How to Take Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Cuff Placement

Okay so now we want to talk about the placement of the blood pressure cuff, and the placement of the stethoscope. So in general, you want to be a couple of inches, or a couple of centimeters actually, above the elbow crease. You don't want any clothes constricting around the blood pressure cuff. Go ahead and close that off, so now we have that. And the next part is placement of the stethoscope. One important aspect is to make sure that the ear pieces you can see are angled, and you want to make sure those angles are pointing forward when.

How to Take Blood Pressure How to Take Blood Pressure

Okay so now we got the blood pressure cuff inflated fully. And there's no longer a pulse coming through that brachael artery. Now you want to slowly open up the dial, so that the blood pressure is, the millimeters of mercury is falling around 2 millimeters of mercury per second. And when you hear that first beat, that is your systolic pressure, and then continue deflating at 2 millimeters of mercury until you no longer hear that beat, and that is your diastolic pressure. So the systolic pressure is the pressure on top, and the diastolic.

How to Take Blood Pressure Tips for Taking Blood Pressure

So important tips for taking blood pressure, before you actually take the blood pressure. One, you should be seated and relaxed for about fifteen minutes before you actually take it. You should not have consumed alcohol or coffee for two hours before taking a blood pressure. You shouldn't have smoked fifteen minutes before taking a blood pressure. All those thing effect the arterial resistance, and therefore will have an artificial elevation or for most part will be elevated beyond what it should be. The other thing is cuff size, be sure the cuff before is fitted for a normal person. If you have small arms or large arms.

You'll have a falsely elevated or reduced blood pressure. So if the cuff is too large for your arm, you'll have a lower blood pressure than you should. And if it's too small, you'll have a higher blood pressure than you should. So the cuff should be about eighty percent of the circumference of your arm, around eighty percent it doesn't have to be exact. Other important tip is your posture, should be sited up straight that's not as important. The main this is your elbow should be relaxed, so when you take your blood pressure you want to have.

Regulating Arterial Blood Pressure

One of the things that we know about hypertension is, first of all, it affects one out of every three adults. It's an epidemic in our country and it's one of the major concerns for institutes like NIH and the American Heart Association. It's primarily two disease models. Hypertension, which is higher blood pressure. And lower blood pressure, which is orthostatic intolerance. For someone who has really low blood pressure, they may have trouble standing up with this. So with the micronography technique we're taking a tungsten microelectrode and we're inserting it into the peroneal nerve.

And this right now is the gold standard for assessing sympathetic traffic. It's the only method out there where we can get direct signals of sympathetic traffic. When we're probing for a sympathetic nerve we're listening for what we call an insertion burst. That insertion burst will give us an indication that we're actually in the nerve. Now we still have to make tiny microadjustments sometimes in order to get there because we're actually recording from multiple fibers. And what we're interested in is, individuals who are more prone to fainting have lower.

Sympathetic tone, lower sympathetic traffic, and, or, they have a reduced ability to increase sympathetic traffic. So on one scale, one side of the spectrum we're looking at fainting and orthostatic intolerance. On the other side of the scale, someone who has a high sympathetic traffic, outflow, and tone, often is associated with hypertension. And so we look at these patients and try to characterize their activity levels, and then we expose them to various types of intervention. So one intervention is getting more sleep, other interventions are physical activity. One that we just completed was looking at the effects of the Omega3 fatty acids,.

Scosche Rhythm Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Hi I'm Jon Ham from fitness on the run and I'm a personal fitness trainer in Southern California and I'm also a consultant for scosche health and fitness I've been involved in the testing in development of scosche's heart rate technologies from the beginning and I'm pleased to present to you our latest nd best heart rate monitoring RBN on the market the Scosche rhythm plus so let me tell you a little bit about what makes this product so good for small devices super easy to connect it has a dual radio ANT.

And Bluetooth Low Energy or BTLE. ANT connection is typically found in Nike watches or Garmin cycling computers or Garmin watches whereas the Bluetooth Low Energy connection allows the rhythm plus to connect you all the latest smartphones in whether using an at POS device or a BT ily device or even both at the same time the rhythm plus peers easily with just one quick press a button along with being really easy to connect another thing that makes the rhythm plus such a great part is that it works in all those popular fitness app that all users love to use.

Without previous generations a rhythm that people don't want to use our app they want to use the social fitness app that they use on a regular basis and that's why did the rhythm plus works with every fitness app that does hurt because rhythm plus uses industry standard and plus include TECO energy profiles it is compatible with the devices up today and his future compatible with devices up tomorrow I'll and I mention that the rhythm plus is super accurate we're using balance of perform tech biometric sensor technology in our army and which has proven to be.

Extremely reliable during highintensity exercise by Duke University NC State University in the American College of Sports Medicine now I'm skeptical other risk monitoring heart rate solutions that claim accuracy because I've tested them in the rest is just not a great location to get a reliable signal during most exercises in a hurry monarchy not provide continuous heart rate measurements during exercise then what good is it I don't see the rest providing accurate reading during most exercises anytime soon the forearm is a much better location in the rhythm plus is the real deal now the future of health monitoring.

Is here the rhythm pluses future compatible so in the future health monitoring ecosystem were you bring to your doctor your through log your blood pressure log your weight blog you're sleeping log the rhythm plus is the device that your show your doctor your workout results meaning time in heart rate zones calories burned and recovery rates to assess physical condition in just to prove that you're doing the work and I think that insurance companies in the future are gonna wanna see that data so there you have it even plus is the most comfortable.

Scosche myTREK for Yoga

My name is Rasika Mathur. I've been studying all forms of yoga for 12 years now. Kundalini, Bikram, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara and I just love yoga so much that I decided I have to give this away to people. So I got certified and I've been teaching now for 2 years to kids and adults. It's fascinating to be able to have a tool that's showing you right there how every pose that you're doing is affecting your heart rate right there in real time. You can actually watch the numbers are going down.

Or up and you have that and science and numbers don't lie. So it's a really wonderful tool to have that kind of feedback. I'd never used a pulse monitor before I'd heard of the myTREK. I like how it sits on your forearm really comfortably and I can imagine that's probably more comfortable than a chest strap. During yoga, we want to be expanding our rib cage, opening up the lungs so we don't want to have anything that's restricting in that area. You can use it for all your workouts. I do running on the beach.

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