Beat down Blood Pressure Beat Down Beat Down Blood Pressure Beat Down.

I’m just a regular guy, a patient just like you Dealing with hypertension let me tell you what I do Avoid Smoking, it’s a dangerous habit Eat healthy.munch veggies like a rabbit.

Lower salt.keep the sodium away least every other day Relax in the garden like a gnome And most important use a monitor at home.

Every day, i wear the cuff the numbers they don’t lie Some days, I’m doing well Some days my pressure’s high My numbers go to my PC I don’t even have to write’em.

Then i send my numbers to my doc Cuz It makes no sense to hide’em My doc can see my numbers Right on her workstation And when the data, warrants it She adjusts my medication.

So my doc and i are partners in managing my BP by mixing my home data with a dose of vitamin T Technology makes it possible For my doc to get the full view.

Not just her office readings But my daily readings too So where should you go for info when your health journey starts? Check the web sites of the AHA and also Million Hearts.

Beat down Blood Pressure Beat Down Beat Down Blood Pressure Beat Down.

The Only Blood Pressure and Arterial Health Monitor

For the first time bioclip cuff makes arterial stiffness measurements possible from the comfort of your own home. Arterial stiffness is one of the most important parameters in determining cardiovascular health and fitness, but until recently arterial stiffness measurement was only possible at health centers because the equipment was complicated and expensive. Bioclip Cuff has changed everything and with.

The advent of at home arterial stiffness monitoring you can ensure that your health and lifestyle choices are working for you. Bioclip Cuff is as easy to use as a blood pressure monitor. Simply sit down, roll up your sleeve, and apply the cuff around your upper arm. Stay calm, sit still and upright without crossing your legs or arms, and be sure that the height of the cup is the same as your heart. Press the.

Start button, within a minute the display will confirm the following. 1. your diastolic blood pressure. 2. your systolic blood pressure. 3. Your heart rate. 4. And your arterial stiffness. This is shown by an eight bar LED display. If the bars remain in the green zone, arterial stiffness is normal, if it is in the yellow zone then arteries are stiffer than normal and if in the red zone then arteries are hard. Some of the features of the Bioclip Cuff.

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