Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, and Estrogen Dominance

Now, when we have a stage called estrogen dominance estrogen proliferates tissue when it's dominant. Estrogen within itself is very good. I helps us with our brain tissue, our memory. It helps us to think clearly, prevents foggy brain and all this other stuff. Estrogen in itself is very goodit's not bad. But when you have an estrogen dominance situation where the estrogen is very dominant over the progesterone, you're going to have all these symptoms and you're going to have a proliferation of tissue. For instance, if a woman comes in with cysts on her ovaries or cysts in her breasts.

Or she has fibroids on the inner uterine lining, or she has endometriosis these are all tissues that are being proliferated. They are increasing because she's got too much estrogen in her. Thus, we have a lot of increase in the amounts of hysterectomies because women are getting large fibroids and they're bleeding heavy, heavy, heavy, so they have anemia. I went through this myself, personally, in my forties. I had a lot of estrogen dominance but back then we didn't know exactly what to do. And so, I ended up having a hysterectomy because every time.


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