Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of low blood pressure during pregnancy Classic symptoms of low blood pressure are dizziness, light headedness and even fainting. That's not too far off from how I feel after a bad bout of morning sickness. In that case, it may actually be from dehydration, not low blood pressure. The OBGYN monitors my blood pressure and says it is low. Doctors joke they want your blood pressure as low as it can go without laying you low. Why would they say that High blood pressure in pregnancy is a killer, from destroying your kidneys to increasing.

The risk of premature labor and stillbirth. Low blood pressure isn't much of a problem. It is if I pass out. Think of this as the perfect time to eat all the salty stuff you like to bring up the blood pressure. What else could I do Drink caffeine to get your blood pressure up, assuming it doesn't make you want to throw up. Take lots of rest breaks. I do that already. Get up slowly to minimize the risk of fainting. Lay down if you start to feel faint. Just what I need, getting up off my back to quickly laying back down while my blood pressure.

Yoyos. Lay on your left side to improve blood flow to your heart. The faintness is driving me nuts, because it's not safe to drive. If you have chronic problems, you need to see a doctor. It could be a sign of internal bleeding. What else would be a concern You have to see a doctor if you actually have bleeding or chest pain or a bad headache. That could mean the low blood pressure is a sign of a possible heart attack or stroke. As if the baby wasn't enough to worry about. When will I get over this.

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