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A lot of times, what they'll tell you is, Well, we really don't know what's causing your high blood pressure. Did anybody hear that before Your blood pressure is high but we really don't know what's going on there. 95 of the time that that's going on, unknown cause. That's from the American Heart Association. But, they're not looking at the right place. We do know a lot of its causes. So, conventional treatment says, okay, it's high, let's go ahead and lower that. This is another report recently came out talking about the new guidelines for high blood pressure treatment.

Because they studied this over years and years and years and saying, well recently, we've been getting high blood pressure for anybody who is above 140 over 90, right Or, once you got to 130 over 80 or 90, you're in the prehypertensive phase, maybe we can consider those medications. So, they really looked at that and they looked at these adults over the age of 60 and they basically said that hypertension should be treated with medications only if their systolic pressure are above 150 so, they actually raised it up 10 percent or 10 points above ninety.

This is actually published in the journal of American Medical Association because an analyses of over 30 years of clinical studies showed that lowering below 150 over 90 does not offer any additional benefits in reducing the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. Now, if suffering from high blood pressure, discuss with your physician. if you had multiple diseases, blah, blah. So, for 30 years basically, we're giving medications to people that basically did nothing once you're above that 140. Now, if you're 190 or 200 or something higher than that,.

That's an acute condition. We got to fix that but, that 10 percent, ten points, that's like over a million people right there that takes off drugs overnight. People have been taking it. Now, here's the side effects of some of those, just a few of those things like weakness and erection problems, cold feet, depression, skin rashes, dizziness, constipation, headaches or regular heart beats, swollen ankles and much much more. So, these things come along with a lot of side effects, right It's not easy just to take this and just ignore everything else.

Yoga Exercises to Stay Fit Yoga Exercises for High Blood Pressure

PRARIT JHA Hi, this is Prarit Jha on behalf of Expert Village. Now, we are going to do some looseningup exercises for the joints. It is excellent for those who are suffering from arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease. Now, we are going to start it. Just straight your legs. This is the base position. Now, we are going to do the lower movements of our body. We will start from our toes. Let's start with it. Now, justwe have to breathe normally and keep your face calm and cool. Now, the movement is like this. Just.

2 New Blood Pressure Guidelines

Current research suggests new blood pressure guidelines for those that have survived a heart attack or those wishing to avoid heart attack, stroke, or heart disease I'm Nicole Heart from Nicole Heart YouTube channel. Current research suggests that you keep your blood pressure at 140 over 90 or below. However if you have diabetes research suggests that you keep your blood pressure at 130 over 80 or below. The top number represents the pressure during heartbeats. The bottom number represents the pressure between heartbeats. To find out how your blood pressure is doing.

Glaucoma rates for young Koreans have more than doubled in five years data

Its World Glaucoma Week. and in line with that we have a special report on this disturbing disease. Whats scary is that a lot of people dont even realize they have it. because there typically arent any early symptoms. and now, theres some worrying news for young Koreans. Won Jihyun has the story. Most people dont see it coming. Glaucoma is a potentially blinding disease thats often called the silent thief of sight, because it can strike without warning. Glaucoma occurs when the fluid pressure inside the eye builds up over time and damages the optic nerves.

This can first lead to a loss of peripheral vision, but if left untreated, it can eventually result in permanent blindness. Whats even more concerning is that the disorder, once thought to be prevalent mostly among the elderly, is now becoming a problem for young people as well. The latest data from healthministrydesignated eye hospital Nune Eye Hospital shows that the number of Koreans with glaucoma in their 20s and 30s has more than doubled over the last five years. Doctors say that although theres no cure for glaucoma, early detection and treatment.

About Alzheimers Disease About Medication Its Effects on Alzheimers

Hi this is Eric J. Hall I'm the founding president and chief executive officer of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America coming to you from New York City. In this clip we are going to talk about medication and its effects on Alzheimer's disease. You and I share a common experience, we're not feeling well we go to our doctor. We receive a prescription and generally a few days later we are feeling ourselves again. Regrettably right now with Alzheimer's disease we don't have treatments like that. We don't have medicine that is actually able to stop.

Or reverse the progress of Alzheimer's disease. The effect that it does have however, is that it offsets some of the symptoms related to Alzheimer's disease. The symptoms are really critical. Relieving those or removing those for short periods of time, allows your loved one to enjoy a higher quality of life for a longer period of time. With the Alzheimer's drugs that are coming down there is really more and more research that is being done and that is tremendously helpful. It's really important for all of us to engage in clinical.

The Best Place to Grow Old. Its Not Where you Think.

Emergency call gtgt We have to rethink ageing. And I think this is an opportunity to make sure that our older people can live really active lives in society as much as possible, as opposed to being warehoused. gtgt The building is very special for me because of security. I moved in here on the 10th of September. And I was so, so tired. Because I hadn't slept where I lived, with all that was going on in my life. I know that I slept here, that night. gtgt This will just give us an example of what can be done. Just. we'll see here in a moment, she's gone into the bathroom and turned on the light there.

If we start to see significant changes in patterns over time, that people are sort of not getting out and about anymore, there are early warning signs. gtgt Atlantic Philanthropies have played a really critical role. They saw the potential of bringing together all the leaders, the decision makers, the resource allocators, right across the sector. They were prepared to make a sort of longterm bet, that if you brought those people together you deepened their insight and their understanding about ageing issues, about quality of life for older people, around the importance for planning for an ageing population,.

That that would have very sustained benefits over a much longer period of time. gtgt We talk about independent living, but it's actually about interdependent living. We live together and we have relationships and we link with each other. And that sense of community is vital, and if we can harness that, and use the energies that are there in community, there's an awful lot that can be done. gtgt We're going to go through how you take your blood pressure now today. And now there's your app popping up, OK.

So if you hit the Start button there, it should start taking your measurements. gtgt I feel that with all the new technology, that we are learning it. This sort of life for senior citizens, it is the only way forward. gtgt There you go, perfect. Green score is our range. Singing Oh Molly, my Irish Molly. gtgt Our vision is that Ireland's going to be the best country in the world in which all of us as we grow older can look forward to ageing. Singing My Irish Molly when you are near Spring time you know is ring time, come dear now don't be slow.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects You Could Be A Victim!

Hey, It's Jay from Fit And Healthy Blog. So you want to know about Garcinia Cambogia side effects Well in this short tutorial, I'm going to tell you the number one side effect and I'm also going to reveal who should never use Garcinia Cambogia extract, so make sure you watch the entire tutorial. Okay let's get into it. The most common side effects reported by users are from those taking high dosage amounts of Garcinia Cambogia weight loss formula. According to Doctor Oz, the recommended dose is to take 500 mgs of Garcinia Cambogia hca.

Roughly 30 minutes before every meal. Higher dosages of up to 1000 mgs can be taken at each meal for an enhanced effect but high dosages may cause unpleasant symptoms in some people such as nausea, digestive pain, and headaches. So if you suffer from any of these side effects, lower the amount you're taking and monitor the effects. If these side effects are still present after lowering the dose then discontinue use. Who Should Not Take Garcinia Cambogia If you are pregnant or nursing, then do not take this formula as the safety is not yet.

Know. This is not to say that it's unsafe, but it's always better to stay on the safe side as a precaution. Also if you're a diabetic, it's recommended that you don't take this formula without first consulting your doctor. Overall, my research shows that Garcinia Cambogia hydroycitric acid is safe to take for up to 12 weeks at a time before having a break for a few weeks. So this is good news for anybody who wants to slim down using this weight loss solution. Now if you would like to get high quality Garcinia Cambogia at the best price and you're.

Trying To Control Blood Pressure Isnt Always The Right Move For The Elderly

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Ketogenic Diet And High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure Cardio Testimonial.this product is working miracles for High blood pressure arterial disease and diabetes 2 Cardio for life..

2 New Blood Pressure Guidelines.Keeping blood pressure under control is very important for avoiding a massive heart attack especially if you have survived a previous heart attack. New 2015..

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