How to be ready for checking the blood pressure

Hi i m sami from fawzi academy In this tutorial I will show you How to check the blood pressure Step 1 rest for 5 minutes. before the mediation Step 2 keep sitting with the straight back Step 3 don't cross your legs during the mediation Step 4 keep the arm at the same height as the heart Step 5 be quiet and don't speak during the mediation Step 6 keep the sphygmomanometer bracelet 3 cm separated from the elbow Thank thank you for watching fawzi academy please like and share this tutorial.

Is My Unborn Baby in Distress

Is my unborn baby in distress Sometimes a lack of movement means the kid is in distress, but that may simply mean the baby is sleeping. That's usually not when I'm trying to sleep. So consider it practice for when the kid is not just kicking but screaming. But count the kicks you feel per hour in the last month, and if the rate suddenly drops, something may be wrong. I keep getting the feeling that something is wrong. Consider that practice for when the kid is crawling around babbling. When it is all quiet,.

The kid has either fallen asleep or choking on a Lego. I'm serious. How can I tell if something is wrong Vaginal bleeding is always a sign of fetal distress or pregnancy problems. It may mean you have placenta previa, a miscarriage if early on or a placental abruption. I know that if there's a lot of blood, go to the ER. The doctor monitors the baby's heart beat at your regular checkups and during delivery. If the heart rate is erratic, too fast or too slow, they may say it is a sign of distress.

Unfortunately, I do not think there's a home monitor that does that. Check your blood pressure. If it is suddenly spiking, you know both you and the kid are in distress. I've heard fetal distress talked about, but what does it mean Fetal distress usually means doctors think the baby is not getting enough oxygen. If there's a problem with the placenta or the cord like the cord being twisted, the doctor will say the baby is in distress. How do they know if the kid is in distress Doctors monitor the umbilical cord and placenta with those periodic ultrasounds and Doppler.

Heart rate monitors. The doctor can measure the amount of amniotic fluid, and if there's too much or too little, you may be advised to deliver early. I've heard that the kid is in distress often while the baby is in labor. Getting squeezed through the vaginal canal and passage through the pelvis can cut off the kid's oxygen. If the doctor thinks the kid is not getting enough oxygen, they can take a blood sample from the scalp. If it is too acidic, they have proof the kid is distressed. So what do they do about it.

How Does Meditation Change the Brain Instant Egghead 54

Researchers have known for decades that meditation can improve someone's physical and mental health. It can relieve stress, lower blood pressure and lift someone's mood. But only in the last few years have neuroscientists taken a serious loook at the changes in brain structure underlying some of meditation's benefits. Like everything else we do, meditation rewires our neural circuits. Pruning away the least used connections and strengthening the ones we exercise most. Studies looking for signs of these changes usually focus on mindfulness meditation which challenges people to keep their attention fixed on the thoughts and.

Sensations in the present moment. Scientists aknowledge that these studies are small and not ideally designed, but at this point researchers have gathered enough evidence to be confident that their findings are not just flukes. Experiments suggest that Buddhist monks have really robust connections between scattered regions of their brains, which allows for more synchronized communication. Expert meditators also seem to develop an especially wrinkly cortex the brain's outer layer. We depend on the cortex for many of our most sophisticated mental abilities like abstract thought and introspection. Several studies have confirmed that meditation can increase the.

Volume and density of the hippocampus a seahorse shaped area of the brain in the middle of the skull that is absolutely crucial for memory. And although areas of the brain responsible for sustaining attention usually shrink as we age, meditation counteracts this decay. An increasing number of studies show that meditating for as little as 12 to 20 minutes a day for several weeks can sharpen the mind. In these studies, meditators have scored higher on tests of attention and working memory, which is the ability to temporarily store and manipulate information in one's mind.

Best Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor Omron 7 Series Plus Bluetooth BP625 1 Doctor Recommended Brand

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CNA Essential Skills Measure And Record Blood Pressure 456

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Krotkoff Sounds Annotated Video.This is a tutorial I made to demonstrate the Korotkoff sounds in relation to the reading on the sphygmomanometer. It was made to be used in a lecture here at the..

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