CDC Director congratulates the 2014 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge Champions

I'm really delighted to announce our 2014 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge winners. We're recognizing 30 public and private practices and systems across the country for their success helping patients control blood pressure. Our 2014 Champions range from solo practitioners to some of the country's largest systems. They represent urban and rural areas as well as tribal providers. And together, they care for more than 3point5 million adult patients across the U S and were able to achieve hypertension control rates of 70 percent or higher. Nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure,.

And about half of them don't have it under control, putting themselves at great risk of heart disease, stroke, and other deadly and disabling events. That's why Million Hearts launched the Hypertension Control Challenge in 2012. to recognize clinicians and health care systems across the country who are helping their patients reduce blood pressure and improve their heart health. More and more practices are using evidencebased strategies to help patients keep blood pressure under control. There's real progress improving blood pressure control and preventing heart attacks and strokes, using evidencebased strategies and tools.

New Blood Pressure Guidelines May Save Lives

For years, high blood pressure was defined as a reading of at least 140 over 90. New blood pressure guidelines raised those target numbers for some. but millions still have uncontrolled blood pressure. Now, a new study says adding treatment options. may save lives and money. I'm Rachelle Grossman with your latest health news. This new study suggests that adding simple things like frequent doctor visits, blood pressure tracking at home, and pharmacist intervention may significantly reduce heart attacks, strokes and heartrelated deaths. The panel recommends that health care providers regularly assess a patient's blood.

2 New Blood Pressure Guidelines

Current research suggests new blood pressure guidelines for those that have survived a heart attack or those wishing to avoid heart attack, stroke, or heart disease I'm Nicole Heart from Nicole Heart YouTube channel. Current research suggests that you keep your blood pressure at 140 over 90 or below. However if you have diabetes research suggests that you keep your blood pressure at 130 over 80 or below. The top number represents the pressure during heartbeats. The bottom number represents the pressure between heartbeats. To find out how your blood pressure is doing.

Hypertension Discussion Part 1

WALLACE I went into the emergency room for another problem. I had chest pains and I went in for that. and once I found out I was in there for chest pains it just turned out to be gas in my chest but they told me I had, I was diabetic and I had hypertension too so I didn't know until I went in for another reason. BOBBIE I kept complaining of a headache to my neighbor and my neighbor said after two or three days this headache that I should probably go to.

Emergency and have it checked out which I did. Come to find out I had high blood pressure and I was pretty young. I was in either 26 or 27 years old. WALLACE I was in disbelief but really Once, you know my mother has it. My grandmother had it. Grand daddy, you know uncles. I was in disbelief that I didn't wanna believe that I had it too. BOBBIE My family was there with me. I was very happy they were there and when they left. I began to I think worry a lot.

Because I didn't want to be left alone. I end up having a stroke that night which I didn't know until the next day because they took me to the neurologist and he confirmed that I had had two strokes. DR. CLARKE Probably the most important tip to get somebody who's just been diagnosed with hypertension is that I it's it's a manageable disease. It's not a death sentence. You are going to have to make some lifestyle changes, which tends to be the most difficult for patients to do is.

Lifestyle changes. DR. MEYERS Quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol use if you use alcohol, making sure that your sodium the sodium content your diet is low because sodium or salt can really contribute to high blood pressure. DR. WILLIAMS One of the things that we do when we talk to our patients about eating a lowsalt diet is we have a diagram where we kinda show them what are considered lower sodium foods moderately sodium foods, and high sodium foods. I don't tell them always to just avoid the high sodium foods but those are the.

Things they have to be careful of and limit how much of those things they have. WALLACE I don't use salt period yeah. no salt whatsoever for me so the food that I eat is no salt. Like I said, the only salt or sodium that I end up eatin' is if I open up a can of something. BOBBIE I try to eat the right foods. Salt is not good for me for anyone with high blood pressure so I tried to stay away from the salts, away from the fats because you have.

Your kidney, your cholesterol. Everything is outta whack when you're doing wrong and I love those are all things that are not right for me so I'm doing the best that I can right now with my foods. DR CLARKE I have noted that was some patients that they get a little anxious about coming into the doctor's office and so they will have a slightly elevated blood pressure and rather than treat that type of blood pressure I ask them to do it whether it be at home or at a store or even at a health fair.

3 Major Changes in New Diabetes Guidelines

As medicine evolves, the health care community must keep up with the newest ideas. For patients with diabetes, some recent changes may be important. I'm Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news. The American Diabetes Association recently published new guidelines for treating diabetes. A recent commentary highlighted three important changes to the guidelines. The first is guideline is a new body mass index cutoff for AsianAmericans. The cutoff point when assessing diabetes risk in this population should be lowered from 25 to 23. Controlling blood glucose can be a difficult task. For this reason, the new guidelines recommend that goals for blood.

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