What happens at 26 weeks pregnant? It is really common for the kid to give you gas and bloating as the hormones affect digestion, hemorrhoids and constipation because of pressure on the digestive tract, and water the baby pulls out of your system While I pee for two. The baby should be able to hear you now, more than just noise above the heartbeat and stomach.

Growling, and make out a variety of tones. Do I need to break out the headphones on my stomach? The kid is hardly going to be able to distinguish your voice from anyone elses, but Mozart or rap that loud in the kids world wont help his development, but might hurt his developing ears. Now I have an excuse to sell that thing my mother in law gave me.

Keep the soft music tapes to help the kid go to sleep. the baby is breathing the amniotic fluid, and the layers of surfactant are forming so it could actually act as an interface with the air. Except it gets all the oxygen from me. He can suck his thumb, too, if he gets it to his mouth, though he cannot eat. The baby is around fourteen inches, head to heels, and almost two pounds.

I do not know if it is a boy or a girl. If youre having a boy, the boy part has been visible in sonograms for several weeks, but the testicles should start descending, though that may not be visible until the eighth or ninth month. Ive heard that sometimes does not happen right. s know how to take care of that. What you need to take care of is getting enough.

Rest, getting enough water and not getting your heart rate or blood pressure too high. I know I need water and fiber to not get hemorrhoids, though I dont believe that is as painful as childbirth. Why is blood pressure a concern? Your blood pressure will probably start rising, but you need to rush to the ER if you start having blurred vision, pounding headaches and really high blood pressure. You just said it should be going up.

Preeclampsia is a condition where the blood pressure rises so fast and so high that it becomes dangerous. You may turn puffy, have sudden swelling of your ankles and feet, sensitivity to light or pass out and thats a precursor to early labor or other complications. Whats the treatment? Delivery. I never thought Id say this, but hemorrhoids do not sound that bad.


Hi, i am jyothi chabria. the ideal weight gain in all of 9 months should be 12 kilos. Now, in the first trimester, that is 13 months some patients tend to lose weight, some don’t gain, we are fine with that because they tend to have lot of nausea and vomiting, so we are okay but from the fourth month on wards a steady weight gain of 2 kilos is normally seen and in the last trimester that is the seventh to ninth month what we see is that there is maximum weight gain, reason being because of maximum growth of the baby at that.

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