Hello there my name is zinaida samson, 64; from sydney, australia. My problems with high blood pressure started when I turned 50. I’ve spent my life on a desk and the only ‘exercise I ever did around that time was tidying up the house. we had a cleaner for the rest and sometimes helping my daughter with her son. Well, it is difficult to change your life style when you’re 50, so when the high blood pressure became an issues,.

I just went to the for a prescription and started taking my pills. i was constantly dizzy, but I didn’t think that it was the medications. I thought it was just because I was aging. My daughter told me about the Effective Home Remedies for Blood Pressure’. I was skeptical, so I didn’t even look it up. However, that Christmas she bought me an ereader and that book was on there. I read it and I decided to give it a shot.

I started small. i couldn’t adopt all the tips at once, but i could do a bit of exercising and suddenly became more conscious of the food I was eating. Slowly, it all became a habit. I was feeling great, until one day I got really sick. It turned out that the high blood pressure pills I was still taking had made my blood pressure too low. Why? Because my natural blood pressure was finally OK!! I couldn’t believe it.

How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Using B Vitamins Part 1 B6 B9 Folate B12

Hi, my name is usuff and i have high blood pressure. I experimented with taking B vitamins to bring it down. I experimented with vitamins B12, vitamin B9, otherwise known as folate, and I took these two vitamins both separately and in combination. Unfortunately taking these vitamins increased my blood pressure. And last week it shot up to 212/111. And that was just before I had to go out to.

Work. which left me in a quandary as to whether to go to work, or go to the . Fortunately nothing happened. I went to work. And I survived. But I did do more research, and I discovered that by, possibly, by adding vitamin B6 to the mix, in other words, taking vitamins B6, B9 and B12, in combination, in high doses, and then doing.

Some aerobic exercise afterwards, will bring the high blood pressure down. I tried that, and it did work over these past few days. My blood pressure has come down somewhat. I thought this was an important discovery. So I made this tutorial, hoping it might help others. And I’ll be updating this tutorial as my experiments progress. So thanks for watching, and here’s my tutorial.

How to lower high blood pressure naturally using b vitamins. Here’s a possible way of lowering high BP using three specific B vitamins. Vitamins B6, B9 and B12. After you take them, go and exercise. Aerobic exercise is preferred, such as a brisk half hour walk in the park. Exercising with the B vitamins high in your bloodstream may accelerate the therapeutic effect. And make them work better than had you remained.

Sedentary. then over the next few days, watch your bp. It may well fall. As there’s a time lag of a day or two for BP to fall. And if it does, it means you don’t need to do this every day. You may need this combination of B vitamins and exercise only once every few days, and not every day. This protocol worked for me. Here’s exactly what I took.

Vitamin b6. 100 milligrams of pyridoxine hydrochloride. Vitamin B9, otherwise known as folate or folic acid. 800 micrograms of 5 MethylTetraHydroFolate, otherwise known as 5MTHF. Vitamin B12. 1000 micrograms of Methyl Cobalamin, otherwise known as Methyl B12. Notice I’ve given the form of the B vitamins I took. B vitamins come in different forms, and some.

May be more effective than others. For example, for vitamin B12, methylcobalamin may be better absorbed and retained than it’s sister form, cyano cobalamin. So B12 may not be B12, if you get what I mean. And the form of B9 called 5MTHF is said to be more bioactive than folic acid, the most common form of B9. The doses I mentioned, by the way, are regarded as safe. They’re way above the RDAs.

They are, in fact, what are called pharmaceutical doses. Take these three B vitamins together. That’s important. Taking them separately may cause BP to rise. That’s because all three work together like cogs in the body’s metabolic machine. If one cog isn’t turning, then the whole metabolic machinery becomes distorted. And it may backfire, causing BP to rise.

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