thumb size.

4. 400gr of sugar (or maple syrup or honey). 5. A thumb sized ginger root. Instructions: Mix the sugar and water, place it on heat and wait until it starts to boil.

Chop the onions and ginger and add them to the mixture of sugar and water. Boil it. Then add the turmeric and lower the heat and boil the mixture at to medium. Cook it until it is up to the half of the total amount. After that, strain the mixture in a glass container and store it in a fridge but make sure you put it in a fridge after it has cooled to a room temperature.

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