How to lower blood pressure naturally with nattokinase and EXERCISE. This tutorial shows a possible way to lower high blood pressure through a simple program of taking nattokinase supplements and combining it with exercise. WHAT IS NATTOKINASE? Nattokinase is an enzyme that helps dissolve abnormal blood clots in the body. Its a natural blood thinner. It was discovered in 1980 at Chicago University.

Medical school by a young japanese medical researcher, hiroyuki sumi. He found that the food natto had the remarkable quality of quickly dissolving blood clots in a petri dish. Nattos a traditional fermented Japanese soy food thats been a popular staple in the Japanese diet for centuries. Nattokinase was identified as the enzyme in natto that thinned the blood. Scientific studies have since confirmed it to be a powerful fibrinolytic agent, or something.

That helps prevent or dissolve abnormal blood clots. Fibrinolytic means clot dissolving, by the way. CAN NATTOKINASE LOWER HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? IF SO, HOW DOES IT WORK? Yes, nattokinase very possibly can help lower your high blood pressure. Theres a low rate of coronary heart disease in Japan, and consumption of natto may be one reason why. Many Japanese believe eating natto helps lower.

Their high blood pressure and natto is a local folk remedy for cardiovascular disease. The nattokinase in natto helps prevent or dissolve unwanted blood clots, so thinning the blood. When blood is thinner, it flows better, and blood pressure drops. A 2008 study at a Korean University and concluded from human trials that nattokinase did indeed decrease high blood pressure. To quote their study, increased intake of nattokinase may play an important role in.

Preventing and treating hypertension. whats more, in 2012 a japanese medical University found nattokinase also acts as a natural ACE inhibitor. It concluded that eating natto may suppress blood pressure. So, yes, theres strong evidence that nattokinase may well lower your high blood pressure. WHERE DO I GET NATTOKINASE? IS IT EXPENSIVE? Nattokinase actually is quite cheap. I did a search for it on a supplement website.

I found many brands of nattokinase you can choose from. Im not associated with any one of them. I suggest you go through the reviews and ratings for each and decide for yourself. Scrolling down the page, this particular brand, s Best, caught my eye. It has the largest number of reviews, and an overall high rating from users around the world. Going through the reviews, I found many that commented positively on nattokinases BP.

Lowering effect. some reviewers found a dose of four, six or even eight capsules a day was needed to lower BP. But most others found two capsules a day, or a total of 4000 FUs, was all that was needed. One reviewer said they could tolerate only half a capsule. A minority reported nattokinase did not work for them at all. FUs, by the way, means fibrinolytic units. Its how the strength of the nattokinase.

Is measured. for this particular brand, one capsule delivers 2000FUs, so two capsules gives 4000FUs. As you can see, at this current price, Its not an expensive supplement. At a dose of two capsules a day, this bottle will last you six weeks. HAVE YOU TRIED NATTOKINASE YOURSELF? DID IT LOWER YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE? Yes, I did try nattokinase myself. And it did lower my blood pressure. Heres my story.

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