American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting 2014

Hi I'm Dr. Diane Cleverley of Personal Healthcare Information and welcome to today's Highlights. Today we are going to be talking about the American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting of 2014. The big news at the annual meeting was the artificial pancreas several groups and working on this pancreas right now and 025 edging closer to reality, with working models expected to be seen 028 in the next year or two, remember, 031 unlike the pump, the artificial pancreas is a closed loop systems 036 which continuously monitors blood sugar and will provide not only 0'.

Insulin to lower your blood sugar, but also glucagon to raise your blood sugar, 044 much like functioning pancreas would. 047 what another interesting topic of discussion 051 at the American Diabetes Assocition Annual Meeting was around the idea or the label 055 metabolically healthy obese 059 and these are healthy people that their BMI body mass index 102 falls into the the obese category, of being greater than 30, 105 however their 109 blood pressure, their blood cholesterol, and 112 blood sugar are all within normal levels 115 so there's a lot of debate it now how would assess.

118 this disease and mortality for these people. 122 Another thing has become increasing clear, 125 BMI used alone is not 129 the best measure for assessing risk, there should be 132 other biometric parameters taken into account and bariatric surgery 137 it's one of the few therapuetic interventions 140 shown to actually reverse type 2 diabetes 144 and it's progression interestingly more women 148 undergo this surgery than men but it's actually more 152 effective for lowering blood sugar and helping with 155 other things in men than it is in womem.

159 so that is something to be aware when people around you are considering 204 surgery and the other big news 207 was this search for diabetes in youth, this is a very 211 large observational study launched in the year two thousand 215 we hear a lot about type 2 218 Diabetes in youth, but were you aware that 221 prevalence of type 1 diabetes is actually 224 increasing. It's gone up 23 percent 228 in the past 10 years and it is now seen 231 2.1 individuals per thousand 235.

Love Has No Labels Diversity Inclusion Ad Council

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Govt to expand telemedicine pilot project this year

The Korean government is planning to expand the countrys first pilot project for telemedicine, which provides clinical health care at a distance. The budget will get a boost and the beneficiaries will now include a broader range of patients, from sailors and soldiers to foreigners outside of Korea. Paul Yi reports. A doctor in Korea is treating his patient in India. The check up is done by tutorial chat and the physician checks the patients bloodsugar level using a smartphone application. Its similar to a pilot project on telemedicine launched last year by the Korean government.

Your blood sugar level is out of balance because youre eating a lot of greasy food like fried chicken. Im not managing my diet properly these days, but I will try to be more careful from now on. The telemedicine business is expected to see big growth in Korea this year. Last years pilot project was limited to 18 small clinics and public health centers but will jump to 140 this year. The project, which last year involved elderly patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, will now include soldiers, sailors at sea and foreigners outside of Korea.

The government plans to equip designated vessels at sea with the tools to run a telemedicine center capable of providing treatment to sailors and soldiers at a distance. Foreigners outside of Korea who are participating in the project will be given a health screening before and after they come to Korea for medical treatment. The budget for the project has risen sevenfold, going from 1point2 million U.S. dollars last year to 8point3 million this year. The program is being carried out in cooperation with six ministries. We plan to diversify the business model so that people from all walks of life can benefit from telemedicine..

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CDC Laboratory Works on H7N9

This virus is very interesting for us because it's causing such different symptoms in birds and humans. Since this is causing no symptoms in the birds it's flying under the radar screen so to speak. Which means that it might be more wide spread than we realize. That's one of the major concerns for the Americas because it's not here, it's not established in our birds. The Chinese released sequences for the first four human cases very quickly. There's a lot you can learn just from getting the sequence information that can lead you.

On to other experiments and possibly field studies to try to confirm the suspicions you develop from the sequences. We know a lot about the virus just from the sequence but it's also got some changes we don't really understand yet. Which tells us there's still a lot to learn about this virus. So, we have to actually work with it in the laboratory to figure these things out. This one is showing a lot more human cases early on. H7 compared to H5. Since everybody is experienced with having to change the vaccine composition.

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