Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips Tricks Ep 42 Heart Rate Monitor for Galaxy Note 2 3 or Any Android

Hello everyone! Michael here from The Daily Note II3. So the Galaxy S5 was announced and one of the interesting new features was a heartrate monitor. But here’s the thing, people have measuring their heartrate for at least the last 3 years on most Android devices. And you don’t really need any special sensor to do it. You do it through the camera sensor and the flash unit. And it works remarkably well. And the great thing is, it’s free, and you can do it now. So here’s the app. But before I install it, I want to prove without question that this app is real. Because a lot of people are skeptical about this app when you read the comments. They believe there is some trickery involved.

With the flash and they’re just drawing you a nice fake graph. Well, this app definitely works and you can try this for yourself with the just the camera app. So start the camera app, go to settings, settings again, select Flash, and choose On. Close the settings, and hit the tutorial record button. And now you should see that the flash is activated. And carefully, place your finger over the flash and the camera sensor. Make sure to cover your camera sensor fully but not firmly. You don’t want to restrict blood passing through your finger. And after your eyes adjust, you should be able to see your finger pulsating provided that you have some descent circulation. If we flip the phone over, you should also.

See that your screen is a bright red orange, and you can see here, towards the upper region, the color is pulsating. So that’s all that this app is doing. It’s just measuring the changes in color, graphing it for you, and counting the time between the peaks. If you do have a weak pulse however, you can try a few things to raise your bloodpressure a little bit, but if you believe that it works, let’s just move on. The app is better detecting your pulse better than your eyes. So let’s install the app. As mentioned it is free. Now I purchased the paid app more than 2 years ago. I believe the only difference is that it will keep track of your heartrate measurements. So let’s start this up. And.

Just like we did with the camera app, place your finger over both the flash and the camera sensor. And after a few seconds, it starts graphing your heart rate. If you know how to take your pulse, you will also see that the graphs are in sync with the pulse that you feel at your fingertips. I want to restate how it is important to cover the entire camera sensor and not move your finger. Because it’s just measuring the brightness of the image, and if I just lift my finger off and on rapidly, you can really mess with the results. One last thing, some people say how it gives you a reading when you just place it on the table. And it’s true that it does this, but.

Only because camera sensors pick up noise along with light information, and it’s just amplifying the tiniest amount of changes it sees and showing that to you on a graph. You can see, it looks nothing like a pulse. It’s just static. As mentioned earlier, if you want to keep track of the results, the pro version is there a two dollars. Just some heart rate measuring should measure your resting heart rate by measuring your heart rate first thing in the morning. Coffee, stress, and level of physical activity will definitely impact the numbers. So there you go. It turns out you don’t need a special sensor or the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To measure your heart rate. You can do it virtually on any Android and it works really well. So that’s the end of today’s tutorial. If you like this tutorial or found it useful, make sure you hit that like button and subscribe for more upcoming tutorials. And as always, thank you for watching.

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