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A beating heart is a sign of life. Our heart may be faster when we are excited or fall in love. And it can beat slower when we relax or fall asleep. A healthy heart beats regularly between 60 and 80 times a minute. An irregular pulse might be a warning and attributed to disease. Atrial fibrillation is an arrhythmia of the heart in which the heartbeat is rapid and irregular. AF is a common condition, affecting approximately two or three out of a hundred people in developed nations. Some people with atrial.

Fibrillation experience a sudden heart flutter or tremor, feeling their heart suddenly speeding up. This is called palpitations. Other symptoms can include Shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, fatigue, loss of consciousness. But one in five patients with AF have no symptoms at all. If you experience these symptoms or if you detect something unusual in your heart beat you should pay attention and talk to your doctor. Why is it so important to know whether someone is suffering from atrial fibrillation This is not a question of the heart but also of the.

Brain. Atrial fibrillation can potentially lead to a stroke. The consequences are severe compared to those without AF, people with the arrhythmia have a 35 times higher risk of stroke. How can a condition of the heart affect your brain When the heart rhythm is irregular blood is not transported properly through the heart. Blood pools might form. When these blood pools reach the brain this might block the blood vessels leading to a stroke. When strokes are caused by atrial fibrillation the prognosis for the patient even less favorable. Their risk of remaining disabled.

Salt May Be Sweeter Than Sugar for Blood Pressure

Salt may be a little less sinister for patients with high blood pressure than once thought. And sugar may steal salt's spot on the list of blood pressure spikers. I'm Miranda Savioli with your latest health news A new study found that processed sugars may contribute more to high blood pressure and heart disease than salt. The researchers said avoiding processed foods, which often contains a sugar called fructose, may bring blood pressure down. High fructose corn syrup can be found in anything from soda to ketchup. Table sugar, like the kind you add to coffee, can also.

Cardiac Conduction System and Understanding ECG, Animation.

The cardiac conduction system consists of the following components The sinoatrial node, or SA node, located in the right atrium near the entrance of the superior vena cava. This is the natural pacemaker of the heart. It initiates all heartbeat and determines heart rate. Electrical impulses from the SA node spread throughout both atria and stimulate them to contract. The atrioventricular node, or AV node, located on the other side of the right atrium, near the AV valve. The AV node serves as electrical gateway to the ventricles. It delays the passage of electrical impulses to the ventricles.

This delay is to ensure that the atria have ejected all the blood into the ventricles before the ventricles contract. The AV node receives signals from the SA node and passes them onto the atrioventricular bundle AV bundle or bundle of His. This bundle is then divided into right and left bundle branches which conduct the impulses toward the apex of the heart. The signals are then passed onto Purkinje fibers, turning upward and spreading throughout the ventricular myocardium. Electrical activities of the heart can be recorded in the form of electrocardiogram,.

ECG or EKG. An ECG is a composite recording of all the action potentials produced by the nodes and the cells of the myocardium. Each wave or segment of the ECG corresponds to a certain event of the cardiac electrical cycle. When the atria are full of blood, the SA node fires, electrical signals spread throughout the atria and cause them to depolarize. This is represented by the P wave on the ECG. Atrial contraction , or atrial systole starts about 100 ms after the P wave begins. The PQ segment represents the time the signals travel from the SA node to the AV node.

The QRS complex marks the firing of the AV node and represents ventricular depolarization Q wave corresponds to depolarization of the interventricular septum. R wave is produced by depolarization of the main mass of the ventricles. S wave represents the last phase of ventricular depolarization at the base of the heart. Atrial repolarization also occurs during this time but the signal is obscured by the large QRS complex. The ST segment reflects the plateau in the myocardial action potential. This is when the ventricles contract and pump blood.

Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Anatomy and Physiology

Let's learn about atrial natriuretic peptide. Fluid volume and blood pressure are closely related. Changes in fluid volume cause changes in blood volume which affects blood pressure. The heart secretes a hormone to help control blood pressure. This hormone is called Atrial natriuretic peptide or ANP. ANP is secreted by the atria of the heart. ANP is secreted in response to an increase in blood volume. ANP targets the kidneys and causes a decrease in sodium reabsorption. More sodium exits the body. When sodium exits.more water follows by osmosis and fluid volume decreases causing subsequent decreases in blood volume and blood pressure.

This Vitamin May Help Lower Stroke Risk

As stroke becomes an increasingly common health risk, researchers look for ways patients can lower their risk. And they might have found one. I'm Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A new study found taking the B vitamin folic acid with a blood pressure medication called enalapril appeared to lower stroke risk more than taking the medication alone. Researchers found that the supplement was most useful in people with a genetic risk of having low folic acid levels and those whose folic acid levels were already low before starting the.

Afib And Stroke Intro

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How Can Atrial Fibrillation Lead To STROKE?.A200 Afib Atrial Fibrillation patented technology patented by Microlife performs atrial fibrillation screening with the oscillometric method via easy blood..

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Afib And Blood Pressure

Afib And Blood Pressure,.

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