Home Health Monitors Types of Blood Pressure Machines

There are a number of different devices that you can purchase to take your own blood pressure in your home. Generally, these devices fit around some sort of part of your hand or arm. Some of them work for fingers. Some of them work for wrists. Some of them take from the lower arm, sort of right here, below the elbow. And then others are electronic versions of what nurse or medical assistant in your doctor's office, or your doctor himself or herself, might do. There's an upper arm equivalent of the other human taking your blood pressure.

And there's debate as to the level of accuracy in these various types. The most important thing is that it always has fresh batteries and you take your blood pressure roughly around the same time or times each day as blood pressure can vary. Other things to remember when you're taking your blood pressure are to not consume caffeine or tobacco within 20 minutes of taking your blood pressure and to make sure you go to the bathroom. Prices on these devices vary wildly. It's another thing to consider when buying one. Consider what's going to be most.

Living With Tigers Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

COMM They're one of the most dangerous animals in the world, yet one family show no fear when it comes to their pet tigers. COMM They play and swim with them, and even allow their children to ride on their backs. COMM But not everyone is happy, and there's fears something will go wrong sooner or later. COMM Here in Maringa, Brazil Ary Borges and his family have not one, but seven tigers. COMM Together with his three daughters Deusanira, Uyara and Nayara, Ary and the family, eat, live and even swim with the giant cats.

COMM Despite having no experience with tigers Ary rescued two of the big cats from a circus years ago. After he found them living in bad conditions. COMM He decided to build an enclosure and welcome them into the family. COMM And it wasn't long before Ary's daughter Uyara, began feeding, petting and walking the tigers on leads. 0138 COMM Twenty yearold Nayara has formed a special bond with one of the tigers, Tom. and regularly swims with him. COMM But not all members of the family are so happy about having tigers around. Uyara's husband Rafael is terrified of big cats.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Pats Story

Music gtgt PAT Life was existing. I just was sitting there waiting to die, I really was. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't walk. There I am there. Looked half dead, didn't I I had COPD, I was on a sleep apnea machine, I had high blood pressure, I was on five blood pressure medicines, I was on cholesterol medicine, I was having such a hard time breathing and getting around that just walking 30 feet to the car, I'd be exhausted. Coming back in, up the stairs I'd be exhausted. And my husband.

Headed out the door one day and I was feeling terrible, when I called him back to the table and I asked him, I took him by the hand and I said that I want you to know dear, if you come home and I'm gone, I want you to know that it's been a hell of a trip and I wouldn't change it for nothing. And he said we're going to beat this. Don't you worry about it, we're going to beat this.' This was a picture of me and my husband that we just had taken this weekend at a wedding.

Compared to this picture. I just can't believe the difference. I walk by the mirror and I see my reflection and I back up and I say who is this lady.' In reality, I have lost half of myself. I lost 116 pounds and I was 250, I mean your bones do weigh something, right laughs! Lawnmower noise I'm mowing two and a half acres of land. It takes me about three hours. I used to sit in the chair for hours with my cat and the car couldn't sit with me.

In the chair. It used to have to sit on the arm of the chair and put its head on my shoulder My cat comes now and sits in my lap beside me with her paws on my lap and I drive her crazy because I'm up and down. I can't sit still. I don't have any cravings. It's amazing. I can eat dropped eggs, I can eat oatmeal, I can eat Cheerios, I don't a lot and I'm full and I'm satisfied. Now let me tell you, I'd have to stop ten times before I got here if I still had the.

Cat Dental Health Tooth Care How to Monitor Cats Under Anesthesia

Hi I'm Dr. Greg McDonald and I am here for Expert Village. We are talking about monitoring your pet while it is under anesthesia while having his teeth done. There are several things and several parameters that we want to pay attention to when your animal is under anesthesia. We want to be sure that the heart rate is good. We want to be sure that the teeth are being profused with oxygen properly and we also want to measure the respirations to make sure the animal is breathing out any carbon monoxide and breathing in the oxygen and the.

Anesthetic. This is a machine that we use just to do that and it is called a. The has a little clip that hooks onto the animal's ear or their tongue and you can see this little clip here that actually monitors the oxygen content of the blood. This is another part that hooks up to the endotracheal tube and this monitors the carbon dioxide. As the animal is under anesthesia, the doctor and the technician are all paying attention to the anesedic while watching this machine and this machine will.

Be beeping regular heart beats and also will give you an alarm if something is not right if the heart rate gets too low, if the level of oxygen gets too low or if the animal stops breathing or the carbon dioxide gets too high. All of those have alarms in this little machine and it lets us know if problems are starting in your pet while it is under anesthesia. When your animal is under anesthesia we also monitor the EKG that is the heart wave form and shape and we do it with a nice little anesedic EKG machine. We hook them up with.

These little clips that go to the legs and while the whole time they are under anesthesia we actually monitor the wave forms that are happening up here that kind of can show you if your cat is having some kind of electrical problem with the heart monitoring while under anesthesia. You can actually see some of the wave forms as I am holding on to it here but this is constantly monitoring your cat and it shows the wave form of the heart whether it is normal or not. Also shows you the heart rate and there is a little print out here.

What Does Our Blood Really Composed of

The blood as we all know, have many different functions in the body. Most of them includes transportation of different nutrients including Oxygen, glucose, and enzymes. It also functions for protection, temperature and pH balance. But have you ever wonder what really composes our blood Generally, we can divide the blood into two main groups. The first one is called the Plasma. It fills the 55 of the total blood volume. It is the liquid component of the blood and it has no cellular content. The other 45 is the blood's cellular component.

And and it is divided into three different kinds of cells. The greatest portion goes to the Red Blood Cells at 80, and the ramaining 20 is shared by the white blood cell and the platelets. The Red blood cells contains a protein called the HEMOGLOBIN which is responsible for its characteristic red color and the ability to carry oxygen atoms. It fills the bulk of 7585 RBC count. The White blood cells however, is much fewer compared to Red blood cells and only comprises at about 6 of the cellular component.

These cells are further divided to five different cells namely Neutrophils, being the most abundant of all which covers about 60 Lymphocytes being the second most numerous, the monocytes, eosinophils and lastly the basophils. And the last but not the least, the platelets which is the main responsible for the blood clotting process. The plasma moreover, also composed of different compounds. This are the Water, being the largest at about 90, the proteins which consist of the albumin, the clotting factors and immunoglobulins at around 8, the Hormones which includes amines and steroids,.

How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite How to Use An Extractor to Remove Snake Venom

Hi, I'm Ginger Black. I'm a professional snake handler with Expert Village. Okay. We have our pseudo snake bite victim here who was prepared enough to bring his Sawyer extraction kit with him. Inside the kit you have a cheat sheet telling you what you can use this kit for. There are sting relief pads for bee and ant stings, things to that effect. Alcohol prep pads. A couple of BandAids. The extractor itself. The tips that belong in it. And a razor. You want to begin by taking one of your alcohol prep pads and very gently cleaning.

The bite location. Your razor. You want to very gently shave around the bite location to remove any hair there. Remove your extractor. And, choose a tip that is an appropriate size for the wound. You want something that will cover both punctures from the fangs. If the snake was too large to do with one tip, you may need two extraction kits. You'll pull the plunger back on the extractor. Put the tip on the end. Place it over the puncture wounds. And push the plunger in. This draws the skin up into the tip and will suck blood.

Kitten involved in remarkable rescue gets adopted

LtEXTREMELY REWARDING. IT MAKES YOU REALIZE WHY YOU'RE HERE, AND WHY YOU DO THIS JOB. It's a story of a remarkable rescue! A kitten who should have died. is now safe in its forever home. KCCI's Laura Nichols shows us how a few people made this recovery possible. Meet Stormy. A very shy. but sweet kitty. who gives new meaning to the phrase cats have nine lives. lt WE THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO PERISH RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US AND THAT'S THE MOST HORRIBLE FEELING. I CAN'T.

EVEN EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW IT FEELS. gt Robyn Dobernecker is one of a handful of people who rescued Stormy on a rainy September day. lt WATER GUSHING DOWN TO THE DRAIN. SHE'S SCREAMING gt lt WE WERE TRYING ALL KINDS OF NETS AND DROPPING WOOD DOWN IN THERE TO TRY TO GIVE HER A WAY TO CRAWL OUT. Trapped inside a storm drain 20 feet down animal control officers worked for two days to try to free her. ltPROBABLY EVERY EMOTION FROM UPSET, SCARED FOR HER, FRUSTRATION.gt But finally. relief. After an officer.

Dangled his body down into the sewer. lt I WAS ACTUALLY SITTING ON HIS LEGS TO GET HIM FROM FALLING INTO THE HOLE..gt And used a pole with a rope on the end to pull Stormy out. lt WE REALIZED THAT SHE WAS IN TROUBLE MEDICALLY BECAUSE SHE WAS SHAKING UNCONTROLLAB LY. The six week old kitten had to be rushed to the emergency clinic. Put on antibiotics and fluids. But after 95 days care and love from the ARL staff. Stormy, now four months old, was adopted Monday. ltIT FEELS REALLY GOOD.

Checking Blood Pressure On A Cat

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Getting My Blood Pressure Checked At WalMart!

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Understanding Blood Pressure | Human Anatomy And Physiology Video 3D Animation | Elearnin.This is a biologyanatomy tutorial for Grade 1011 students about Blood Pressure, its causes and effects. The pressure with which blood flows in the blood vessels..

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Setup &Review.Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Setup Review. Setup and use with Apple iPhone..

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How To Test A Diabetic Cat's Blood Glucose.This is a demo on how to test your cats blood glucose, starring my sugar baby, Kismet. I use the Reli On Prime, a human meter available at Walmart. At $9 a..

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