Omron’s wrist blood pressure monitors are ultra slim and ultra silent making them extremely portable. Plus with Bluetooth smart technology you can easily track your numbers over time with your smartphone. To begin set the date and time. Make sure the screen is off then press the clock button twice to display the year,.

Press it again for the month and day and once more for the time. Use the record button to adjust the numbers. Hit start/stop to save. To take a measurement slip your hand through the cuff with your palm facing up. If you need to roll up your sleeve, make sure it isn’t too constricting. Tighten the cuff about a halfinch below your hand then rest your elbow on the table in.

Front of you. Press the start/stop button and begin lifting your arm. Omron’s heart zone guidance technology will ensure your arm is in the proper position for an accurate reading. Simply watch for the blue indicator light to turn on. Remain still while the monitor takes the measurement. To review reading press the record button, they will display from newest to oldest.

You can track all your readings using the omron wellness app. First download the app for either the App Store or Google Play. Create an account then select your monitor. Before paring make sure your blood pressure monitor is off and your smart phone’s bluetooth is active. Now press and hold the sync button. Then hit pair on your smartphone. A blinking P will appear on the monitor while.

How to use your Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor with an iOS device

Dcouvrez comment utiliser votre tensiomtre sans fil. Placez le brassard autour de votre bras. Le tube mtallique doit tre plac en contact avec l’intrieur de votre bras. Le Tensiomtre SansFil fonctionne via Bluetooth mais vous pouvez aussi l’utiliser avec le cble de votre smartphone. Branchez le cble USB de votre smartphone dans l’adaptateur. Prt(e) ?.

Appuyez sur le bouton pour commencer. Sur votre smartphone, touchez le bouton Dmarrez pour lancer la mesure. Votre pression systolique et diastolique ainsi que votre frquence cardiaque s’affichent instantanment sur votre smartphone. Une fois les mesures effectues, tous les rsultats sont automatiquement tlchargs sur votre compte Withings. Vous pouvez ainsi voir les tendances dans l’appli Health Mate. Et voil ! Flicitations !.

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