Fusing Medicine with Engineering

It’s unusual that the president of an Ivy League institution would agree to be the test subject for a student project. But when the work of three students from the Thayer School of Engineering involved a device that fuses medicine and computer science to benefit underserved communities, it became of particular interest to President Kim. Known as the telemetric atrial fibrillation detection system, the device monitors such conditions as heart arrhythmia to provide efficient treatment for a disease which often shows no symptoms.

The Thayer students began the project in fall of 2010 and in March of 2011 met with the president in his office, where he served as the first patient for the project. He noted that the device addresses three issues in health care delivery. It assists medical professionals in remotely monitoring a patient’s health, and it can identify the possibility of a stroke before it occurs. The project is just one of numerous groundbreaking innovations to come out of the Thayer School of Engineering.

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