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Putting it all together Pressure flow and resistance NCLEXRN Khan Academy

And i’m going to talk to you about pressure, resistance, and flow. We’re going to try to make sure you feel real comfortable with all three of these things by the time we’re done. So we start with the heart, and off of the heart is the aorta.

This is the largest artery in the body. And this is one branch of the aorta. I didn’t draw a lot of the other ones. This is the brachial artery. And the blood is flowing from the aorta into the brachial artery.

And let’s say that the blood is trying to make its way out to a fingertip, for example. So on its way out there, it makes its way to an arterial. And the blood continues flowing, and it goes into the capillary bed, and the vessels.

Are too small to draw, so i just kind of do that thing. And it then goes into the other half of the capillary bed, where now the blood is deoxygenated. So I’m going to draw that as blue. That’s the part where now the blood is without oxygen. And then it continues to go and get collected.

Into a venule, which sounds a little bit like the arterial on the other side, right? And we’ve got a vein over here. And then finally, the blood gets collected in a large vein called the vena cava. And there are actually two vena cavas,.

So this’ll be the superior vena cava. There’s also an inferior vena cava. And the blood flow through this half is, as you would guess, continues to go around. And if I was to try to figure out the pressures, the blood pressures, at different points along the system,.

I’m going to choose some points that i think would be interesting ones to check. So it would be good probably to check what the pressure is right at the beginning. And then maybe at all the branch points. So what the pressure is as the blood goes from the aorta.

To the brachial artery. Maybe as it ends the brachial artery and enters the arterial. Maybe the beginning and the end of the capillaries. Also from the venue to a vein, and also, wrapping it up, what the pressure is at the end. Now, these numbers, or these pressures,.

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