How To Increase Vascularity And Get Veins That Pop

What’s going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here at seannal bodytransformationtruth , the question today is how to increase vascularity. I got this question over on my twitter page which you can follow by clicking here and the link is also in the description, but this something that I get asked pretty often, guys want to know how to get veins that really popped out. In this tutorial I’m going to outline for you the most important factors that are involved. So, the focus here is going to be on the things that will give you a permanent long lasting improvement in vascularity. There are a lot of little quick fixes that you can use, but they’ll only last a very short period of time and then they’ll just go.

Back to normal. So, I will quickly mention a few of those things at the end of the tutorial but again the main focus here is going to be on achieving healthy permanent results, which to be honest is actually pretty straight forward as you’re going to see. So, the first factor is the one that most people don’t really want to hear, which is that there is of pretty decent genetic component involved. Some people are just veinier than others, period. And that’s caused by a lot of different factors like, how dilated the veins naturally are, skin thickness, blood pressure, things like that. For example, I have pretty decent vascularity myself but I had veins pretty similar to this even before I started working.

Out, even as a skinny 13 year old kid who didn’t even lift I had a pretty noticeable veins back then and I get them from my Mom and she gets them from my Grandpa, so a good portion of vascularity is really just a matter of having the right parents, so to speak. And one other factor that is beyond your control is actually age because as you get older your skin does tend to thin out a bit, which is why you might have noticed that lifters who are a bit older tend to have more prominent veins. Now, aside from genetics by far the most important and the most obvious step is just lowering your overall bodyfat percentage, so veins are really no different than sixpack abs in the sense that everybody has them but.

They aren’t going to be very visible if you have a layer of fat that sitting on top and around them. So, easily the most effective thing you can do to increase vascularity is to decrease your bodyfat and if you really want those veins to stand out then you’ll probably need to be somewhere around 10% bodyfat. Now, I don’t recommend that most people go much below that year round just for health reasons, but somewhere around that 10% figure is going to be a good balance between being impressively lean and having your vein show, but not going too low and having adverse health effects. So, after the issue of bodyfat is subcutaneous water retention. That’s the amount of water that is being stored directly.

Beneath your skin. Just like with bodyfats, the more water that you have sitting beneath the surface of your skin the less visible your veins and your muscle definition are going to be. Now, I don’t recommend trying to manipulate your body’s water levels on an ongoing basis with things like diuretics or other supplements, I would just pay attention to a couple of basic things. Number one is to make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water each day and that’s because when you restrict water intake your body naturally holds on to more as an adaptive response. So, drinking a lot of water is going to have a natural flushing effect. I don’t have a set recommended figure for daily water intake,.

But your basic goal should just be to drink enough so that your urine is relatively clear and odorless throughout most of the day. And the second thing to reduce water retention is a maintaining a balanced ratio of sodium to potassium, and that’s because doing that is going to help regulate your water balance. Most people consume a lot more sodium than potassium, which not only encourage water retention but it can also increase heart attack risk as well. And if you want more details on that, I’ll link a previous tutorial in the description box that I did to give you some more information. And the last very simple thing you can do is just build more muscle. When your muscle size increases it’s going.

To have, sort of, tightening effect between the muscle and the skin which can make the veins more visible and on top of that a larger muscle requires more oxygen and more nutrients and that can have an effect on visible vascularity as well. Now, if you’re looking for more, sort of, a quick fix to temporarily increased vascularity, maybe for getting photos taken or if you just want to look more vascular for a certain event there are many possible things you can do but I’ll just mention a few here really quickly. Number is pretty obvious and that’s go do a workout and get a pump, that’s going to increase blood flow, of course, and increase vascularity and I found too that if you combine it with high.

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